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1 Mission for Sairento on Tue Apr 01, 2014 12:22 pm



Mission name: Take down the Dogs (One time only)
Mission rank: D
Objective: Take down the guard dogs outside the crime lords compound silently.
Location: Amegakure (Place in the Wilderness of whatever village you are currently)
Reward: 80
Mission description: You will be instructed by your sensei that there is a target that you need to take down in the land of the rain, though even before you can get to the Target you must take down the guard dogs that are outside the compound.
Mission details:
There will be around 4 dogs outside the compound and can be tricked with steaks or even just be simply killed instead, the dogs are all pitbulls and are able to bite 2 inches deep into whatever they attack and move at genin rank speed.

Mission name: Fix the Guards (One time only)
Mission rank: D
Objective: Either Take out or Bribe the guards to get into the inner compound
Location: Amegakure (Wildernesses of Country they are in)
Reward: 80 (70 if Bribed)
Mission description: After the Dogs you must get by the guards, these ones are cheap and low skilled they will wield D rank weapons of some sort and some D rank armour as well, kill them or convince them either way.
Mission details:
There are two guards standing outside the entrance to the inner compound, you can kill them, bribe them, or sneak by them by climbing the wall, as long as you get by them without alerting anyone.
Name: Guards
Age: 19-22
General Appearance: Big, with assorted hair.
Personality: Tough, Gruff, Angry
Motivations: Money
Fears: Death, Maiming
Other: They will not try and fight to the death, but they will if it gets personal.

Mission name: Kill the Crime Boss (One time only)
Mission rank: C
Objective: Kill the Crime Boss
Location: Amegakure (Wildernesses in whatever country you are in)
Reward: 150
Mission description: When you are in the compound you need to find the crime lord, Jhi on Mei, and also take out his guards, these ones are more skilled then the others, they are semi elite and dangerous, but you must not leave survivors.

Name: Jhi no Mei
Age: 40
General Appearance: Large fat man in a kimono, he is balding and moves with a large swagger.
Personality: Weak, merciless, bad in the face of death.
Motivations: Money, Power, Drugs
Fears: Death, Poverty
Other: Wields a Kunai that he can use if he has to.

Name: Elite Guards
Age: 22-25
General Appearance: Wear full body armor (D rank) even on their face, the armor is stark white with small eye slits.
Personality: Speechless and Stoic
Motivations: Nothing except their orders
Fears: None unless ordered to
Other: They are trained in Taijutsu and have B rank strength and D rank speed, and both use a mix between Wrestling and Pugilism.

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Please put [Repeatable] or [Non-Repeatable] by the missions' name.

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If i am aloud to do these i finished them, i didnt know who i ask
1000 all done

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So as I'm not seeing it here right now...

Approved~ Sorry you waited so long, if you haven't done so already go and request the ryo from the admin request thread


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