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1 Clan Templates on Sun May 11, 2014 5:44 am

Yuzu Ren


Making original or not as original but new clans can be time consuming and also seems to take a lot of time in general which is probably why not many new clans get approved that often to the best of my knowledge

1. Advanced Element
Is there a set standerd on drawbacks and which elements have already been mixed and what combinations are still left over to work with.
A list of any unique abilities may help too like Aisu can freeze and not sure what the Senju do right now but Crystal can counter physical attacks or something like that

2. Doujutsu
In general the drawbacks vary so greatly and their abilities sometimes are similar but there is no set standard to work from with some doujutsu being done during different times under different rules when approved



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2 Re: Clan Templates on Tue May 13, 2014 3:12 pm



Advanced Elements:

You are free to mix whatever elements you want; just don't copy an existing element's abilities.

Most advanced elements have the ability to auto-rank to the rank of the lowest constituent element (meaning if it needed Raiton and Fuuton, and your Raiton was S and Fuuton was B, the advanced element would be B-ranked, and would rank up with Fuuton). Because of this, however, you usually if not always have to give up your fourth element and take Hesitant (specialization).

Other than that, all Advanced Elements should state how they interact with the other elements.

Doujutsu....I'll leave this for after the clan revamps. These were never standardized like Elements were.


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