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1 Tooth of Manda(B-Ranked) on Mon Apr 14, 2014 3:39 am



Mission name:Tooth of Manda
Mission rank:B
Objective: Retrieve a valuable relic, apprehend all those involved with the theft.
Location: Hi no kuni
Reward: 300 ryo
Mission description: An important relic from the Ouroboros clan has been stolen from within the clan's reliquary. The thief was a member of the clan's Hebi family, who has a great gambling debt and wants to sell the relic to the loan-sharks he's indebted to.
Mission details: The thief is a hebi clan chuunin with S rank suiton and C rank doton. He knows all library suiton jutsu up to B rank and all medical jutsu up to B rank. His speed is at B rank, but he is weak against tai jutsu. The loan-shark has three samurai with C rank weapons and moderate skill, but they have no jutsu. The loan-shark himself is just an ordinary man.

Hebi clan Chuunin:

Name: Hebi Souchiro
Fears: He fears for his debts to be discovered, losing his status and image due to it and being passed by the Hebi elders and Orochi family head to serve in the Ouroboros clan's house guard.
Motivations: He wants to live his life in wealth, but his gambling backfired and he's gotten into debts. He wants to clear those debts above all other things.
Dislikes: Birds. He hates them unless when they're cooked, deep-fried, stir-fried, marinated and grilled.
Special characteristics: Agile, Reflexes, Frail, Pharmacophobia, hesitant (element)
details: Souchiro is an Ouroboros clan Chuunin frol the Hebi branchfamily, he is skilled in ninjutsu(S) and medical ninjutsu (B), his elemental affinities are suiton(S) and doton(B).

His speed is B rank thanks to agile, but he receives +1 damage frol all tai due to frail.

He knows all library medical ninjutsu and library suiton ninjutsu up to B rank.


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