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Mission name: National Security.
Mission rank: A-Rank.
Objective: Kill criminals in the wilderness.
Location: Hi no Kuni Wilderness.
Reward: 600 Ryo.
Mission description: The military needs to free up patrols for extra training time with their new schedules so they're asking Jounin and Special Jounin to help them out and ease the workload.
Mission Details: You'll encounter no less than six B-ranked soldiers, they have C-rank swords which can cut three inches into flesh and will be lead by a squad leader with a B-rank spear which can cut down to the bone and stab six inches into flesh.



There was nothing as soothing as a warm shower in the morning, something Risu would certainly attest to. As the warm, steamy water caressed her skin, the girl looked at her pale white skin, discovering the few scars she had garnered over the past few months: a small dot just under her breasts, where that bloodelement-wielding Rippa had shot her with his icky jutsu, a thin, but long zigzag line on her left calve, from the bomtags she had triggered on her mission with that stuck up Uchiha woman going by the name Sayomi and a few small paralel lines on her elbow, which was simply from slipping in the shower last week and hitting the rack with all her tiny, aromatic soaps. However, the largest scar, a thick, ragged line diagonally over her back, was one she could not see, but very well knew where it came from, as it was a scar she had gotten when one of those mysterious shinobi attacking her and her former squad had cut her back with a jagged dagger while she tried to get away.

Thinking about the past made the young snakegirl gloomy, so she shook her head, slapped her cheeks and got out of the shower, grabbing a towel and getting herself and her already long again black hair dry, after which she would put on her usual purple jumpsuit, a leather belt with two pouches around her waist and a smaller spandex belt with a kunai-holder around her right leg and a sleeveless white shirt to top it off. Her hair, she just hung loose over her shoulders, though putting a clip in her left bang, so it wouldn't get in the way while running or doing other stuff.

Quickly grabbing herself a decent cup of coffee and a breakfast of some miso soup, a few beanpaste-filled onigiri and an apple, Risu prepared herself for another day on the job, which as she was running low on money, meant she had to go and partake in some missions again.

Running through the streets like some kind of agile greyhound, the snakegirl dashed from corner to corner, avoiding to bump into people, until she reached the administration building, hoping the best missions wouldn't be taken from the mission board yet, the freshly promoted special jounin squirmed through the crowd to take a look at anything interesting to do.

"Let's see...missing cat, missing dog, missing rat, sheesh I'm a special jounin now, no way I'm taking those lowsy, lowpaid jobs," She scoffed, only to realize a few young kids and even some people older than her were looking at her with a mixture of anger or rather resentment and shame. However, the Orochi lady simply tilted her head a bit, gave a short and swift nod from side to side and continued looking for some decent mission in between the lowsy little D rank missions and C rank missions, then it happened that solething cought her eye, as it appeared the military had yet again issued some orders, asking from help from the village's shinobi in a bunch of missions. Risu remembered that those priority missions paid a bit more than the normal missions and as such quickly grabbed the paper from the board, registered herself at the counter to request a fully detailed report on what she had to do and got out of the building again. "Ooh, this one's interesting indeed. A patrolling job, which almost always ends up in some good exercise for little old me. Let's see, I've got to patrol the outskirts of the wilderness and detain or defeat any unwanted infiltrants of konoha. Well that means beating a few bandits if they show up, always good to know."

With another quick dash, the young girl reached for the main gates, asking the men who were in the guard post if there's anyone who has the same report, or looking for her, that they just had to say zhe was patrolling the wilderness at the western border, so they could find her there if she was needed. With a smile, she ran through the gates and went into the direction she had given the guards earlier, just to make sure if anyone else would be willing to assist on that mission, they could just find her at the western border. A big place to meet or rather find someone, but she was certain that if anyone needed to find her, they'd know about the small camp near that border, which she had decided to use as resting place before going off to start the patrol itself. Waiting an hour or so wouldn't hurt anyway.


Nick Saturn



Nick, after a night of paranoia and some other unusual stuff which happened the day prior to this one managed to find a tavern to crash in. Which was nice, considering that he was quite fatigued. But his body worked quite oddly, which meant that he didn't need as much sleep as many others whilst still being just as fit as them. It was a nice tavern, wooden interior and it set the mood just right. Somehow it reminded Nick of more medieval times. But then again, that wasn't too long ago. Considering that villages get nuked at least every hundred years technological progress was slow. It was morning when Nick woke up. He rubbed his worn out eyes, he wasn't as tired as he was yesterday but he had yet to notice that.

Nick cracked his knuckles. Maybe he needed to find someone who was a villager in this town and try to reason with that person and convince to let that person Nick in his home. It would certainly save him problems, since you can't enter this tavern past three AM. And, a nice closet space would be nice as well. But then again, Nick was used to not having much luxuries on the road. But, considering that he might stay here for an extended amount of time he might want to find a home to buy. After all, having a safe house in every major village in the world was a good thing.

Nick was slightly puzzled. He growled mildly as he dragged himself out of his bed. Stretching his back slightly and then rubbing his eyes once more. A slight blur appeared in front of his eyes, which made him blink rapidly for a minute or so. And after said minute the blur was gone. Nick opened his backpack and grabbed some clothing. He put on a somewhat traditional Chinese clothing. After putting on his clothing he reminded himself to shower. Thus he undressed once again and headed into shower. He started to multitask, thus he was shaving, brushing his teeth and showering at the same time. Pretty convenient.

