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1 Records Transport [Konoha, D-Rank] on Sat Sep 08, 2012 10:50 pm



Mission Information

The door to the old storage room slowly opened, light from the outside pouring inside and illuminating a small section of the room. The mission sounded easy enough, simply transferring boxed up records to the new facility located in the construction areas. Nothing more than more menial labor. Takao didn't mind though, it just doubled as extra exercise. This was especially so when it came to lugging around some heavy boxes, it all helped to keep him in shape. He had a habit of slacking off on his daily training routine anyways, might as well make some money while making up time. Killing two birds with one stone! Or something like that.

The dark room was rather... unnerving, to say the least. The structure seemed old and untrustworthy, but that was just Takao's opinion. He wasn't an architect, he didn't know anything other than the fact that it looked old and unsafe. If he could help it, there wouldn't be much time spent down here. As Takao slowly advanced inside, he further inspected his surroundings. It definitely didn't look like an area that was accessed frequently. The boxes could contain the records and information of some of the strongest ninja in Konohagakure, or maybe the expired records of those that were deceased. The idea of knowing more intrigued him, but he shelved his curiosity and proceeded further inside.

In every corner, crack, and crevice of the building seemed to be some kind of cobweb. Big, small, funnel shaped, classic spider web, you name it. Takao hated bugs... and spiders. Especially spiders. Nothing made his skin crawl like spiders.

Nope. Not gonna do it. he declared, immediately walking right back outside and sitting on the steps just outside the door. The vibe he got from that room was just plainly unpleasant and felt completely uninviting. The potential for spider presence was much too high to be risked as well. After a few minutes of talking himself back into it, he finally progressed back into the building.

The records he needed to carry out were all lined up in front of him, cleared for the next wave of delivery, which was Takao. Step one was spending as little time down in that room as possible, so he began the assignment by hauling each box out of the creepy room one at a time. Each time he set one box down outside, he made sure to give himself a good pat down and shiver. Did he mention he hated spiders?

Around half an hour came and went as Takao set the last box down. He'd taken off his coat and tied it around his waist by now, as the heat he'd generated by moving coupled with the warm summer day was beginning to get to him. He wasn't tired enough to warrant a rest just yet, though a nice nap was very tempting... Takao quickly shook off the temptation and picked up one of the boxes from the pile, then began the walk to the construction compound.

Takao passed many people on the walk to the construction compound, too many to count. It wasn't a very long walk, but the extra weight made it feel that way. Occasionally he would pass a squad of genin, all appearing to have a good time in the presence of one another. Takao had spent the majority of his time as a genin alone, focusing on his own training. In a way, their happiness managed to dampen his mood.

One by one, each box was transported to the new facility. It certainly was dull, menial work. However, the thought of carrying around the information of other ninja was rather... empowering. Takao was probably just hyping it up, they could have been the meaningless records of uninteresting dead genin. But the chance that he could be carrying the records of the past Hokages, or even the information on Elite Jounin of the village was very intriguing, although highly unlikely. Why would they let a genin transport important documents?

Regardless of his previously shelved curiosities, Takao finished the mission without trouble. It was only a simple D-Rank mission, why would there be trouble? Every single one of the labeled boxes he was meant to transport had made their way safely to the new storage office with ease. Despite feeling tired and in desperate need of a nap, Takao also felt rather good about himself. It might've just been the exercise, but he definitely felt that the work was well deserved.


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