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1 Monster Versus Freak [B-Rank Mission/Solo] on Tue Apr 01, 2014 1:57 am



Mission Info:
Mission name: They Made a Monster
Mission rank: B
Objective: Defeat the monster created by the new Kumo Gang.
Location: The Wilderness (Country of Lightning)
Reward: 300
Mission description: There have been reports that a large monster has been terrorizing our Country's border. It has already destroyed a few traveling carts and killing some people, so now we are sending you out there to find and dispose of this monster. Do NOT let it escape. You Must kill it no matter what. We have made connections that the beast escaped from a known gang base.
Mission details: So your gonna do a little searching for a beast and you will then realize that the beast is quite big. You will begin to find it quite easily, the tracks being huge of course. As you come across the beast it will attack you, it thinks your on it's territory. So Enjoy the fight, try not to die.

Age:5 Days
General Appearance:This beast is 8 feet tall.See picture for more.
Personality:Wild, Hateful
Motivations:Keep his territory to himself, killing all who enter.
Fears: Nothing
Other: Uses Taijutsu to a B-Rank level, so beware of strength.

Ringo moved away from Kumogakure no Sato.  The noisy streets of people bustling about had brought enough headaches to him recently for him to want to be rid of the village.  Still, something in him wanted to stay a little longer.  The local gang had fallen off his radar for some time now, at least two weeks since his big fight with eight of them.  The police in Kumo were also pretty grateful to Ringo for what he did.  Just thinking about this brought a smile to his lips as he walked out past the village gates.  No, he knew he couldn’t leave just yet.  The village had grown on him just as he had grown on it.  Some fresh air and a nice walk in the open mountain area would help sort out his feelings.

He ventured out into a forested mountainside, scoping out a mountain peak that he decided to conquer.  Being off the beaten path felt good, and the smell of the mountain trees cooled his mind.  The birds chirped from their perches, fluttering to and fro, singing their songs as they played their own games.  A few sparrows seemed to be having a game of tag or other as they flew past Ringo on his way up the mountainside.  Two sparrows chased by one and then not a few meters ahead of Ringo the terms of their game had switched and the chased had become the chasers, sending the lone sparrow flying right back towards Ringo.  He ducked as the bird soared over his head, a little too close for comfort but when he lifted his head back up and turned to watch the sparrows chase around him, he couldn’t help but chuckle.  Nature was the best remedy to stress.

Walking slowly, taking his time, Ringo thought of what all was making him feel so stressed that he needed this walk.  There was the fights with one of Kumo’s notorious gangs that had him on edge.  The people in the Market District seemed to be in love with him, or rather, with Rin.  Not many people knew who he was but that’s just how things were.  Not many people would know who he really was, or is.  They would only know her.  Yet that was still him, just in a different form.  Nothing really seemed to change whenever the curse took effect, at least not from what he could tell and his clan had always said it only changed the body, not the soul.  It felt true, something about the whole process never really made Ringo feel at all different inside.  His parents even told him that with their expertise in the seal and the sensory abilities with it never showed a difference in his emotional aura.  Ringo had yet to really see the aura himself, something he yearned for with his training.

Ringo was lost in his thoughts when a cold feeling trickled down his spine, goosebumps rising over him.  His mind was halted by his body trying to tell him something and before he knew what was going on a Kumo-nin ran straight into him, knocking the both of them down in a tumble.  When their bodies stopped just a few meters from the point of contact, Ringo was able to bring his mind back to the present.  The mountainside had changed.  Rocks and gravel covered the slanted ground in a dusty, dark gray soot.

Coughing and groaning, the both of them stood up.  Ringo tried to get the man’s attention but as soon as he had gotten to his feet he began darting down the mountain, heading for the forested area that Ringo had started out in.  The man yelled out in a terrifying shrill, “They… they made a monster!”

Ringo only had a moment to turn around before his stomach lit up in white light. The ground shaking as he transformed. A large, ape-like beast rumbled the mountain as it came pounding its way towards Ringo. Unable to move, Ringo had to let the transformation take over before he could do anything.

