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The freshly mopped hallways, the rich smell of varnished floorboards and the sounds of children all talking at once. It had only been a year since Motoichi had returned to the Academy, an unwanted visit but this time he was getting paid to go. His left hand would drag along the wall as he walked to the designated class he was assigned to. Walking along he couldn't help but peer through some classroom windows spotting the a few that were one and two years below him. It was a built in sense of rivalry which caught Motoichi in an awkward position.

Arriving in front of the classroom his hands would reach for the food and slide it open, revealing a class of 15 children all seated and a teacher standing in front of a blackboard. "So class, this herb found in Kirigakure is highly poisonous so remember not to mistake the Tyki Plant with the Zylo." The teacher's lecture would be interrupted by Motoichi's late arrival.

"Ahh class, I have an errand to do so Motoichi here will be showing you how you will advance after your graduation at academy." And with that the teacher would raise his right hand to his face before making the hand sign of the rat and disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

Motoichi would walk in while looking at the group in front of him, recognizing some faces in front of him and making his way in front of the blackboard. He'd smile, placing his hands on the desk in front of him. "My name is Motoichi Mitarashi. Some of you might remember me from a year ago seeing me in this exact academy, or you might've seen me around the village." His attention would be brought to the individuals at the back of the class room. "Either way, the fact is that I'm here to teach you. In order to do so, I first want to see what you guys can do. Ninja skills are based on hiding what you can do and hiding the weaknesses to a particular jutsu.  Just remember there is a weakness to every jutsu." A sweat drop would slide down the side of his face as he turned to the side to the direction of the window.  To be sweating in front of the students, it wasn't becoming of a genin. "Now follow me, keep up."

Motoichi grinned before leaping through the window and sprint across the oval garden outside. He had crossed 20 meters before he looked back to see all 15 children run behind him. "Good, you guys are quick. Now tell me, what element can counter water?" It was only a split second till a child yelled out "Earth! That is if it's at least one rank lower. It can also be anything higher than the specified jutsu, of course." Motoichi would smile. "Correct! Okay, show me what you got."

Motoichi's smile ended as he came to a sudden stop, his eyes would venture, panning through the group of children. "Show me your shadow clones." The kids would stop only to yell out together. "OSU! BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!" A cloud of smoke would erupt from the group only to see double of each shinobi. "Very nice, very nice." Motoichi would begin clapping with recognition of their talents.

After seeing the skills of the kids, he dusted off his hands before forming a few hand seals himself.  He stepped forward to one of the closer students in the class, placing his foot in their shadow.  "Kagebōshi no Jutsu!"

Motoichi slowly darkened into a black silhouette.  His body still standing for a brief moment before the class.  Then, as the class was already agape, his body began to melt.  His features slowly turning to mush before their eyes until he was a dark puddle on the ground.  That puddle then moved, became almost two dimensional on the ground as it sunk into the form of the student's shadow.  The student jumped up from his seat in shock, lifting his feet up in an attempt to keep himself from touching his own shadow.  Hiding in the shadow, Motoichi couldn't help but laugh, causing him to reform back to himself again and dissolving the jutsu.

"So can anyone tell me what I just did?" The class would sit their silently before he spoke out again. "It's alright, it's a hard one.  I used a jutsu that makes my body as flat as possible and darkens my appearance, allowing me to slip under another's shadow." He paused for a moment, letting that sink in to their brains. "Okay, let's run back to be ready for your teacher." And with that note the class would arrive on time back to their classroom just for their teacher to walk in.


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Another Memory

The wind blew rather fiercely on this fine, sunshiney day. Birds sang atop high roofs and common rodents hustled about on busy chores. The streets were alive with the bustle of the ninja city and merchants lined the streets. Outside of the Ninja Academy, an auburn haired boy with a mission sheet in his hand had knocked on the academy door. The sounds of jutsu being activated could be heard as smoke emitted from out of the creases of the door. Motoichi moved his right forearm over his nose, keeping the smoke from being inhaled into his nostrils.

A creaking sound echoed outside of the academy building as the huge brown door was opened by a tall, skinny shinobi with black spiky hair, wearing a Chuunin vest. The man smiled and swallowed his spit before speaking, "Hello. I assume you are here to be my assistant for the day, yes?"

"Yes, I am," he replied. When he finished, the black spiky haired teacher signaled for Motoichi to enter the room. Which he did. He noticed an empty chair in the back of the class with it's own desk and sat there. The whole class was staring at him, until their teacher continued the lesson.

The lesson was about the basics of Jutsu and about the obstacles some of the shinobi in the world would face. Motoichi squinted his eyes toward the chalkboard to analyze what chapter they were on. Right now, the kids had been learning about one of Motoichi's favorite techniques. "Henge no Jutsu". It was a technique that allowed ninja to take on the appearance of anything or anyone.  It's usefulness was almost unmatched by any other jutsu and quite possibly one of the most important.  Many situations that a shinobi might face could be solved with this jutsu.  Situations like hiding from an enemy during a chase, infiltrating a guarded or restricted area, and even lowering the guard of other shinobi for a surprise attack.

