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1 Eien no Yami on Thu Apr 17, 2014 5:07 am



Warning: this is a long term Plotline


Are you searching for a group or organization that could either be part of something in your past or present? Are you searching for a merciless and ruthless big bad? Or do you need some devious villain in a supporting role for you own plot's villain?

Well than, search no further and read the information down below. If this NPC could fit in your plot, than post here with what you desire specifically.

Enaka Orochi's outline

You can find this character's sheet at the NPC forum.

Enaka Orochi is known as an ex ANBU captain, former Hokage candidate, currently the Regent of the Ouroboros clan and part of Konoha's Advisory Council.

In secret however, he has been guiding Konoha's politics for over a decade from within the shadows, not only that, he has long been infiltrating and steering other villages as well.

His main organization, or rather the core of his entire operation is the so-called Black ANBU. This organization is formed as a mirror the Hokage's ANBU and formed in the image of the long disbanded ROOT foundation. These Black ANBU consist out of active konoha ANBU members and deal with most of his dealings within the nation of fire.

With his status as Regent of the Ouroboros clan, he also employs the Houseguard, which consists out of fifty Hebi family shinobi, who are under his direct command in times of peace, though they may in all cases be called upon by the Hokage in times of war.

Lastly, Orochi Enaka has built a network of spies for over a decade, contracting various Ronins, Missing nin and even shinobi from other villages, however, unlike the members of the Black ANBU they do not know his real name or his face.

He has two ideals he works for:

1. In his desire for both power and stability, Enaka has decided that the shinobi world can only obtain true peace when someone controls it completely. He desires only to reach this goal by employing the best shinobi around, stirring up problems in other villages, as well as aiding possible coup d'etats.

2. He knows fully well that to rule and govern the shinobi world, only the strongest of jutsu may be enough. As such, he has started to gather multiple sets of doujutsu eyes, aiming to create a doujutsu more powerfull than even the rinnegan. He also has keen interest in the secrets of medical clans, clans with bodymodifications and extremely powerful bloodline limits.

rules of conduct

No metagaming allowed

As seen above no one except for the core members knows his name inside the organization. Whenever he acts on his own, he will be wearing a black Snake ANBU mask.

This means your character when desiring to be involved can not know his identity or even the name of his organization, though exceptions may be granted (in this case, details will be discussed via PM)

Missions regarding the Black ANBU may be created in Konoha, but must have my approval next to that of the appropriate staff.

Plot NPC's

Itsukuchi Hataro:

specs: Kugutsu SS, Taijutsu SS, bukijutsu (kenjutsu-custom) S
Elements: doton SS, suiton SS, futon S, raiton B
clan: unspecified
affiliations: Konoha, Konoha ex-ANBU, Konoha CID, Konoha ex-ANBU execution corps, Black ANBU
rank: Jounin (capabilities at S-rank level)

Uzumaki Myra:

specs: Fuuinjutsu SS, Ninjutsu SS, Medical ninjutsu A
Elements: Futon SS, Suiton SS, Raiton S
clan: Uzumaki clan
affiliations: Konoha, Konoha ex-ANBU, Konoha ex-sealing corps, Konoha CID, Konoha ex-medical corps, Konoha academy, Black ANBU
Rank: Jounin

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2 Re: Eien no Yami on Thu Apr 17, 2014 9:49 am

Yuzu Ren


The personality actually sounds perfect for my plot when it gets released, he would definately fit in with a role involving a mutual agreement with Yuzu Genpachi a main NPC i will be applying for later in May but if you okay with this just PM me then we can maybe start discussing the arangement so long since pm's last long and gives more time to leave posts open for other things. Time to update my other section slightly


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3 Re: Eien no Yami on Wed Jul 16, 2014 7:19 pm



this one's still active

-all affiliations are welcome, even actual PC groups that need some actual background or support.
-only Konoha members can actually apply for the right of calling themselves Black ANBU unless stated otherwise.

4 Re: Eien no Yami on Fri Jul 18, 2014 8:35 am



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Well i have Rinshis father Anshi Hyuga who could like be his 2nd in Command


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5 Re: Eien no Yami on Sat Jul 19, 2014 12:08 am



ooh…grand idea here…pm me some details about that father. Btw, Rinshi will be part of the three man cell going to Iwa with Enaka, as ordered by Sousetsu...

6 Re: Eien no Yami on Sat Jul 19, 2014 1:22 am



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Okay thats cool with me ill get back on him soon just PM me when its time to ship out


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