"Na na na, blood painted walls, na na na. ~"

Nick was humming a song whilst he was in his shower. When he got out of the shower he headed back into his room and put on the clothing he previously pulled off. After adjusting his shirt he went downstairs in the tavern. The tavern was quite spacious and there weren't many people. He decided that it was a good time to eat some breakfast, to get some nutrients and vitamins to spend the entire not being tired. He wondered what he would get though. He decided on a fruit bowl. Since the chef wasn't present the people in the tavern had to cook their own food. Nick headed into the kitchen and grabbed five types of fruit, peeled them all and sliced them to bits and then put them in a bowl.

When he was done with making his food he would leave the kitchen and sit on the couch of the tavern, eating his breakfast / lunch with a fork. He was listening to the radio whilst eating his fruit. There weren't many people around the tavern. Many people had left a whole lot earlier. It was around ten AM when Nick was eating his fruit. After he was done eating his fruit he went back to the kitchen and washed the bowl. He put the bowl back in the shelf with other plates and bowls. Nick stretched his back once again. There were two things he could do today. House hunting, or doing a mission. Maybe he needed to break the ice by doing a mission today?

He was slightly pumped to go out and do missions, considering that it was more then ten years ago since he was in this village. The last time he was here it seemed much more peaceful. He couldn't quite put his finger on what it was that was disrupting the peaceful atmosphere since he last was here though. But then again, such observational conclusions probably couldn't be made as an eight year old. Little did he know back then. He felt quite intelligent in his current form but he knew that he would feel the same in five years as he felt now. Dumb in the past, smart today.

"C'est a la vie"

Nick muttered out as he walked to the front door of the tavern. He put on his black leather jacket. It wouldn't be very warm today, just a little lukewarm. Which was the type of weather that Nick enjoyed a lot. He bent down to put on his leather boots. The boots that carried him through many adventures of great dangers. They were his truest companions. He untied them since they previously weren't tied well and then retied them much more firmly, making sure that it wouldn't bother him today. He then stood up straightly and combed his hair using his fingers. His hair felt silky today, which was nice.

He opened the door. It was a good thing that the tavern he was in was shaded by the trees behind it. It meant that Nick wouldn't get sharply blinded by the sun every morning like he did in Sunagakure. Which was a good thing. Nick looked around a little. It surely was a different environment then he was used to. He looked around, wondering where he could find the Hokage building. He couldn't see from his current location maybe it was a better idea if he went up somewhere higher to see it? And thus he was climbing a tree high up in the air. He closed one eye and kept his thumb up. He would find it after a while and then got off the tree.

It wasn't that far away, maybe five minutes of walking. Thus Nick sent forth, as he was walking he saw someone suspisioucly dashing through the street. This figure was quite fast and Nick didn't exactly lock his eyes on this figure right away so he couldn't see what it who it was. He chuckled mildly, what an energetic city this was huh. After walking for a few minutes he finally had arrived in the Hokages office. And then it hit him. Well, not precisely, but the secretary of the Hokage told Nick that he needed to take the missions inside the administration building which was a little away. Well, downstairs. Nick was slightly confused by the odd directions of the secretary and went downstairs. He saw an interesting mission.

It was A ranked. Nick had yet to go on an A ranked mission, so this would be quite exciting. Someone had written that they went ahead and requested back-up if there was any. Nick wrote his name under the name of the person who signed up for it. It was.. erh, he couldn't really read it. Maybe it was the handwriting of the person which was so odd, or maybe someone else had written over it? He couldn't say for sure. He was supposed to meet the guards for further instructions.

Thus he went, with a quick pace. Not his quickest, but not a slow one also. Since there was someone waiting on him and he disliked the idea of people having to wait on him. He arrived five minutes at the guards after the person who initially went ahead arrived. Nick thought that it could be the person who dashed through the streets before, since that person seemed to head towards the guard also. He shrugged the thought off as he got instructions to meet up at the small camp near the western border. And thus Nick headed there right away. His legs brought him upon the camp. In a little distance he saw someone, resting. He couldn't make out whether or not the person was a female or male. The person seemed to be quite androgynous. Nick waved towards the person, not wanting to startle her, or him.  

"Hallo, is er iemand thuis?"

Nick said, moving in closer when he recognized that it had to be a girl. Nick wanted to introduce himself quickly, but he wouldn't want to let her think that he was the enemy. Thus he kept waiting on her reaction before he would move.

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Had it been five minutes or five days, with her short attentionspan on things it more or less seemed like the latter. Risu was bad with waiting, really punctual as a matter of fact, making it so that every minute passing, seemed like an eternity. Sure she had no idea how long it would take for any possible back up to arrive at the meeting point, not to mention the fact she could easily just take this task on her own accord, but still it was more interesting to see how other people managed to show there skill when the mission became to much to handle for a single shinobi.

So she simply sat there, waiting, prying some dirt from under her fingernails, trying to stare as long as she could directly into the sun, despite the common knowledge of the fact that doing so might result into permanent blindness.

She even went so far as to try and give an animal's name for each and every letter of the alphabet, though she got stuck at 'Q', quickly convincing herself a duck can simply be called a quacker, even if it wasn't an actual name, it satisfied her in her quest to relief herself from the inherent boredom that came along with the waiting she had to do, even if it was 'just' five minutes.

