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So...Naruto has gained the amazing powers of So6P and...makes a new rasenshuriken. How...uninteresting. Lava's cool, but fuck, man, get a new move, or several. The main reason I make this post: What the heck is up with Sasuke's eye? Crazy Ten-tails eye on one side and what looks like a normal sharingan on the other. Also seems like Kaguya is making herself known soon, gonna be taking over Madara is my guess. Thoughts?

Edit: Also, I laughed when Naruto called Madara an idiot, it's just perfectly Naruto. Also#2, I really, really hate Madara's weird black legs, like he's got nylons and no shoes on or something.


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I noticed how Sasuke only had the Rinnegan with his sharingan on his left eye as well. Could that possibly mean that we'll be getting one more power up from the both of them? (Sasuke unlocks Rinnegan on his other eye, Naruto boosts his sage/bijuu mode?)


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they defeat Madara then Sasuke places Naruto alone in Infinite Tsukiyomi and says Madara did it


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