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Hoshi Yamamoto

Hoshi Yamamoto

She had sat around vast land of rocks long enough. Yes she had gotten stronger in her time here, but she was itching for a good fight. No, not the various nobodies that she could one-shot with little effort. She wanted a battle against a worthy opponent. She wanted to work for the kill, as it made the final moment that much sweeter. It had been quite a long time since she had that thrill. It was an addiction that could very well get her killed, but that was okay with her. As long as she went down with dignity and against an opponent that wasn't weak as hell, she was fine with death. The Aoi Bara had done exactly what she had hoped it would do, give her opportunities to grow and people to slaughter if she needed. The people were fucking annoying to be honest, but she could deal with that because of only the results that were produced. However, with the recent loss of Kazu Kanetsu, the kage that allowed the group to stay in the Land of Stone, they might not be welcomed for much longer. Maybe it was a good thing that she was paying her former home a visit. She didn't particularly want to fight a whole nation, as it was a bit one-sided.

Her wild blonde hair was pulled up in it's usual pony tail. Her powerful sword sat upon her shoulder as light danced off it's blade. Her attire was the usual Aoi Bara mask that she pretty much never took off, and the Aoi Bara cloak to hide her clothing and body movements. The Kumogakure headband with a line struck through it was tied to her left arm, proving to those who saw her under the Aoi Bara that she was indeed a missing ninja. Her facial expression was one of excitement as she dashed through the countryside. She was pretty anxious about going to her former home. Not that she was afraid that she would be killed, but quite the opposite. She welcomed someone to try and stop her. It was the whole point in going. As she traveled, she took no precautions in hiding her presence. Some would call it stupid arrogance that led her to these irrational behaviors, but she simply laughed. She was made of pure confidence and would usually throw hurtful comments at those who questioned her moves. It was just in her blood.

The traveling took a while, but Hoshi got through the time via thinking of her potential opponents when she would return. Someone like her wouldn't attract the Raikage, but she could probably fight an Anbu or Jounin. Maybe even the Anbu Captain or a Sannin if she got lucky. The very thought of fighting someone of such a rank sent a rush of adrenaline down her body, causing her to speed up as she continued to fantasize. She had certainly grown past the rank of Genin, which was her rank when she left. More time passed and she eventually saw the mountains in the distance. The air changed around her as well as the landscape that she was accustomed too. These signs gave her the confirmation that she had entered the Land of Lightning. Now it was only a matter of time before she would meet her next victim in combat. Whoever was unlucky enough to face her would feel the full wrath of her anger. She would prove to this village that she answered to no one and would not bow to them. She did not fear them, and this was just one of the ways to prove it.

[Exit unless someone intervenes]

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