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1Hello there, fellow green folks. Empty Hello there, fellow green folks. on Sat Apr 19, 2014 2:10 am

Julius V

Julius V

I've recently had my clan approved. And as I am currently extremely bored, I would like to role play right away, after character creation. And so, I'm looking for people to role play with, I would like my partner(s), in a thread to post consecutively, and by consecutively I don't mean right away after me, but I'd like to wait nothing more than two days.

I'm free for whatever suggestion on what you're looking for(Social, training, mission, or a death match)

I'm currently in Hi no Kuni AKA Konohagakure.
Also please state whether you want to start the thread yourself, or if you'd like me to start the thread. After the preparations are done, I'll either pm you, or you'll pm me. I don't really like to check things twice, so if its no trouble, so send me a private message once you have replied.

Thank you for your time.



Pleasant meeting you is, Guest.
Hello there, fellow green folks. 32519_original

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