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Kenta had been squirming in his bed the night before, the moons luminous silver rays, shining down and igniting the village with it's soothing aura. The birds were fast asleep but it didn't stop the cicada's and crickets chirruping away happily. Something inside him was churning inside his soul that was making him feel uneasy and slightly sick. Maybe it was the whole idea of the Chuunin Exams happening in the next month or so; the anticipation was building up and Kenta had been there far too long to give this up! he was going to pass this without fail! However he needed training. He was good at his Fuuinjutsu but he needed someone to help him advance further into it. It was time!

The following day, slight rain; drizzling down gently onto the village and the people within it. Right in the middle of the main road was Kenta, his two scarves wrapped around his head, showing only his eyes. He was going to get to the Kage and demand for permission! He was not going to take no for an answer!!
Walking by the Kage estate, Kenta looked up and down it; examining it as he checked out the quirks of the building. There were a few cracks up the side of the building, enough for him to climb so far up and then rely on his chakra. Looking around, making sure that no Jounin's were watching him he cracked his knuckles and began running up the side of the building. He never had an appointment but it was now or never! He needed to do this; even if it ment breaking a few rules. Getting half way up his chakra thinned out. Just in time! Kenta angled himself and leaped high for one of the crack above him. Reaching out he grabbed onto the crack and began climbing up it. My! This was a tall building! Where did they find the workers and how much did they pay them!?
He continued climbing, he wasn't too far away from the Kage's balcony now, just a few more leaps and sprints and he would be done! He concentrated some chakra to his hands and feet and began running up the walls on his feet and hands, bounding fast and hard as he could before his time ran out; just before he had jumped, risking alot on this last jump. Thankfully he made it, the sweat dripping from his brow as he grabbed onto the balcony and flipped his body through the Kages windows.

As he entered, he landed on his knee's and hands, bowing almost immediately as he entered. He knew what he had done was wrong but risks had to be taken.
Still looking down, he clenched his fists and eyes tightly.
"Sir Kage! I humbly request permission to leave Konohagakure for a small period of time to travel to Kumogakure and be taught by the Raijin in the art of Fuuinjutsu! I have heard he excels in it and I would greatly benefit from it if you were to grant me this permission!" Kenta had quickly said, his voice sounding more forceful than it's usual bitchy and sarcastic tone. Realizing that he practically demanded it his face shrunk in fear. Incase the kage was to, I dunno, bring something down On Kenta's head. Looking up at the Kage, Kenta let out a feeble smile.
"I have asked Chinmoku to come with me as an escort. I believe that no one is allowed to leave unless accompanied?" Kenta said with a confused tone, a small sigh escaped his lips just after he had finished his little talk. Kenta was bound to find life from here on out, get a little harder...


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