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Boris had woken up early with a groan. He had a few fistfuls of whiskey the night before and the bottles hit him pretty hard. Still he had stumbled to his camp in the forest. Most people just considered him a no class drunken barbarian only good for kicking in doors. But that was fine with him. Still he didn't want to move just yet. It was day out. He could tell that at least from how bright it was. He let out a sigh and closed his eyes again. His right hand scooted around him picking up an empty bottle before shaking it. Feeling it was empty he tossed it away. He repeated this process eight times until he couldn't feel any more bottles around him. He let out a sigh and slowly sat up with a sigh. His eyes slowly opening. Before he gazed about the tent. It slowly donned on him that he was out of booze. He let out a low growl at his misfortune. After all with out booze he had clarity. And with clarity he was dangerous to those who pissed him off. Still he cracked his neck and turned to find his clothes.

After slipping into some fresh pants and socks with his boots he slipped on his bear fur top. It covered him like a tank top really though the burn marks were unsightly. However he reached out for his coin bag only to find it empty...That little girl Noriko must have taken his money while he was passed out drunk. Likely holding onto it for him so he couldn't buy more booze instead of useful items. Still he smirked and turned to the tent entrance. Slipping into his bone mask. He would just go find some work to do on his own. He was sober after all so he was at his full capabilities. He walked past Ivanov who raised his great big shaggy head as if to investigate were Boris was going before rising up onto all fours and began to trod after Boris. All Boris could do in return was smirk behind his mask. These two massive beings were descending on Konoha. He could only wonder what kind of work they had intended Still he had no doubt things would be interesting today. Ivanov was likely just tagging along because he was tired of doing nothing all the time.

Still as they moved towards the path they heard some voices. Arguing people by the look of it. Usually he would avoid it entirely but Ivanov nudged him towards the disturbance. Boris only grunted and moved towards the voices. His huge frame making plenty of noise as he crashed through the small shrubbery. His dark eyes met the disturbance. Three Konoha shinobi (marked by their headbands as such) had turned their attention to his approach. Behind them was a cart with a broken wheel. Just another push cart but it's load appeared to be bags of camp materials. Boris raised an eye brow before one of the individuals spoke cautiously eyeing the giant and his bear.

"Can we help you?"

Boris grunted but A deep sigh came from Ivanov before Ivanov shoved his way passed Boris. His voice rumbling out as he looked to the one who spoke out.

"Actually I think we can help you. It appears you have some heavy items that need to be transported. And we happen to be larger individuals."

The men seemed startled at the talking bear. The one who had spoken eyed Boris as if this was some kind of trick with him throwing his voice only to have his gaze met with cold black eyes. It was silent a moment before the man nodded slowly and moved to begin gathering the bags from the cart.

"We are low on supplies at the moment. So you two would be some welcome help. We have a lot of supplies to move so we will load you up and you two can get started." And with that the man handed five bags to Boris and they tied ten bags together and slipped them over Ivanovs back. Before grabbing two each. Then they set off with the entire cart load in tow.

WC 707


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