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1 The Return Of the master Senju -kumo to iwa- on Wed Apr 23, 2014 11:03 pm

Takumi Senju

Takumi Senju

Takumi rose long before the sun was even beginning to rise over the mountain. His vacation was sadly over and it was time for him to return home again. He began what he new was going to be a long journey home with a shower. After all if he was going to be stuck in the woods with dirt and bugs for an undisclosed amount of time at least he was going to be clean going in.

He yawned as he stood from his bed, His long jet black hair flowing around his shoulders. He walked to his bathroom in nothing but boxer shorts and began to get ready. He walked into the bathroom and removed his shorts and stepped into the shower. He stepped out of the shower after about ten minutes and began to get dressed. He put on a pair of boxers and a short sleeve T-Shirt and walked back into his room. In there he finished getting dressed by putting on a fresh pair of socks and his shoes. He was not going to get fully dressed until he was ready to go so he sat his Iwagakure Jounin jacket and headband on the bed and headed downstairs to make breakfast. This was going to be his last "meal" for a while so he was going to go all out. He made eggs,bacon,pancakes,sausage and a medially of other things that suited his pallet.

When he had finally finished breakfast he went back upstairs and grabbed his jacket and threw it on making sure to leave the top part unzipped a little. Then put on his headband and he was out.

He set out of kumo at a little before nine a.m. so he could get back ASAP he did not want to make the Tsuchikage wait for him. The beginning of his journey was untimely quiet for the most part. He thought it would take longer for him to get to the midway point them it did. He was there within two days. So since he had been making such good time he decided to stop and rest at an inn that was located half way through the fire country.

It was a quiet little inn, no more then three other people besides Takumi. He rather enjoyed his time there but sadly he was beginning to fall behind in his schedule so he gathered his belongings and began the trip home again.

When he finally arrived back in the earth country Takumi was ready to get home. He wondered how much had changed, he would love his village regardless but it did not stop him from being inquisitive. Takumi had been traveling for around two or three hours before he decided to take a break and sit down. As he sat he heard the sound of a stream not to far from his location. As many people knew takumi loved the water and loved to watch it flow and move. So takumi stood and decided to try to find it. It did not take him long to find it though. It was not large but it was not small either. He stood there and watched as the crystal clear waters washed down the woodland area. He smiled at the sight of this beautiful area. He sat and meditated in that spot for close to and hour before getting up and continuing his journey.

With one final push the village was in sight, he ran down the mountain to be stopped by two iwa shinobi on guard. "What's the matter boys already forgot my face" he said with a smile as the guards finally remembered who he was and allowed him through. He was here. Takumi had arrived home.



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