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Hyuuga Chihiro


It was a quiet Thursday morning in the village hidden in the leaves. As Chihiro was sleeping soundly, all of a sudden she heard her 'alarm clock' yelling at her Chihiro ojou-sama! Chihiro ojou sama! Wake up! It already past 10 and you have to be at the clan conference in 35 minutes, please I beg you wake up already ojou sama!! As Miki shouted and shook Chihiro up, she grumbled and awoke. It was clear that Chihiro was irritated, after all, she wasn't a morning person and it really showed. Chihiro just stared at Miki in displeasure and told her to get out. Once Miki had left, Chihiro got dressed for the conference.

2 hours later...

It was finally over and Chihiro could finally relax. She had her driver quickly take hr back to the estate. Once home, she quickly changed out of her formal kimono and changed into her usual attire and snuck out of the estate. Chihiro didn't want to stick around for her lessons and decided she'd go down to the market district for a change of pace. Once there, she began to wander around checking out all the different stalls with delight. There was nothing in particular she wanted just was looking around when she accidentally bumped into someone. She hadn't been paying attention to where she was going which was unusual for Chihiro. She apologized to the person she'd bumped into while bowing her head.



Chihiro's Themes:

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Hyuuga compound: Kizai's apartment...

The day was a new one, and though he had been sick from an illness that had him bed ridden for a long while, Hyuuga Kizai was just in thew throes of getting better. After moving out of his parent's home, and into his own single man apartment within the hyuuga compound, he would he halted his training effort's for a long while. He began to work more on his home study of clan history in order to better understand his position. He had grown up a lot lately, coming to know himself as a young man instead of the punkish rogue he once was...

At current he was just fitting himself from his closet, adoning his usual black robe, with the white sash belt upon the waist that led coattails down the front to his knee's. On foot he wore sandals of thin bamboo fiber...casual wear, not meant for the rigor's of field work in a shinobi's world. His neck long light grey hair was let down to freely shroud his head in downcast spikes; the crown folding and framing his ever lethargic looking face.

Within pocket where his smokes; something he shouldn't be partaking, but...whatever... He stepped off the porch closing the door behind him, with a small glance back into the dim lit room, with cloth blind's over the three windows on the inner left/right/and back walls of a expansive studio apartment. The floor was strecthing in dimensions of 20 meter's by 30...enough to facilitate a bachelors accommodation! The living room expanded to 15 meter's squarely, fully stocked to hold company with couches and decorum on the wall's. The bedroom was...a bedroom, decked with his ninja gear, clothes, and bed. he kept thing's pretty simple...always had...

"Let's see what the day brings...(sigh)"

[b]Konoha village: The market district

The village of konoha was in full splendor today as Kizai walked his way through the village. His face didn't look too enthusiastic as always but whatever right? At least that was his motto to say, and he tended to "walk his talk" so, he casually swaggered without true direction, opting mostly to just cross path's with something of interest...perhaps somet-


A girl...Way too young...



Hyuuga, Kizai

Theme song

Technique list

[SC: Agile, Reflex, Ace eye, Frail, Numb, Pharmacopia]
[Byakugan: C rank]
[Taijutsu: S rank, Jyuuken style, Striking proficient, Speed+1, Reflexes +1]
[Ninjutsu:C rank, Fuuton S rank, Raiton C rank]

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