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1 Have to get stronger [solo/training] on Wed May 14, 2014 2:00 am



Soron needed to improve upon his skills if he were to exceed in the ninja world. That meant not only training his jutsu but his body as well. He would need to get stronger, faster, and more durable in order to face the harsh and grueling times ahead in his career as a ninja. "I think today ill train my strength up a little bit, make myself stronger."

Soron assumed a combat stance keeping himself balanced and ready to train his strength by striking the tree that lie before him in order to increase the force behind each punch. His first punch struck the tree as he rocketed his fist forward as fast as he could. A few pieces of bark broke off upon impact but no real damage to the trees exterior had occurred.

Soron threw two more hard punches to the tree followed by a front kick scratch the trees hard surface and breaking away more of the exterior bark. He knelt down onto one knew catching his breath for a few seconds. "My strength is definitely in need of some tuning up if this is the best i can manage." He leaped forward smashing his fist into the tree this time causing the tree to shake slightly. Leaves began raining down from the branches above. Soron felt the leaves around him, some softly touched his skin while others fell silently like feathers to the ground.

He resumed his stance again after what seemed like hours, however was mere minutes. He slammed his fist against the hard tree yet again rattling it just slightly again. He threw a quick and hard five punch combo before jumping kicking the tree hard enough to send him into a back flip and land him a few meters away. He felt a slight sting in his knuckles as blood trickled down and dripped to the forest floor staining a few green leaves red. "My hands are getting ripped to shreds from this training but i cant give up just cause of some scrapes and bruises, training is supposed to be this way so i just have to continue on and push myself." Soron stated ignoring the sting he felt in his hands.

He clenched his fists tightly as he stood up, the knuckles within his hand making a cracking sound as he clenched them. He approached the tree which now stood scarred with a portion of its bark missing and clearly visible bruises in its exterior. He struck it again and again wincing ever so slightly at the slight pain he felt each time his fists collided with the hard wood. He continued this rigorous training for quite sometime, long enough that when he finally decided to call it quits the sun was beginning to set and the sky had turned red to match the sun reaching the horizon. He was on a single knee, panting, his knuckles bruised and bloody. "I think.. that should just about do it for today. Ill sleep good tonight that's for sure."

He began his trip back to the village from the forest, pacing himself and taking his time. He was already wore out and exhausted so there was no need for him to exert any more energy, he would only risk passing out on the forest floor, not a very comfortable spot to sleep in his opinion. It didnt take him long to reach the village as the forest didnt lay that far away. When he finally returned home, he laid himself down in his bed and quickly passed out into a deep sleep. One of the best Soron has had in quite a long while.

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