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Nick Saturn

Nick Saturn


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A cough could be heard in the corner of the room.

A cheap lamp hanged up from the ceiling was making the room look a little orange/yellow colored. There were a few lamps hanging from the ceiling. It was night. Smoke was in the air after people were constantly smoking in said room. Mafioso were discussing matters in Sunagakure in said room, and as everyone might know mafioso like to smoke a lot. Nick was sitting in a corner, he was a man that held many connections. Absurd ideas were being brought up to solve the problem in question. And then a Capo blurted out something interesting.

"Okay, okay. Let's say... we move the sheep to the LEFT, instead of the RIGHT, so Tim can pass through normally."

Yes, you are right. These were homework questions, because the Capo was in elementary again. Everyone was getting a little frustrated, the mood was very serious. Nick was slightly bummed out, he expected this meeting to be more.. eh..

"For fucking sake Billy, get your head together, you always have the best answers to these questions!"

"Castrate Timmy, cut off the sheep head and put it into the bed of his parents. I'm getting real tired of this shit Capo, yesterday you made us make your history assignment now this shit? I'm out"

The mood got more tenser as veins started to pop out of the head of the capo. He was about to snap and lose his shit, kill two people and take his own life in the process. Nick wished he wasn't there right now. But he had little choice. He was contacted at 11 PM to be at xyz location at 1 AM. And now, after three hours of yelling, screaming, consulting multiple mathematicians, extorting store owners it had become 5 AM.

"NICK! You're bright, what would you do!?"

"Lure Timmy with cocaine -- Wait! Blind him with a rusty knife so he won't know the difference between left and right!"

"Sigh... I'm surrounded by so many idiots."

Nick was gritting his teeth. Could he man up, be like Billy and rage quit? Yes he totes fucking could.

"Yo Capo... em.. about that.. uh.. "

No, he couldn't. Too much chicken in his system to be able form a sentence that had enough punch behind it. As a matter of fact, Nick was so quiet that the capo didn't hear him. Thus, Nick had thought of a strategy. He would start getting lower on his chair, lower and lower, until he was leaning on his seat. Then he would slip of his chair and lay on the floor and do the worm towards the door, as silent as possible. After one hour, and I'm not kidding, one hour of extreme cautious worm, Nick made his way to the door. He was moving his hand up to the handle, preparing to open the door as quiet as possible as Billy came back and slammed the door in Nick's face.

Pretty much everything after that became a vague until Nick woke up, in the middle of a desert. His body,  buried deep down in the sand and his head sticking out. The sun was up again, it was around 6:30 AM this time. His face was quite red and he didn't remember much of what happened the few hours prior to that. He looked a little drunk since he was disorientated. Nick had an itchy nose, he wanted to scratch it but it was hard considering his body was buried in the sand. He looked around him, blinking a lot.

Where the hell was he?


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