"Seriously, five minutes is way to long, I'm leaving right this instant if..." It was just at the very moment that she wanted to leave and get on with the mission by herself, that she heard a voice, not far away from the long wooden bench at which she had been shifting her position from sitting, to laying down and after hearing the voice...back to sitting.

Some guy, with rather obvious red hair, was calling out at her, well she thought he was, but could not be sure, since she didn't understand a single word he had been saying.

"I'm not sure what you're saying, but if you're here for the mission," The snakegirl abrubtly stopped her talk again, trying to take a closer look at the person, who when taking a closer look didn't look that bad, though had no clothing unlike she had ever seen for a shinobi, maybe more in the style of those people running around in the daimyos palace, but less flashy and certainly less expensive from the looks of it. "Eh...ok, if you're here for the mission, could you state me your name and rank, since I dont think anyone else will be getting here pretty soon, it'll be just the two of us...that is, if you understood what I just said now?"


Nick Saturn



Nick pointed his finger at her, making a signal of a gun.

"Spot on."

He replied, immediately after she asked whether or not he was there for the mission. Nick was a joker, teasing people was a hobby of his that he loved to practice. He squinted his eyes slightly at the girl. Her skin was somewhat gray, unusual, he thought. After having traveled a lot he would rarely see a skin color much like her own. It was interesting, and unique. It made him smile brightly. Genetics within the human race was something that peaked his interest a lot.

Nick, after eyeing her listened to her words as his smile faded away gently. Was she inpatient? How long had she been waiting here, ...

"Hehe, concise and on point! I'm liking you already, my name is Nick Nietzsche Saturn. I'm classified as a B ranked ninja, well, not an official ninja because I'm an almighty Ronin!"

As Nick was talking he had a grin on his face. Teasing up-tight people was his favorite thing. Normally he would introduce himself and call himself Nick Saturn, because Nietzsche was a family-name originating from the North. Rich family it was. Which Nick didn't like to boast of, but sometimes he gets ahead of himself and accidentally says his full name. Perhaps he was caught up in the moment?

"I'm sure the two of us are capable enough to handle this mission, ojou-chan."

Nick looked to the North. Wondering what direction they should head into. He didn't bring his compass with him nor was his understanding of the area very high. Their mission was to head into the wilderness and clear out the area. He bit his lip slightly, not knowing how high the skill was of the girl in front of him. Not that it was his job to care anyway.

"If you don't mind me asking, could I have your name? I couldn't read your handwriting on the mission poster in the room of the hokage back in the village because I suspect that someone else has written over it."

Nick hoped that that was the case, instead of her hand writing being quite bad. He squinted his eyes at her, he was standing about a meter away from her. His tall 6'4" figure would cast a slight shadow over her whilst she was laying down. Anyhow, Nick suspected that this might be a fake mission and that this was a trap. He would figure it out whether or not it was a trap by her answer. Considering that the poster was in the administration office instead of the room of the hokage. If she had replied that indeed someone had written over her name, Nick would attack her. If she had said that Nick was wrong and that the poster was in the administration office he would proceed without caution.

But then again, she could think that Nick might have been a trap. For this Nick had another good idea, to counter that idea. He actually brought the poster with him, it was sticking out of his pocket, she could easily see it if she eyed him. Unless she moved from her position with her back facing Nick, which would be a bad idea anyway.

"Let's get going, shall we?"

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"Pfft," The girl sighed, holding her hand slightly above her head, trying to ward off the sun's rays which shone straight into her golden-colored, inhuman looking snake-eyes, while she tried to take another good look at the man who has started talking to her. Certainly, he was not from Konoha, for she had never seen nor heard of him, which verified his statement that he was indeed a ronin, a wandering ninja, which meant she had to proceed with caution, not telling things that should never leave the village in the mind of someone who did not belong to the village, luckily for the snakegirl though, she was not yet high ranked enough to actually have any secrets that contained information that could hurt the village of Konoha, the only secret she had...was that she had found those reports when she had snucked into her uncle's office a few days earlier, thus for a ronin like him, absolutely not worth anything, useless as a matter of fact, at least she hoped.

Apparently this Nietzsche figure was at the same rank as her, which meant he'd have to be at special Jounin level if he had been affiliated to any village. However, she did learn something new, as he called himself B rank in stead of Special Jounin.

"Orochi, Orohi Risu is my name," The young girl smiled, albeit with a feint smile and eyes that certainly did not fit with the overall expression itself, cautious and rather cold eyes.

"I wonder how bad someone must be at reading if they can't read my handwriting," The snakeprincess sighed, nodding her head from side to side with her eyes closed, giving her a more neutral look than earlier. "It IS possible someone wrote over it, given the fact that it was a mission report that I got at the Administration office, but if someone would write over my name and application, it can only be you yourself, as you're the one standing here to partake in this mission."

It confused the girl that the man had been asking her something about someone having written over her application. That would've been strange and certainly an incredible nuiscance, because it could result in her not getting paid when they had cleared the mission's request.

"I'll need to have a talk with those guys at the Administration building when this job is done, who in their right mind lets someone else overwrite another person's application for a mission?" Again that nod, followed by a feint smile, with Risu's eyes now looking straight into those of the red-haired man. It was as if she noticed the slight tension that had been between them, probably caused by the man's status as a wandering shinobi, which the young spec; jounin reckoned to be a reason to have issues with trusting people. "Really, lighten up will you. If I wanted to hurt you, I could've done that already, same goes for you, since you didn't sneak up on me, I dont see any ill intentions coming from you."