Post WC: 689
Mission WC: 689/1500


Jutsu || Ringo || Locker



Rin barely had a chance to get out of the way, the ape-like beast roaring at her in a mad fit of rage.  She jumped to the side, hitting the rocky ground hard in a cloud of dust.  The beast stopped it's pursuit of the Kumo nin and instead turned its attention on Rin.  Quickly getting to her feet, she turned to face the six foot tall monster.  It was a hairy beast with dark red fur that covered its body, its chest puffed out as rough, dark green skin and the same went with its green head which was draped in a white mane of long hair.  The monster had big, yellow horns protruding out of its skull and shoulders.  The beast roared loudly, drool spat out from the force of its cry and Rin could see the sharp teeth that were tainted yellow from use.

She hadn't expected this to happen but there was no time to wonder how this situation came to be, only time to fight.  With a few pounds of its fists at the ground, the beast charged forward at Rin.  Firing off her left hand line launcher, she grappled onto the beast's neck and flew forward at the oncoming beast.  Guiding raiton chakra to her right hand, she sent it forward.  The two clashed hard, Rin's raiton enhanced hand making a 2 centimeter deep gash along the left side of the beast's face and cutting at it's left eye.  She released the grappling hook of her line launcher from the neck of the monster, keeping her forward momentum as she flew past, landing several meters away.

The monster roared in anger and pain, it's hands grabbing at it's face.  Blood trickled through and Rin knew her attack had struck its mark.  The raiton chakra spread to both hands now, and she was ready to continue the fight.  She waited until it turned and had her in it's sight.  With one eye, the beast raged on, swinging wildly with it's massive arms to catch her.  The beast made huge clouds of dust as it pounded the ground and swiped through the air.  Rin used this to her advantage, letting the dust fill up the area and hide her movements from the beast.  It helped that the monster had lost an eye, letting her take advantage at the sudden loss of depth perception.

While the beast swung out in the air, Rin ran forward and slid under the wild arms, getting herself positioned right between the monster's legs.  Clasping her hands together, she made several jabs at the loins of the beast.  The cuts grew as she hacked away, slashing her hands at the beast seven times until the deed was done.  Immediately the beast reached down and grabbed hold of Rin before she could finish the final blow.  The beast began pulling at each legging trying to tear her in half.  Motivated by the pain of being stretched, Rin concentrated raiton chakra across her entire body in a huge pulse that electrocuted the beast's hands, forcing them to let go of their hold on her.  She fell to the ground and had to roll away from another ground pound from the beast.  She was right next to him now, so there was no way his depth perception would be that far off.

Once more Rin released raiton chakra, this time sending it off from her fingertips in coursing blue lightning that struck at the beasts face, burning its deep wound at the eye.  Instinctively it sent it's hands up to shield his eye hole from the searing burns of the lightning.  The damage was done and the opening was created.  Rin sprinted back under the beast and continued her attack on the monster's loins, this time using her two kunai to finish the job.

Blood was flowing in pulses, the beast crying out in the loudest shrill she had ever heard.  The mountain seemed to shake with the monster as it fell, grabbing its groin with its hands in an attempt to stop the bleeding.  Rin backed off five meters from the beast and watched it lay there, bleeding out until finally the cries of pain stopped and the beast lay still.

Not too far away came the Kumo-nin from before, running back up the mountain with whoops of joy.  The young ninja congratulated Rin on defeating the monster.  She took the compliments with a grain of salt as they were compliments from a coward.  She was given money for the deed, and informed that this was a job that had been posted in Kumo.  Upon questioning, the Kumo-nin relayed to her that the monster was known to have been a creation of one of Kumo's notorious gangs, in fact, it was the same gang that had fought her previously.  Hearing this, Rin became quite happy with herself for ruining another plan of those idiotic gangsters.

Post WC: 839
Mission WC: 1528/1500 DONE

Chakra 170/200:
Kaminarite, Sparkler, and Lightning Rod all were used. See signature for jutsu details.


Jutsu || Ringo || Locker

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