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1 One way trip (B-Rank, Konoha) on Sat Mar 22, 2014 5:08 pm



Mission name: One Way Trip
Mission rank: B
Objective: Secure the abandoned compound and anything potentially dangerous inside.
Location: The Dense Forest
Reward: 500 ryo

Mission description: A abandoned military construct left over from the last shinobi world war has existed in secret, hidden in the dense, untamed foliage of the forest to the South East of the village. It’s primary function while it was still operational was a detention center for particularly dangerous POWs. As such, although outdated by today’s standards the security measures that were in place were rather extensive. Blueprints and most documentation regarding the construct were destroyed after the war, leaving us with few specifics about what dangers you may encounter. Data gathered from similar detention centers of that time have been included in your debriefing files. Regional scouting parties have informed us that there have been suspicious levels of activity in that area over the last few weeks. Any level of activity surrounding that location is potentially dangerous. Clear the area of any wanderers or travelers that may be loitering and ensure that the compound has not been breached. Should you find that it has, you are expected to find out by who and for what purpose. We remain in the dark about what information might still be held in that compound, but whatever it is, it is classified and is to be kept safe at all costs. Danger level from potential enemies is estimated to be low. Danger from the potentially still active security in the compound however, is high. Be careful.

Mission details: The compound is disguised as an abandoned cabin in the forest. The entrance is hidden, but emits a trace signal of chakra. You will find the seal that hid the entrance destroyed and a stairwell leading underground. The compound has 8 floors, each leading further and further down underground. Bodies of some of the intruders will be found periodically in the halls, having fallen victim to the traps inside of the compound. All of the traps on the first two floors have already been triggered (writer’s choice as to what they were). Traps will begin on floor 3, and continue to floor 6. Traps are up to the discretion of the writers. On the 7th floor you will encounter a small group (6-8) of standard bandits (armed with C-Rank weapons, but no jutsu). On the 8th floor you will find the leader of the group accompanied by two guards (same strength as the last group). The leader is a special jounin level shinobi from Kirigakure, knowing all suiton library jutsu up to B-Rank. Once he is defeated recover the files that are salvageable and return them to the kage’s office.



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Gonna take this one with Atsumichi.


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One Way Trip....COMPLETED~!


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