Her hand rose up, as if she was giving the man a signal to not go on further on that topic, so that they could start clearing out the forest and get their payment, since in the end the payment was all that mattered.

"Let's just head straight in, you can choose ground or trees, I'll take the other way through," The Orochi lady suggested, saying that it was best to have one person travel on a higher altitude than the other, so they could spread their forces in time of need. "Let's hope there's at least someone interesting in there."


Nick Saturn



"Risu. Interesting name. " //INNERDIALOGUE

Nick thought as he was still eyeing the girl. Wishing that he had a piece of gum with him, but unforatunately, he didn't. He liked to chew on gum. He squinted his eyes a little. Was she insulting his skill to read? He opened his coat as he was about to grab the poster out of it, but waited a little. He wanted to make sure that she wasn't a fake nin.

He then listened to her as she spoke once more, proving that she wasn't a fake nin who was planning on attacking Nick in an ambush or whatever. It had happened to him before, thus he was catious of it. But it wasn't him who wrote on it though. So another mystery popped up. He then listened to her talk again as he was thinking what could have been written over her name. He grabbed the poster out of his pocket and looked at it again, definitely, something was amiss. His ears perked slightly as she added one comment, about hurting him if she wanted already.

"Such a tsundere." //INNERDIALOGUE

He put the scroll of the mission back into his coat and gave her a light nod with a cheerful smile, a smile that he had on his face since his childhood. He licked his lips slightly, agreeing with her strategy so that one takes the high ground and the other goes through the low-level.

"I'll take the high-ground. I'll act like a scout for the most part, when I see someone moving your direction I will whistle two times, when I see someone close to you, I will whistle three times. The whistle resembles the whistle of a bird, but you'll notice the difference. Don't get paranoid and good luck ~"

Nick said with confidence. He was quite agile, his movements were minimal which meant that he didn't make a lot of noise, alas the high ground was the best spot for him to operate on. He looked at the tree line, west from them and started dashing towards it. He climbed a tree up high, about fifteen meters in the air and sat on a branch. He would look around, using his keen senses before proceeding. At this point he was a little isolated from Risu, he would only go down if she was in trouble. He would move his eyes down and look around the ground. After he saw that it was clear, aside from one bunny fifty five degrees to the north he proceeded and moved fifteen meters further.

It was then when he heard something odd. He heard something coming from about twenty meter away. Thus he whistled, three times. By the time he whistled someone dove towards him, Nick gritted his teeth and grabbed his kunai and jumped off the branch onto another branch higher up. He saw three shurikens embedded in the tree branch that he was just standing on. He didn't know where his opponent was, but he guessed that there were two. Using fire in this spot was a dangerous thing. One dove behind him and Nick instantly reacted, using his strength to get off the branch and hang onto it with his arm. He would flip his legs much in a disco-styled dance theme, kicking the enemy in the temple, and knocking him out by doing so. He cautiously stood on the branch again, wondering whether or not the enemy was alone. He noticed that his thigh had a small cut. Probably from the shurikens that were thrown. He put his thumb on the wound to feel how big it is, since he focused his eyes on the area around him. It wasn't that bad.

"Lucky hit." //INNERDIALOGUE

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It seemed as if the man was staring at Risu for a moment, which certainly did make her uncomfortable. Not only how he was looking at her, but also his expressions, his weird manners and his weird language spoken earlier, made it harder for the young snake girl to grasp the man's intentions properly. It was ofcourse easily ignored under the pretence of him being a Ronin after all and wandering ninjas always had some quirky manners that set them apart from the rest, especially compared to the village-nin who always have a part of their village's tradition in both their actions and language.

when he put away the paper he had been looking at for a few moments, his awefully cheerful smile made Risu cringe for just a second. This simply made it more than obvious, this guy was yet again one of those making his face into a mask to bely his true expressions.

"So you're going to be the scout, fine by me," The snake princess almost scoffed, though holding her thoughts to herself. Sure, she could've been the scout as well, but all tactics she knew explained that anyone who was able to hide properly would take hiding in trees over hiding in the bushes, simply because of the merrits of a higher vantage point and better all round view. "Allright, let's go."

She wondered why he had proposed two and three whistles and not just simply one and two, but rather than asking it to the man, she kept silent. Risu knew well enough not to bother with certain idiotic stuff.

While the red-haired ronin climbed the tree, the young Orochi lady checked her pouch with medical equipment, her kunai-holder and her waterflask, just to make sure she had not forgotten a single thing and everything she needed with her, because in troublesome situations, a mistake in your own equipment could very well cost you your life. That was something the young special jounin had remembered very well from her lessons at the academy long ago and would never forget in a million years.

When the ronin set off, racing through the trees at a relatively good pace, Risu had to scour through the bushes, avoid the thorns of some pricley rosebushes, jump over a small stream and almost break her neck when tripping over a sharpedged stone that jutted out of the ground, but in all fairnedd, the few first moments seemed to go pretty well, with the occasional animal sounds, the rustling of leaves above her, probably the only noise telling her that she wasn't alone.

