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Stepping out of the elders' office, scroll in hand, Gi recounted the mission in his head. A boy had been vandalizing buildings then running away over the roof tops. This had happened several times so likely he would continue doing so. Gi's assigned mission was to apprehend the boy.
When giving Gi the verbal instruction and the scroll containing the details for future reference if need be, he also made a special comment, knowing his less than empathetic methods of completion, about not seriously injuring the boy sense he was a civilian's child. Personally he didn't care one way or another if the boy lived through the day as long as the mission was completed, but orders were orders. The last thing he wanted was to fail and get scolded again. Fortunately the hilt of his sword wasn't likely to kill someone, just do some serious pain.
Putting the scroll away in a pouch at his belt, sense having it in his hand didn't help him read it any more than he could in his belt, he put his best foot forward out the door to begin the search. Even before he closed the door behind him, he already began searching his View for anyone that met the physical description of the reports. This was more difficult that it sounded simply because all he had to go off of was the written report, and a rough two dimensional image that he got from the picture, being blind had a few difficulties.
It took the better part of the morning, judging by his own internal clock, of searching to find a boy that matched the physical description; the boy just so also happen to be getting ready for an act of vandalism which was a good heads up that is was the mission's target. The boy was opening a can of paint with no one near by next to a shop's back wall. Hoping to get the mission over with before it degraded into a chase, Gi slowly sneaked up on the boy as he drew his sword. Weather to the sound of metal sliding out of it's sheath, or Gi's shadow giving away his presence, the boy turned his head to see Gi's approach and quickly began to run after throwing the partly open paint can. Barking an obscenity about getting paint on his cloths Gi had to side step the paint can before he was able to actually give chase. His mothers would have a hey day if she learned he said such things.
The boy quickly climbed up a near by ladder to the roofs which he was undoubtedly familiar with from his previous escapes, and set off at break neck pace over the varying terrain of the roofs. Instead of climbing up the ladder Gi simply ran straight up the wall to close the gap that was further opened because of the distraction with the paint. Unfortunately for the boy the difference in knowledge of the terrain was in the ninja's favor thanks to the ability to see all of it easily while keeping track of the boy, letting him keep perfect footing even at his top speed.
At a larger gap between two buildings Gi nearly threw his sword to trip up the boy's jump, but then relied that the fall would likely be crippling if not done on purpose. Instead Gi lunged, aiming to grab the boy's feet and to hit near a window ledge in the side of the building. His hand caught the mid air ankle a few moments before the momentum carried him crashing into the building's wall. Un-phased by the impact his grasp held strong as he used the momentary high friction from hitting the wall and the hilt of his sword on the window sill to get time for his feet to stick to the to the wall.
The look on the vandal's face was sheer terror, until his face hit the wall, then after a few moments of recovering his wits it was only that of normal fear. Gi's face was relaxed as it has been for the vast majority of his life. Mission complete, and with only minor damages to the civilian's kid.


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