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1 In Failures Coils [Konoha - D] on Wed Apr 09, 2014 1:31 am



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Mission name: In Failures Coils.

Mission rank: C

Objective: An elderly and crippled instructor from the ninja Academy has gone missing under mysterious circumstances . Find him and return him safely.

Location: Konohagakure

Reward: 180 Ryo

Mission description: Ninja life is hard and the training for students can be tortuous for those who do not make the cut. It is not uncommon for instructors to both beat and ridicule their students if they do attain the standard required. However one particular instructor from Konoha was particularly well known for his vicious nature thrashing students within an inch of their life. His hatred seemed to be drawn from the fact that due to losing both an arm and a leg in earlier life and being marked with curses that would not allow him to heal he was forced to bare the shame of hobbling on a peg leg whist his companions darted and flitted around. Recently his shaming caused a young kunoichi to commit suicide in one of the more sordid parts of the Konoha woods via hanging. The teacher was given stern words but little punishment other than this as the girl was clearly not strong enough to stand the harsh realities of the kunoichi life. The instructor has now gone missing however with only several strands of bloody rope left in his quarters.

Mission details:
Though the student is dead her despair has shifted into anger. Coils of rope have snaked their way from other nooses and gallows that mark the forest and have formed into a crude effigy of a human girl. This aberrant using it’s hatred as fuel has abducted the instructor and now intends to give him a highly unpleasant demise should it not be stopped immediately.


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This mission doesn't seem to make any sense. For starters you need the NPC form for the instructor. And more importantly: you're fighting the spirit of a noose? If there was an actual spirit that the shinobi has to fight then I could see this being a mission. But if you're just fighting a possessed rope then I can't approve this mission. DENIED!


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Sano, they can do what they like. In addition, the spirit is of a girl who hung herself and is possessing multiple nooses to take on her form. However, as you said, they do need to make NPC forms for important NPCs. The rope-aggregate, for example, would definitely need this. The teacher, I would prefer it, but it's not as important as for this rope...girl....thing.


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Name: Sakujou

Age: 16

General Appearance: Death has not been kind to Sakujou. The remnants of her physical body hang in the woods of suicide caressed  by blossoms of rot. Parasites writhe through her flesh and liquefaction has taken its toll staining her genin uniform with dark patches.  Her spirit when manifested simply appears as a pale apparition with black hair cropped short and cheeks swollen and blue with the memories of suffocation.  When inhabiting a worldly fetter Sakujou appears as an effigy – vaguely human in shape but comprised entirely of rope. The head of the construct is an open noose that invites all who see it to wring the life from themselves in an act of supreme desperation.

Personality: Originally a shy and quiet girl little of Sakujou’s personality remains after the cruel ravages of dying drilled insanity into her young mind. Now all she wishes is to make her tormentor suffer before dying in horrible agony.

Motivations: Revenge pure and simple.

Fears: Exorcism , Failing her self-appointed goal.

Abilities: When inhabiting a material form Sakujou possess a highly dextrous form able to twist and contort at will. The form can lash out and strangle foes with B rank strength. The effigy may also disperse into a number of smaller ropes but must reform within two turns or the body is lost forcibly evacuating her spirit.  As a spirit Sakujou has no abilities save for that of possessing rope and animating it.

Other: When in spectral form Sakujou can  be hurt by both Nin and Fuinjutsu. Genjutsu are also quite effective as she is already out of touch with reality and can be nudged further off the yearning precipice. When deal enough damage the girls soul will no longer be able to inhabit the material dimension and will slip once and for all into the underworld and Yamas clutches.
Fuinjutsu of course deals +1 as Sakujou is a supernatural entity.

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Someone please called "Supernatural". . .



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