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1 A Drunk Man's Tale(Plot Line) on Sun Apr 06, 2014 4:33 pm



Legend and Terminology 

  • Canon:: Often times have the * mark beside them. These are the threads that progress Namida's main plot. Most, if not all, of them ends with him developing psychologically.
  • Semi-Canon:: Oftentimes have the "♦" mark beside them. These threads usually don't fully focus on his main plot but have elements that can affect it down the road. They can also be threads which affect others plot. While not prominent psychological changes can occur.
  • Fillers:: Marked with the "◊" sign. These threads are usually unnaturally humorous, crazy, nutty, and a fun house of insanity. Anything that doesn't fall into the above category, falls here. Nothing in these effects his plot or character development.


Character Development
Always change. Never remain stagnant.

Genin Days.

Chuunin Days.

Spec. Jounin Days.

Jounin Days.




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