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Igarashi Risa

Igarashi Risa

Latter softly kissing him on the lips, Tsuyo awoke and sat up only to pull Risa onto the bed and get on top of her. He gave her a light kiss then winked and said good morning. She just laid there pretty much pinned under Tsuyo. His sudden actions caught her off guard but they made her quite happy. He gave her a real cheesy line before getting off of her and walking over to the door to grab his shirt. Tsuyo then walked back over to the bed giving her a hand to help her up off the bed. As soon as she was up off the bed she pretended to trip, knocking Tsuyo down to the floor to where she was on top of him looking down. Her robe had come undone partially and now the majority of her cleavage was clearly visible, not that Risa particularly cared about that. She was just really happy being with him. She gave him a kiss before standing back up only to step on her robe and fall back on top of Tsuyo. This time here chest was pushed against his. She just looked into his eyes and before she knew it, her face had been drawn into his to the point where they kissed. Risa kiss this time was more passionate than before. After that, Risa got up off of Tsuyo. She just looked at him and smiled. "C'mon, breakfast should be ready." She just continued to look at him before a smile formed on her lips. "Perhaps you want to partake on me instead, hmm?" She had only said it as a joke of course but he might of actually taken her seriously, she just stood there waiting for his reply.


A Trip to the Hospital (private/no kill/tsuyoka) - Page 2 YxdQBfW


Risa Igarashi

Player Rank ll Genin

Suition ll S Rank • Raiton ll C Rank

Ninjutsu ll S Rank • Medical ll C Rank • Bukijutsu ll D Rank • Kenjutsu ll D Rank

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Tsu chuckled when Risa "Tripped" and fell into him, he smiled and was about to get up when Risa fell into him again. This one actually felt accidental so he was not going to say anything about it. When he looked back up he could see her cleavage was more prominent then before. He blushed a little but as this was becoming a normal thing for Risa it was slowly losing it's power to make Tsu fly off on a rocket of his own blood, Which was a good thing. He loved Risa and was noticeably annoyed when he would shoot across a room from looking at her. So this was a welcome change. Tsu was more focused on her eyes, he intenly stared into them before slowly getting closer to her. It was Risa who initiated the kiss this time, Which was fine by Tsu.

As the got up again he heard Risa say "C'mon, breakfast should be ready." Great Tsu was starving and needed to refuel for the day. He was caught off guard by her next statement "Perhaps you want to partake on me instead, hmm?". Oh jeez this girl knew how to push Tsu's buttons, a man of a weaker will would have been broken long ago. He simply walked over to her placing a hand on her face and said with the same goofy smile he got around her "While that is tempting i think some eggs will do to satiate my hunger". As he walked to the door he turned and said laughing a little "And please stop tempting me, While i do love you and would do anything for you i am still a man and you know my will power is weak around you. So you keep that up and bad things will happen" He smiled to signify he was making a joke. Putting his arm out for her to grab "Just know i love you for more then your body while that is a bonus my feeling are for your personality i am not just some fiend looking for my next target i truly care for you, Now let's get to breakfast shall we my princess"

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