But then it happened, as she stopped running, realizing that there was no longer any sound, which depicted that nature had silenced for its biggest and most threatening enemy: Man.

She was right to think in that direction, as she could hear the feint sounds of two, no three whistles; Nick's sign of company. In the seconds that followed, she could hear metal burrying in wood, flames bursting and forcing leaves to be scorched and drop on the path underneath. However, just while Risu wanted to go up to aid the red haired man, she saw a flicker in a bush, followed by the distinct 'woosh' of a kunai flying by.

Yet as she thought to have dodged it properly, she heard a sizzling sound, quickly forcing her to jump back, when an explosion followed suite, scarring the forest below as well. Multiple attackers it seemed, yet she couldn't see them, but given the earlier location of the flicker of light, Risu quickly grabbed a kunai from the small pouch on her right leg, deflecting two particulary well-aimed shuriken, followed by herself taking steps by throwing two kunai's into the direction of the origin of those shurikens.

Only the sound of her kunais striking wood and a rustle in the bushes made it clear she had missed and a second later, she had to cross both her arms in front of her head to block an incoming dropkick, forcing her to jump back and formulate a strategy, because at first glance it was already obvious: these guys were pros and not so easily dispatched as those bandits from a few weeks ago.

The guy suddenly pulled a blade from behind his back and ran towards the snake girl, who was almost cut down by a second man's sword who had skillfully hidden behind a tree in her vicinity. However, Risu had already been up against swordsman before and knew that she could best try to avoid getting cut and used her flexibility to make a bridge with her body, avoiding the two simultanious strikes that came towards her, noly to jump right up again and form the seals necessary for one of her clan's best jutsu: The hardening mud snake.

When she had created the last seal, she got herself some support on a crooked tree, while one of the two swordsmen jumped towards her already, the second one was too slow though and had been battered by the full brunt of two massive snakes made out of mud slamming him against the ground again, knocking him unconscious.

At the time the second swordsman reached Risu, she simply smiled when he made a cut, her own body replaced by a large branch of the tree, while the girl had made herself scarce into the canopy, trying to find her partner, while trying to imititate Nick's three whistles, so he would know she had encountered enemies as well.

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Nick Saturn



Nick heard the whistles coming from below. He held his thigh a little, it was still bleeding slightly. He then moved his head as he saw two more shurikens appear from the treeline. What a time to be alive huh? Nick groaned, not knowing where his opponent was since he was acting from the shadows. Nick focused. He dodged two more shurikens from his east side and dove instantly towards it, he had to expose his guard for a second to grab onto the coward. As he grabbed his arm Nick would light his hand up and push it against the culprits face, burning out his eyes and killing him painfully. He dropped the body and it fell onto a branch. It smelled like human flesh.

Nick knew the smell all too well. He remained on his position when he heard the whistled from the ground. His ears perked a little, it seemed like the area was cleared. From the sheer adrenaline the wound had stopped bleeding. Nicks senses were always very keen in battle, because he made as much use of his adrenaline as he could.


Nick then after waiting thirty more seconds decided to climb down the trees to meet Risu again, so he could give her a small report of what happened in the trees, he was sure that they charged her as well. He wondered how she'd ended up though. He began descending, he wasn't very strong so it took a little. After a little bit he arrived on the ground and saw Risu ten meters away from him, across from him. He waved his hand towards her, indicating that they needed to be quiet. He walked closer to her as he saw a few corpses laying around. One from him and he guessed the other one was from her. He then whispered to Risu.

"There are five more about fifty meters away, they're walking into another direction. We can chase and hunt them or proceed, it's your call.

Nick said, he was slightly crouching down whilst monitoring the area around them. It seemed to be clear. He saw the five others moving towards his direction a few minutes ago, but they averted their direction. They weren't very fast. So he estimated that they were fifty meters away, every minute they would go fifty meters further.

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Finishing off the second swordsman from her new position seemed easy, as she simply moved right behind him, slipping her scalpel into her left hand and making a quick and precise cut through his throat, making it so that his air would be cut off and that his lungs would drown in the red liquid that started spurting out rather quickly after Risu hand launched herself away from him by placing her feet against the man's lower back and forcing him to crash against the nearest tree with a sickening sound.

It was quite a lifesaver to have her medical background, knowing more about anatomy than the normal human and therefor not really in the need of any sort of bukijutsu as long as she could get close enough to make precise incisions, yet still her heart raced like crazy when she noticed the red haired man who was supposed to be her partner on this mission to clear the woods. Even her medical background would not be enough when coming up against a greater number of experienced swordsmen and even though she managed to get away and beat those two earlier, Risu had to agree in thought that they were of a rather high level of skill.

Nearing Nick, after noticing his gesture to come closer, she listened to what he said, explaining that there were at least five more men to deal with, which also made it apparent that a probable danger for the both of them would lie in that group, someone with a lot more skill than the usual crooks they had seen up till now.

"Need me to patch you up before we go and engage those others?" The snake girl said calmly, pointing at the small cut at Nick's leg, which was basically a scrape, but they couldn't be cautious enough after all. Waiting for the answer, Risu already started healing the bruises that had formed on her left arm and the shallow cut on her left upper leg. "If you think it doesn't need any healing, let me at least clean it and put a bandage on it, just to prevent infection, ok?"

