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As he navigated the woods, searching for the criminal in which he had been hired to hunt like an animal, Yasu began to feel sick to his stomach. Not because of nerves or anything such, there was no good explanation for it. His head ached, a throbbing migraine and when looking up toward the sun it seemed to darken. Something wasn't quite right. Ahead he would see his own shadow dart away from him. Sweat rolled down his forehead, but it was only just 50 degrees Ferenheit today.

A voice which seemed to echoe for eternity in his mind rang out, coming from nowhere.

" weak, pathetic excuse for a shinobi. Why is it that you crawl and clamor through life when you've already failed at living it? You couldn't even maintain a wife. So disloyal she was, she tried to kill the leader of our village. She didn't care about you at all. But listen to me. Even though I'm pretty certain there is no hope for you ever accomplishing anything beyond this miserable headhunter existence on your own, I am stronger than you. If you allow me, I can help you become more powerful than the sun. I am your plasma manifested. You have the gift necessary to become death, destroyer of worlds. With me you could split this planet in half and leave it behind. Join your seat as the eternal god. The sun." He reached a hand toward Yasu, now taking form in front of him.

Yasu drew his blade and slashed toward the hand.

"Fool! Name yourself at once! Kai!"

A wasted attempt at the genjutsu Kai left Yasu nearly about to panic. The fact that the man before him wasn't an illusion left him shuddering.

"What are you?"

The figure glimmered a bit, electricity pulsing through his plasma mass.

"I am you, Yasu. But I am the you who understands power. And that the only way to achieve power is to crush those who'd deny you the chance. You are still weak and too sympathetic. I can take you to the place in life you need to reach."

The apparition vanished and suddenly a large blade made wholly of plasma slid clean through Yasu's forearm. The wound cauterizes instantly, but still hurt greatly.

"You bastard! If you kill me wouldn't you then cease existence?"

The plasma Yasu giggled "Yes, you are right, but I won't kill you, I just need to convince you to let me have the reigns."

Yasu turned around as fast as he could and fired 6. Shock bullets toward his foe knowing that electricity disrupts plasma. To his satisfaction the bullets seemed to cause immense pain to the being.


Name: Lightning Release: Shock Bullets (雷遁・衝撃弾 ~ Raiton: Shōgeki-dan)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Type: Offensive
Element: Lightning
Range: 10m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instantaneous
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description: Electricity is built up in the fingertips of the user who then makes a gun-like pose with their hands (both middle and index finger extended). From this position "bullets" of electricity may be fired at will that travel 10m/s. These bullets deliver painful shocks at the point of contact and can singe clothing and leave 1st degree burns due to releasing its charge upon impact with any solid object. The resulting impact is enough to parry/redirect small projectiles (kunai/senbon/shuriken) midair, but are non-lethal as they lack the ability to piece flesh because of the discharge upon impact. One or both hands may be used, but only 15 "rounds" in total may be fired before the electrical charge in the user's fingertips is depleted. No hand signs are necessary to initiate the jutsu allowing for a fast draw.

Name: Genjutsu Dissipation (幻術解 ~ Genjutsu Kai)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Defensive/Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Self.
Specialty: Genjutsu.
Duration: Instantaneous.
Cooldown: 4 posts.
Description:A technique taught at the Ninja Academy requiring chakra control. By using Kai, a ninja disrupts their own flow of chakra, then starts it again. This allows a ninja to escape from illusions, provided he or she has figured out that a Genjutsu is active. Ninja can use this ability on their comrades to save them from genjutsu, and possibly other techniques that invade their chakra system. It is possible for this technique to fail, if the user misjudges the power of the genjutsu and does not put in enough chakra to stop their chakra flow.




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He walked up to it, now enraged, and grabbed it, noting that it was a solid now. He violently flung it to the ground in front of him and stepped hard upon its chest, placing the top of his Odachi at its throat, and the palm of his hand on the flat end of his hilt, prepared to end the creature.

"Now...listen to me, rat. I am nothing that you are capable of controlling. I am beyond anything you could ever be. And as a living human, I am superior to you. There is nothing you could do for me."

The plasma Yasu laughed, then without warning it traveled up the Odachi , turning back into plasma and rushed into Yasu's brain, immediately taking control of him. And now they were one. Two voices sharing one mind. And the feeling of power would overwhelm Yasu, as he decided from this point that he would take the strange beings least some of it.

"Now I am the voice of your conscious. Follow my advice, and we will be unstoppable."

As the two merged into one, Yasu found himself unconscious. What had happened was simple. The intense trauma of his past had finally caught up with him and had created an alternate personality which had been lying dormant for a few weeks now. Suddenly , coming with his recent nightmare, this persona had taken hold , and has now fused with Yasu and has ultimately changed him as a being, into a more sadistic, evil force. Though he will be fairly normal for the most part, he will lose himself over time, and with the promise of power, Yasu will inherently give in fully.




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-2 hours later-

Now merged, essentially two entities now as one, the greater one in total control, Yasu stood up, a new holy luminescence emitting from him. when the sun reached its highest point he raised his hands to it. He stood in a clearing which allowed its glory to shine down upon him in such a perfect way, he had no doubts now, he would hold that power. The ability to control the life of all existence. The ability to create light in such a way as to shine it billions of miles across space, and still shine so brightly. To warm everything in such a way that the chill of ice could not touch them.

"You! The Sun! The most powerful thing in existence. Your power will be mine!"

He did have it within him, indeed. The power of plasma coursed somewhere deep in his heart , but it wasn't an easy power to bring to surface. He knew very little of its ability. The ability to skillfully manipulate lightning, wind, and fire was necessary in even being able to tap into Plasma. But he would do it. Not even a flicker of doubt in his mind that he would leave a smoldering path of destruction before him one day. He would be what the world relied upon, just like the sun. But more cruel. He would not be so kind as the sun. They would kneel to him. They would abandon their beliefs in gods or goddesses because before them would stand an article of omnipotence.

But not yet. For now he would have to pretend and play along, because realistically he could achieve nothing without first working hard toward it. So here he vowed to remain complacent and helpful to those around him until his time for power presented itself.

He remembered his objective. He was head hunting. He looked about, searching sincerely for a sign of them. He had encountered them earlier, though he was a bit of a sap then, too weak to do what needed to be done where it needed to be done.

Electrical charge still flowed through his hands, he still hadn't used all 15 shots of his shock bullets. He kept this in mind as he listened and heard talking just about 20 meters ahead of him. He drew his Odachi and walked with it, his other hand pointed like a pistol.

A small camp, two men sleeping in tents with the third on guard duty, though the third was pissing on a tree, facing the opposite direction. The outlines of both men were perfectly visible by their shadows inside of the tent. Yasu wasted no time he shoved his blade through the tent and into the first mans jugular, then twisted the blade to deepen it to prevent a scream from escaping. He then turned and blasted a shot if his shock bullets into the stream of piss that the guard was releasing into the tree. The current followed up through and left him twitching in the ground. Lastly he grabbed the third man by the hair and dragged him out of his tent.

He pulls the man to his face and used his Denton chakra to flood himself with a blinding, luminescent light and stared into the mans eyes, beaming light into his to the point of blindness.

"Now before you die, you have seen the new god of this world."

He took his time severing the heads of each man. Tagging a picture of each of them to their foreheads. He sealed them each into the bags which he had been supplied by the mission board, then headed for the office.

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