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Isao could hear the crying, the shaking, the sorrow. He rushed back and forth, tracking from room to room, expending more chakra than he had ever in his entire life, stopping bleeding, numbing aches, inducing comas to stop seizures. He was on his last legs. If he didn't relax soon he was going to pass out. It was dizzying. The sickness had started spreading early in the morning. The small clinic was busy from the moment the sun rose. By midday they were backed up, rooms were filled completely. It didn't take long for Isao and his parents to realize that this was no ordinary circumstance. The people were bleeding from the brain, intense swelling and seizures followed to original coughing and migraines. They called for all off duty nurses to report in. This would include Isao's beloved, Rai and her daughter Kimi.

The first death would strike late in the evening. The three professionals in the clinic, Isao and his parents, pressed on, his mother trying to create a solution with medication, and his father working with patience directly, trying to alleviate it with medical ninjutsu. Isao had run from room to room the entire day, keeping people alive as long as he could. It wasn't long before the building was silent. The cries had all stopped, and all of the patients were dead. It was then that Rai would notice that her head was hurting. It was then that everything changed for Isao.




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