She had already opened her pouch filled with her medical instruments and utensils, waiting for the man to either agree with her or ignore the offer. He seemed stronger than he acted, as she could see that he had been attacked by multiple men as well, yet his wounds were perhaps even less shallow than her own, with a few singed hairs, probably from his own jutsu, some shallow scrapes and some dirt on his clothes, hardly any wounds worth mentioning.

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Nick Saturn



Nick scratched his cheek slightly. He had forgotten that this girl was from Konohagakure, which indicated that she was somewhat honorable of her village. Thus he figured out already that she wanted to hunt the other group down as well. He wondered whether or not it would be a problem for them to kill five more. They each took two on he had guessed. But, maybe the fact that they were with five was because they were weaker then the others. It made a little sense to Nick, they'd make groups based on their power. If their power was ten combined, they'd split it up in three and have three groups of three power. This made Nick assume that the other 5 weren't as strong, of course Nick could be wrong and it could be the other way around. They could be the main group holding the most power. It was all guess work to Nick, if he had to guess it was the former option.

"So hungry..." //INNERDIALOGUE

Nick was in the mood for a big taco fest. Tacos were nice. He skipped breakfast this morning which made him hungry as hell. Still he had a mission to complete. He looked and the wound and shrugged a little. He didn't care that much, but it peaked something interesting else though. Was she a medic nin? Nick guessed so, otherwise she wouldn't instinctively want to cure it. Nick had a twisted smile on his face. Which was caused by the fact that he killed two people a few moments ago. Nick was quite bloodlusty.

"Lets move. I'll take the high ground, we'll have to be quick."

Nick said once again, he would move into the trees after he got his leg bandaged. Nick was much like a monkey, he was quick. Since he needed to act quickly to catch up on the other group. He was planning on whistling twice when they got closer to them. After a minute he arrived to where they were. They were standing and not moving. Nick whistled twice. There were three on the ground and he saw the two others head towards the lake. Maybe they needed a toilet break? He grumbled mildly and dashed after the two that headed out first. They weren't very close to each other so he took their spacing as advantage, planning on taking out the slower one first whilst the faster one doesn't notice and then chase after the faster one.

He unsheathed his superior tanto and dove behind the slower one, he was moving quite slowly. Nick took his leg off in one big swoop and then covered his mouth with his hand. Which prevented him from screaming. All the while whilst Nick was smiling he spun his body with his hand still on his mouth and cleaved his left arm off as well. Blood was gushing in every direction. The faster ninja was still dashing, who hadn't noticed. Nick then cut the throat of the slow ninja and then chased after the fast one. The fast one was too fast, he arrived to the lake already. Nick was waiting in a tree, waiting for the nin to drop his guard for a second.

Nick was waiting in a tree, three meters above  the nin and about two meters away. His eyes were locked on him. His adrenaline was rushing. Guessing that this guy was a B ranked nin, since he was very fast and seemed to be casual about it. He judged that a fight might ensue if he didn't end his life immediately. He pointed his tanto at his head and waited for him to look back since the slower nin never arrived. After a minute of waiting he finally turned around. That was Nicks cue, he jumped off the tree with caution, two meter towards his direction with the point of the tanto aiming at the head of the guy. The nin looked up and met what was known as a Superior Tanto. The tanto moved through the skull of the nin like butter on a knife. Nick licked his lips and removed the body out of the tanto. He was quite literally covered in blood. He sheathed his sword again and moved towards the other tree, wondering how Risu was doing.

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It was probably because Nick was a ronin; a wandering shinobi, that he had no loyalty or bounds to a village, which would perfectly explain his hesitation on trying to find and take down those other five bandits he had seen not so far away. Risu however, was part of the hidden village of the leaf, a proud kunoichi of Konoha and wasn't planning on just letting those five get away while she had the perfect opportunity to finish her mission completely. There were rules and even when she was not willing to follow them, they were what had made Konoha to the current powerhouse that it was in the world of the shinobis.

When the ronin seemed to have taken his time to decide what he would do, he simply proposed to continue like they had done before, with him taking the high ground, while she would do the groundwork.

"Dont overwork yourself," The orochi Lady said, while having a slightly gleeful expression on her face, topping it off with quite a teasing grin on her face. "We dont want you to drop dead somewhere in the forest."

In an instant, the ronin had taken upward, vanishing yet again in the upper echelons of the trees, silently coarsing through them, while Risu followed at an evenly fast pace on the ground, carefully avoiding ditches, bushes and other stuff that could slow her down or make unnecessary noise. It took quite some time to reach the group, but when Risu heard the familiar sound of Nick's whistle, the snake princess simply halted, jumping up into a tree nearby, though in the process making the the leafs in the tree rustle a bit, which alarmed the three bandits down below.

Two of them seemed to get orders from a masked and cloaked person, who with his arms made obvious gestures to the two others to search the tree Risu had been hiding in.

"Not good," Risu thought to herself, looking at the two men closing in on them. This meant she had to react properly and act quickly, so without waiting for the bandits to act or find her, she grabbed two kunai and threw them down simultaniously towards the two men, forcing them to jump back for a moment, after which they unsheathed their swords, now fully aware someone was hiding inside the tree. "Just a bit closer, a tiny bit."

When the two men came closer, Risu quickly opened her waterflask and made a few handseals, ending with her standing on a strong branch, her left arm straight upward, while her right hand was placed with her index and middle finger stretched out, against her lips. Just an instant later, a thick mist seemed to slowly drop out of the tree, covering quite a large area and reducing the visibility to virtually nihil.

