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Orochi Enaka


News had arrived to Konoha on the defeat of the notorious criminal Seven Bells and his compatriots. This also meant that the Hokage, Uzumaki Mitsuhide or the White Star as he was aptly nicknamed, would finally return to the Land of Fire and more importantly, the very village he was supposed to lead into a new era of peace and prosperity.

A simple and short knock on the Hokage's office was all that preceeded the entrance of the man who had been nominated for the desirable title of Hokage twice before, but always seemed to miss certain qualities. Nonetheless, this man was part of the village's council, which always stood by to guide and assist the Hokage at any time.

Knowing fully well that Uzumaki Mitsuhide was so far only a Hokage in name and had yet to learn and fully understand the duties and priviliges of what being a Hokage truly meaned, the council had decided that one of their own would be granted the task of helping the young hokage along the way, this man was Orochi Enaka, Regent of the wealthy Ouroboros clan and once a formidable shinobi and ANBU captain who had the dubious nickname of being the Shadow Reaper, in every way, he was the exact opposite of Uzumaki Mitsuhide.

"Lord Hokage, forgive me for this intrusion," The man would say with a smile on his face, his eyes squinting so tightly, that it was impossible to get a good look in his eyes. Taking a slight bow before continuing to speak, he showed his respect to the young Hokage, who should have been knowledgeable on the man's power within the village and his solewhat murky past as an ANBU Captain. "It is good to see you back from Kirigakure, yet I reckon you are not yet accustomed to your title as Hokage yet?"

A rethorical question, as the answer was obvious, with Uzumaki Mitsuhide only having lead the forces of konoha in another nation, but not yet having had the experience of leading the village itself.

"The Council has decided on helping you in understanding a Hokages duties to his village, as well as the priviliges that come with the title," Enaka said, again with a smile on his face, continuing to veil his eyes from the Hokage's sight. "If you would allow me, I could explain these matters to you and give you a tour through some of the village's...lesser known facilities to those who aren't part of the Council or employed by the Hokage directly."

Not even waiting for an answer, the man, dressed in a simple black Kimono and a purple, sleeveless Haki over it, opened the doors of the office and held them open until the Hokage would decide to follow up on the Council's generous offer, obviously, there was no room for denying this offer, as it was of great importance that the Hokage would truly know his own village.




"It's not long now..."


The long road from Kirigakure took its toll on the Hokage. Four days now he had spent on the move with his wounds. Water Country had certainly been a worthwhile adventure despite what he had lost. The Mizukage really was a captivating warrior. Mitsuhide had loved every minute of watching her fight for her country in person, she moved in a way that Mitsuhide almost envied, fighting as though each movement was its own purpose in contrast to the Hokage's more rigid method of risk and reward analysis. Since his stay in Kirigakure, the Uzumaki had been meditating more than usual, partly due to the fact that he was in no condition for any serious training and also because he was nervous about returning to Konoha permanently. The last time he was home, he knew he would be leaving soon for Kiri, so he hadn't immersed himself into the village and his indoctrination as he should have which resulted in him returning to a load of backed up work with little to no knowledge of what was going on.

It was fortunate for Mitsuhide then, that the esteemed Orochi Enaka, a decorated member of Konoha's ANBU and one of the most skilled ninja of the Leaf, would be taking some time to get him acquainted properly. Mitsuhide understood that Enaka, along with others, were also considered for the Hokage's office alongside he and Sousetsu who had ended up before the Daimyo that day. Mitsuhide couldn't help but assume that the only reason a man like Enaka was not Hokage, had to be largely political. Which, honestly, Mitsuhide realized was probably a large part in his appointment. After all, his family was something of a pillar of the community over the last centuries, so he couldn't ignore the near certainty of political motivations.

It was a little after eleven in the morning when Mitsuhide finally arrived home, the gates to the village opened wide to no great pomp and celebration, but rather respectful quiet. News travelled fast these days and before the Hokage even arrived home to the Land of Fire, word of his most serious injury had come around. The Uzumaki, known for his swordplay, had suffered the loss of his right, and dominant hand while fighting in Kirigakure. The initial quiet was calming, it let Mitsuhide know that the village was okay, that nothing had changed since he left. Within minutes, Mitsuhide found himself attracting administrative officials, each welcoming him home and beginning right away to schedule appointments so that they would not fall further behind on matters requiring his presence. Mitsuhide breathed deep and smiled, the familiar business and purpose was more soothing than any quiet reflection could have ever been.

By four in the afternoon, Mitsuhide was signing the last of the papers in his office, sipping on a sweet drink which betrayed its alcoholic content with great taste and getting ready to go home and sleep, something that was long overdue. The knock wasn't any real surprise, he had been expecting the council member some time later in the afternoon (after the initial rush of paperwork was over) and he looked up from his desk to greet the man with a nod and welcoming smile.

Mitsuhide listened to Enaka speak, waiting until he was sure the man had finished before even uttering any sort of response. It was true that he had been rushed into office and then away to another nation to battle, and for those reasons he was unfamiliar with the intricacies of his office, so this all seemed very sensible. Mitsuhide nodded and stood. He was dressed simply in a sort of white robe with only one arm, his right one tucked away somewhere in the bright folds of the fabric. Gold eyes traced along the floor to Enaka's position and Mitsuhide followed suit.

It was after they left the office that Mitsuhide spoke for the first time.

"Thank you," He began "For taking the time out of your day to show me,"


'It's good to see you again, Guest'

Orochi Enaka


While Enaka lead Mitsuhide through the streets, he wondered why he was so fascinated whit the young man being Hokage. He remembered the very day that Konoha's White Star had come to the Daimyo's palace to contend for the title of hokage, a title Enaka had never vied for after he had been set aside twice by younger, obviously less capable shinobi.

He had seen Mitsuhide's swordplay, his elegant, yet deadly skill and despite his own devious plans, he did have to admit that he had taken a liking to this young man, who unlike the other contestant decided that action spoke louder than words; a very good demeanor for a Hokage indeed.

"Lord Hokage, I must say I was quite impressed with your actions at the Daimyo's palace during your struggle to gain the title of Hokage. Very noteworthy indeed," The ageless man gave a soft smile, his eyes still squinting, hiding his eyes completely. "Ah, here we are."

Not far from the memorial to the fallen shinobi of the village, their walk had brought them to a two story office building, which if the Hokage had read at least a few reports, was known to be both the application and training center of the village.s ANBU. Enaka walked through the front doors of the building, greeting the masked man who guarded the door on the inside with a smile, while continuing his tour with the Hokage. "As you can see, here our proud ANBU are trained, get notice of any missions you impart on them and subsequently, their arsenal and locker rooms are here as well, not to mention the fact that they have their own set of training grounds below. I fondly remember my days here, but as you can see, I have grown old and am no longer suitable to lead these men under the rule of a hokage, a pity indeed."

Despite his sighs and complaints about his age, Enaka was the youngest advisor in the council, with his forty-two years and with his experience in dealing with suspicious subjects, his great intelligence and his 'known' background, made him into the perfect man to stand aside the Hokage when handling the village's many problems and difficulties.

After the small explanation on the ANBU headquarters, Enaka took one look at the White Star's hidden arm and a soft smile came upon his face, his eyes showing the cold and ruthless demeanor for just a short instant, until he gave yet another of those warm, big smiles. "What do you think about a visit to the Konoha hospital, where we can greet the medic division and perhaps take notice of the subdivision that excells in training combat medics, a rule ever since the fifth Hokage?"


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