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1 Jungle Spies[S rank/Repeatable] on Fri Apr 25, 2014 8:43 am

Kenji Chikara


Name: Jungle Spies
Rank: S [Repeatable]
Objective: Pick up and transport classified files
Location: Kumogakure
Reward: 1000 ryo
Description: There has been a lot of talk swirling around recently, and a lot of data supports that some information may not be safe in its current location. We need you to pick up some important information and transport it back to Kumo where it will be given to the Kage for safe keeping. The information is top secret, and not even you have clearance to know what is inside or to open it to find out. The pick up will be done in a small military town. It is about 2 days from the  village. There you will pick up the information which will be locked in a scroll.

After you have the scroll, bring it back safely to Kumogakure.
Details: The current holder of the information is very suspicious of everyone. He has reason to believe that the people after the scroll have killed ANBU and now have the ability to impersonate them. You and your possible partner will have to go through extraordinary lengths to prove your loyalty to Kumogakure.

As soon as you leave the town, you will be under enemy surveillance. The enemy is a band of shape shifters. They have the ability to transform into feline animals; such as, cats, tigers, lions, etc. Unlike a normal transformation though, they adopt the physical characteristics of the animal as well. So they don’t just change their appearance, but they actually become the animal. You will encounter three of these shape shifters. The first two you will face will confront you together. These shin obi are Jounin(A rank physical stats), but when they transform, two of their physical characteristics increase by 1 tier. The first two shape shifters have 330 chakra and the transformation costs 30 charka to activate and 20 to maintain. They also have S rank Taijutsu.

The third and final shape shifter you’ll encounter is an S rank shin obi, and upon transformation all his physical characteristics increase by 1 tier, so in his animal state he will have SS-0 speed, strength, endurance, perception, and reaction time. This shape shifter uses S rank Taijutsu, S rank Ninjutsu, and has S rank Fire, and S rank Lightning elements. He can use all Ninjutsu library jutsus, all Fire library jutsus, and all lightning library jutsus. Finally, he has 380 chakra, and his transformation costs 30 chakra to activate and 30 chakra to maintain.

Name: The S rank shinobi
Age: 25-30
General Appearance: In his regular state, this shinobi is rather short, standing only 5 foot 5 inches. This man love to wear to animal fur.
Personality: He is extremely arrogant and is set on revenge.
Motivations: He is to destroy the shinobi world for looking down on his skills in transformation
Fears: He is afraid of heights and water.
Abilities: He is able to transform into a feline animal and adopt their physical characteristics. All his stats are increased by 1 tier in this transformation. This jutsu costs 30 to activate and 30 to maintain.


MISSIONS: D-6, C-5, B-4, A-6, S-2, SS-0
Ninja Info Card:

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