Silently, Risu dropped down from the tree and as a shudder went through her body, her eyes went from golden to gray, the eyewhite turning black. She had turned herself blind with her Snake Senses technique, to highten her other senses. Another set of handseals was quickly formed, after which the girl's cheeks puffed up momentarily and she suddenly spewed out a wave of some kind of sticky and glue-like substance, which was followed by the screams and roars in frustration by the two men that had been caught by her Starch Syrup Capturing Field technique.

She loved that sound, especially with her new keen senses, locating them instantly and while forcing some chakra to her feet, she prevented herself from getting stuck like the bandits.

Another shudder went through her body, when her entire skin seemed to turn into hard, white scales. In an instant she had reached the first of the two bandits, who had the bad luck of getting his blade stuck to the goo as well and as such was left defenseless. A straight punch towards his face made him fly out of the mist, bashing against a tree with his head and losing consciousness quite easily. The other bandit however, had not gotten stuck with his sword and despite having been immobilized, he was best not to approach too close.

"White snake style-Bloody teeth," Risu whispered, when performing yet another set of handseals, after which two snakes made out of rock and mud, surrounded and protected with a layer of constantly flowing water, protruded from the ground and quickly launched towards the second bandit, snapping their mauls around his arms, fracturing the bones and tearing the flesh, forcing him to drop his blade, which just an instant later was used to cut through his neck artery, a spray of red blood filling the air, while Risu ran past him, with the snakes vanishing again.

Her eyesight had returned, while the mist was losing its density, nearing the end of the jutsu.

With her scales vanishing as well, the young kunoichi made her way to the masked and cloaked person, throwing the other bandit's sword towards the mysterious person, only to see it being sliced in half by an obviously more suitable blade. It appeared this person was way stronger than those two bandits and probably more on her own level of expertise, so she had to be quite carefull and make no mistakes.

Realising this, the masked person came at her, blade ready to strike and a cold look in the eyes that were visible from close by. The blade made an arc through the air, missing the snake girl's neck by a hair's length, yet this was exactly good enough for Risu to retaliate, as she quickly formed some handseals, with a snake made out of water crashing against the masked person, throwing him back a few feet, after which Risu simply followed up by suddenly lashing out at the cloaked person with two whiplike appendages that had formed at her arms, lacerating the arms of the swordsman and forcing him to drop his blade and fall back, yet behind him there was only a big old tree, which meant he was pinned down and as Risu noticed that Nick had already gotten back, she knew they were in an advantage.

A final set of handseals was her final act, making sure that this guy wouldn't survive and if he did, he could not have noticed Nick yet, so in any case, the ronin could finish the job if her final jutsu did not complete the job. In a single second, Risu started throwing a whole dozen of sharp, sickle formed projectiles made out of water towards the guy, ripping up his cloak, cutting deep in his arms and flesh and even breaking apart the mask, yet somehow he had survived, though obviously bleeding to death if left alone.

"He doesn't have to be killed," Risu spoke calmly, looking at the very spot where she had seen Nick. "But if you deem it necessary, go ahead and kill him."

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Nick Saturn



Nick was smiling. He was sitting on the branch of a tree. His left leg was swinging. He came there with extreme silence. Though he could be noticed by Risu because he sat on a tree across from the front of her body whilst facing the back of the one remaining guy. He noticed that one guy was still breathing, on the ground. Trying to crawl away. Nick was eyeing the crawler whilst watching Risu fight. He had yet to see someone fight with scales before. He had felt print of ancient scales in a tomb in a cave in Sunagakure, it felt unique. Like their scales had holes in them with something sharp in the holes.

Which allowed them to graze their limbs against their prey and kill them. It was scary, Nick learned from that. It was a good battle strategy until they got cornered in a cave. Nick smiled as his head tilted. It was instincts, tilting the head whenever an individual is interested. It originated from curious monkeys. They started the tilting- the head whenever they were curious. Nick learned a lot of body language from animals. Which made some people think that Nick was just an animal disguised as a human.

He was watching the man again as he blinked and looked back to Risu. It seemed like she had defeated her opponent in a truly classy way. He jumped down the branch and walked over the crawling ninja. He made sure to step on his head first though. He knew he'd bleed out in approximately sixteen minutes. Nick had carefully studied wounds, not enough to become a medical nin but to estimate the time of someones death. He had learned this because he had tortured quite many people back in his day. Nick walked closer to Risu. Nick seemed completely whacky, like he was high on cocaine.

They could kill him. That would be a good idea, but, would it really? For their safety probably. But for the safety of the village? He guessed not. These could be rookies and they could be preparing for a larger invasion. Since Nick was so moved by the way that Risu battled, he'd hate to see her home town go up in flames. Thus he decided to share his thoughts, which may save her village. Probably not, but it was worth checking out wasn't it?

"You're a medic nin aren't you? Patch him up enough so we can hang him from his legs to a tree branch. Interrogation time."

Nick reached into his pockets and grabbed his latex gloves. He put them on with a grin on his face. He had extreme effective ways of torturing. Since the man was on death row, the process would only be quickened. He awaited Risus response. Maybe she wanted the kage or whoever specialized in her village to do that?

"Just-saying, but, we're fifteen minutes away from the village. Thirty with him on our back, and he uhh."

