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1 The study of perception [solo/training] on Wed May 14, 2014 2:20 am



Soron sat at the edge of the leaf village’s dock, the cool breeze that swept in from the ocean brushed against his skin every little second. The sun had just risen above the horizon signaling an early morning for Soron. His feet dangled just mere inches above the water’s surface, each leg slowly swaying back and forth. A hard back book sat upon his lap, a leather book with a brown cover that had two large white lettered words printed upon it, Shinobi Perception. A book he had picked up back at the academy but was just not getting to truly reading it. Although it was a book over the basic ninja skill of perception it was still something worth reading as even the most basic of skills can prove truly useful if used effectively and properly.

He yawned slightly, atonement to his early awakening from merely two hours of sleep the night before. As he opened the book to its first chapter he noticed the fancy bold letters that stated the name of the first chapter, “Shinobi Perception Chapter One: What Is Perception?” He decided to read the first chapter aloud to himself. ”Chapter one of the shinobi perception book will be explaining the basics such as what perception truly is. Perception is the ability to perceive information from the outside world through use of the senses. Senses such as sight and hearing are the most commonly used in this way however all of the sense can prove useful in some way. Any and all information taken in by the senses can be crucial to a shinobi such as noting the surroundings of a battlefield or possible vantage point for stealth missions. In any situation a shinobi should try and gain any advantage that they can in order to tip the scales of success in their favor, for whatever advantage they don’t have they risk giving to the opponent.” This first chapter, although it only included basic info, was very educational to Soron and not only that but also a great read as Soron often found things like this to be quite entertaining to read, something that many thought unusual.

He re-read the first chapter a few more times before setting the book down. He gave himself a few moments to really focus on what he had just read and allow the information to sink in and create a home for itself within his mind so he may access it willingly.  After a few moments of just meditation and relaxation he opened up his pouch which contained his breakfast, a rice ball, one of his favorite snacks. He took a fairly large bite out of it, savoring the flavors that he so enjoyed. He decided to save the rest of this snack for later, always good to savor such great food. He re-wrapped the rice ball and gently placed it back in his pouch.

Afterwards he reopened the book this time turning directly to chapter two, “How to Use Perception on the Battlefield.” ”Perception on the battlefield can be a valuable asset. Taking note the terrain that surrounds you is crucial to winning any engagement. Knowing the layout of the land will allow you to better plan all strategies including strategies for both offence and defense. Not only does know the layout allow you to better plan strategies of attack and defense but also strategies of retreat if needed. It is of course up to the shinobi to figure out how to use the information gathered with perception but having the information is a must. As discussed in the previous chapter it is crucial to have this information because if you don’t chances are the enemy does. Another great chapter was what Soron thought as he finished reading. This was a book he very well enjoyed, and he is only up to the third chapter.

Soron hadn’t really been out on the docks for very long and yet the sun was beginning to shine brighter than when he first arrived signaling that noon was drawing nearer. His studying session for today was ready to come to a close as he had already expanded his knowledge of perception well beyond what it was originally and he figured that would prove to be a big help in the long run. He wished he has studied like this while at the academy, maybe if he had he would have been in the tops of his class. Soron had been an above average student but even so he never really thought he had lived up to his full potential. He decided to stay at the docks however instead of leaving. He very much liked the cool breeze produces by the ocean and he felt as though he could meditate here for hours. He crossed his legs, closed his eyes and began his peaceful meditation.

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