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Ashi, carrying boxes? Yup, that was exactly what she was about to do. She'd been bored for a while, and had no problem taking any mission they'd give her. Even if it was nothing more then manual labor. "Akai, why don't you just lay over there and rest for a while, eh? Maybe we'll race later when I'm done with this." She indicated the one spare spot in the floor over in the corner of the over crowded storage room, and Akai happily complied.
Ashi took a moment to just take in the sight of everything, mentally mapping out the best and easiest way to handle the task before her. It didn't take her long to come up with the route she was going to take; clear the few straglers that were just sitting on the floor, then go to the middle and work her way over to the sides, top to bottom. Easy enough, right?
So, box by box she began to move them to the new storage facility in the cunstruction area. Larger boxes were held seperately while small ones she tended to stack up long as they didn't feel like they weighed a ton.
Dull work, really, but she was glad to have something to do at all.
After several trips that had most of the old storage room emptied Akai had grown bored and taken to helping by pushing the small boxes along the ground, following after Ashi. She'd stopped to watch this process more then once, as it was highly amusing; Akai would start pushing the box until it began to go either off to the left or right of the direction she was aiming for, she'd then stop and growl at it a bit in her dog like frustration before she'd shift her body and push the box back in the correct path. Over and over again. It slowed the process down a bit, but Ashi didn't mind. She was thankful for Akai's help, and couldn't help laughing from time to time when Akai tried to take a bite or two out of the box she was pushing.
Ashi stacked the new boxes in the neatest way she could find, trying to organize or keep them organized as much as possible so she didn't make it hard on whoever needed something to actually find it all when she was done. Thoughful, yes?
Akai didn't care where she put the boxes after she'd pushed them in, and Ashi kept having to pick them up and put them where they needed to be, something that Akai was beginning to find great joy in.
In fact it was sometime during the last few boxes that they were moving over that Akai decided to stay behind in the new facility. Akai had waited till Ashi left to go gather up the last few remaining boxes and using her head pushed them all around, keep them in order, but only backwards.
Ashi walked in with the last box, ready to put it away when she paused. "...." Her gaze turned to Akai who was feinging sleep in the corner, a tick beginning in the corner of her temple. "Akai, what'd you do?" Akai opened up one eye, saw the tick going on in Ashi's temple, and quickly covered her eyes with her paws, but not before letting out a dog like version of a snicker that would sound like nothing more then a few short playful growls.
Ashi just shook her head, smirking a bit as the tick in her temple stopped. She got Akai's humor, and figured she'd just leave the stuff where it was. Therefore she put the last box in its proper spot in the backwards organization before the two took off to report in on their completed mission.


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