Nick got closer to Risu. Close enough for him to bend down for her and almost press his lips against her ear. At which moment, Nick seemed very, very intimidating for a moment. Which was unintentional. It was caused by the fact that he just had killed and was still in ecstasy and the fact that he was six foot and four inches.

He will d-i-e in ten minutes."

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Risu simply waited for Nick's reaction, only to realize that perhaps she was asking a bit to much, asking him to decide on the man's life, wether the man would survive or not was made into his personal choice, yet at the same time, the Orochi girl had to restrain the urge of killing the bandit in one swift motion, so she could get on with her missions rather than getting stuck with this one.

"I don't patch up criminals," The girl said, with a rather suspicious glare at Nick. After all, she still had not figured out how she had to look at the redhaired man nor could she decide on the fact if she was able to look at him as an ally or a foe. "Interrogations should be done by the Central Intelligence Division or by the ANBU. For so far I know, none of us are either of those."

When she saw the ronin put on a pair of latex gloves, the snake girl only grinned softly, turning towards the criminal, bending through her knees and only administring basic tending to his wounds, to stop the bleeding, but not the pain. Only his left arm had been bandaged, where one of the projectiles from earlier had cut through the man's tendons at the wrist and incidentally sliced open a vein as well.

"Interrogate him as much as you want," The kunoichi hissed after Nick whispered to her that he could die within ten minutes. "I'm heading back to the village to claim our rewards, well mine at least."

Having said that, Risu jumped off towards a tree and waited for just a few seconds, trying to see what Nick would choose, before setting off to the village.

[exiting thread to claim rewards and getting set for the next mission]

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Nick Saturn



Nick was surprised when Risu didn't respond. It was rather strange, maybe she disliked killing others? It then occured to Nick that Risu didn't seem that old. Well, as old as him. He took a step backwards from Risu and saw her patch him up. He smiled slightly.

We should do this again. Maybe tomorrow."

Nick said as he saw Risu leave. He was humming a song. The song was somewhat twisted, the start of it was peaceful and it escalated from that point in tension. As Mr. Saturn was whistling he was tying the legs of the shinobi to each other, making sure he couldn't escape. It was he was back at his old job. Intelligence officer for an obscure village far away from humanity. As Nick was tying the legs of the man to the branch of the tree he saw bits of blood gushing down his body. Which gave him a flashback of the past. He then begun questioning the man, he did it with the right amount of tension and bloodlust to make him scared. But yet gave him hope enough that he would survive this incident. Nick truly was psychopathic.  

You will die. Well. Maybe not today, but in the next twenty or thirty years when you become an old man and you start to become bald. If you answer truthfully, you will be surrounded by your family and loved ones at your funeral... Of course, there is an alternative route you could take."

Nick bent over to grab a senbon from the pocket on his lower-leg. He licked it and smiled at the man sinister, blood was in the mouth of the man which made him choke, since he refused to open his mouth. He wanted to choke to death. Nick somewhat kicked the air out of him, which made his mouth go open and the blood would rush out.

Alternatively. I could keep you alive for the next thirty minutes. I will torture you. You will still feel the pain even though the adrenaline in your body is numbing you. I know how to stop adrenaline and I know how I can prolong your life. Blood is rushing into your head, since you have internal bleeding's as this is happening the blood will rush out of your body and drip onto the ground, instead of it going to your head right away. I will start with your fingernails. I will move onto your toenails, then, I will surgically remove your fingers, toes, I will run knifes against your scalp. Yes, I will even take your nipple off and perhaps your teet. Muscles are always easy to remove, since they don't have bones in them."

Nick responded to the man, he kept his silence. Nick smiled sinisterly, he wouldn't care either way. He began whistling again and got closer to the man, observing his physique from top to down. He estimated that the man had twenty minutes left, but Nick was merely bluffing.

I have done this for a vast period in my life. I know how to keep someone alive long enough to break them. Whether or not you're from some stone-cold hard-knock place. Everyone has their breaking point, some break easier then others. Others don't break, they die. If you don't break, I will personally send every limb you have to your family. Of course, I will seperate them in packs. That means, that they will receive fingernails at first. Then they start receiving fingers. They'd still be optimistic after that, they'll think, hey, he's strong, he must be alive. After a while, they start getting legs, toes, your teet. Bits of your torso, your ears, mouth, lips. They will regularly get your guts as well. It won't be an open casket funeral I can tell you that."

Nick suddenly started to laugh.

Oh.. how I have missed this."

Nick grabbed his arm and pulled off his glove. He painfully inserted the senbon into the space between his fingernail and his thumb. Slowly, he had the body language as if he wasn't in any rush. Nick jammed the entire senbon into his finger and tore his thumb nail off. He grabbed a plastic bag from his back-pocket and stored it into that. He put the bag onto the ground, indicated that he would use the bag to take his body apart. And that's when the man finally came clean. There was another camp about three hundred miles East. It originally was a tribe but they became extinct when their main clan leaders left to join Konoha. Nick wrote a report about it and left the man hanging there. The man had become a horror story. Children had reported that they often heard someone screaming. Many thought it was his ghost. The man came to his end thirty minutes after Nick left and the animals started to eat him, they first would eat his friends first then slowly move onto him. He was screaming all the while. Nick filed his report to the Hokage's office and then went back to his place to shower.

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