After the teacher finished explaining the technique, the teacher called out to Motoichi, "Assistant. Are you able to tell them more about this technique?"

"Sure can," he replied, tossing the beginning of his long hair out of his eyes.  His hair would grow more as he did, now only being two years as a genin.  As he stood up and walked to the front of the class, several of the kids stared at him once more, recognizing him from capturing them for being part of the academy gang. "Okay. The Transformation technique is done by focusing on two things; the body and the mind.  You need to be channeling chakra throughout your body as well as focusing on the image you wish to project in your mind. Once you have perfected this, you can use it to avoid being attacked or ambush any opponent fool enough to get too close. Any questions?"

Several of the kids raised their hand, jerking their forearm in a spinning motion. Kosuke scanned the area twice before he pointed towards the academy student with glasses that sat in the front. "Is there an estimate of how much should be focused in your mind?" the student shouted.

"The estimate?  Why, the more you focus on the image, the clearer the image will turn out to be.  Just as long as you keep the levels of chakra flowing over your body, of course." Once Motoichi finished his sentence, a whole bunch of hands raised again. The boy pointed towards another student, but this time in the back.

"If perfected, can this be undetectable to everyone?"

"No. The Transformation Technique, for all the good it can do, is still very weak.  You'd need to perfect this jutsu to a new form in order to trick even the smartest Jounin out there." Motoichi looked at the clock at the back of the academy building.

The bell rang and all the students stood up, gathered their things, and began heading out the door.  He turned to go as well but was stopped for a brief moment by the instructor who thanked him for showing up.  Motoichi only nodded with a smile before heading on his way.


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Present Day

Honestly, Motoichi felt as if taking this small mission couldn't have been made even more easier for him. Other genin would have seen it as a bother to have to teach a class of children but he felt too isolated, having slacked off for too long.

Taking care of a whole village of kids wouldn't be hard for him. Besides, he loved kids or at least liked to intimidate them just for fun.  They were young and full of energy, it only seemed fitting to stir the pot. Finally Motoichi arrived at the academy and was greeted by a very stressed young man. "Thank goodness you're here early," he said.  "A few classes at the academy are crowded right now due to a increased number of students enrolling this year."

"Don't worry just tell me what to do and I'll get it done." Motoichi stood tall and confident.  It was several years since he had taken on a mission and he wanted to start off strong.

"That's great," the young man said looking relieved. "I have a meeting with a few other teachers and we don't have any one to teach my class lesson on Bunshin no Jutsu do you think you can do it for me and watch over the kids for a few hours."

"Don't worry about it. I'll handle everything and keep these knuckleheads out of trouble."

The teacher left him with instructions on where to find the class and quickly thanked him before leaving. Motoichi then hurried to the class.  He knew what one kid could do by themselves and he didn't want to see what a class of them might do. When he entered the class he saw that about 30 noisy kids were seated in a cramped classroom. The teacher hadn't been kidding when he said it was overcrowded.

Motoichi walked to the front and performed Bunshin no Jutsu. Beside him, five clones of himself stood tall and glared at the class. It wasn't long before the kids quieted down. "Now that I have your attention, I expect to keep it this way.  Just so all you brats understand, this is not the only jutsu I know."

He then dispersed his clones as the jutsu's job was done. Once Motoichi was sure that there wouldn't be anymore problems he put a smile on his face and introduced himself. "I'm the sub for your sensei today. Motoichi Mitarashi, don't you forget it. I'm happy to be teaching you guys and I can't wait to see what type of ninja you all grow to be. Till that lovely day comes, let's practice on a new jutsu. Today I'll be teaching you the Bunshin no Jutsu like how I just demonstrated. It's an easy jutsu, so don't be nervous when you do it."

The class was still silent, a few students gulped at hearing the jutsu's name while some others seemed to be excited and ready to show off.  He explained the jutsu in further detail and let the children ask questions. One girl raised her hand and asked if the jutsu could be used to kill. Motoichi almost chuckled, stating that this was not possible as the clones aren't able to actually attack but that they can move but they are just distractions.

"How many can you do?" a boy asked.

"I guess about 30 of them but they aren't that useful so I tend to only use them when I'm low on chakra or in a really tight fix. Okay, enough questions, let's try it out!" First she lined up 10 kids in a line in front of her. The girl from earlier was the first to perform and she did it with little to no effort. The next was a shy little girl. She looked really nervous.

"Calm down, I'm sure you'll do well" Motoichi grumbled. The boy behind her laughed and called the girl an idiot. This really pissed Motoichi off and he quickly scolded him.  "The only idiot in here," he announced to the whole class. "Is the one that thinks putting down others makes him better. Skill is skill.  Now how about you perform the jutsu right now for everyone?"  After that the boy shut-up and the girl preformed the jutsu without a flaw. However when the boy finally stepped forward he managed to produce one clone that was too opaque, the clone fizzling away just as quickly as it had appeared.  The rest of the class laughed.

The next few hours were spend helping the rest of the class perform the jutsu and Motoichi teaching each student what they could improve on. Finally the teacher was back and class was dismissed. He left proud with himself for successfully completing the mission.


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