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Mid-day drew close and Soron had received yet another task from the leaf village’s administration. This mission was for him to explore and chart maps on locations throughout the land of fire. A simple task to Soron though one that he hoped wouldn’t be too time consuming to complete as for some odd reason he just wasn’t feeling like himself today and did in fact feel slightly ill. Though illness for a ninja is no excuse that they may not uphold the duties entrusted in them so Soron pushed on despite the ill feelings that manifested within him. ”For once I’m glad that I received such a simple task. I just want to complete it, turn it in, and go home.” This thought raced through his mind multiple times along his journey to the village gates. After reaching the gates he allowed himself a moment of patience before leaping off into the forest that lies just outside the village hidden in the leaves. Soron had a thought pop into his head early on in his mission, more of an idea than a thought in general but even so it lie within his head at the moment as it has yet to be turned into action. ”I guess I can use this opportunity to train my speed while I’m at it, practice leaping swiftly from branch to branch so I get something more out of this mission than I would normally.”

Soron leaped from branch to branch within the forest until he met his first land mark to document. A small mountain just north of the village came to be Sorons first destination. This mountain was quite small and not exactly noticeable until you were fairly close. The peak of said mountain most likely only stood around 80 feet high or so. He quickly was able to ascend to the top and as he sat down he removed the scroll and brush tools he was given to chart the locations he observed. As ink met paper he charted the location of the mountain on the scroll making it relevant to the location of the village as well as giving an estimated distance between the two to the best of his ability. ”Alright then onto the next one I suppose.” He stood up repacking the scroll and brush back into his pouch before once again setting off to a new destination.

His next destination appeared to be a small cave that he found within the forest. Nothing specific marked its location so Soron was unable to make an accurate note of where it lie though he did attempt to do so using the mountain as a reference point. He noted they were fairly close to each other as the mountain still sits within clear view of Soron’s current location.

”I think ill note one or two more and that should just about fill the scroll.” He noted within his own mind to himself once again setting off. His feet landed swiftly on each branch as he leaped between them with quite impressive speed. He intended to push his speed further than it already was. Soron preferred to rely more on speed than strength in battle so speed training suited his battle style and thus would most likely prove more useful to him. He reviewed the scroll for the last time and ultimately decided it included enough information on the mountain, cave, and surrounding wooded areas that this should satisfy the conditions set forth by the leaf village administration. After a slight rest he set back out for the village and home where he can get the rest he needed. As he returned to the village he was met by a higher up who had apparently been waiting for him. The higher up spoke as Soron came to a halt just in front of him. ”Welcome back Soron that didn’t take long. Then again D-rank tasks usually don’t. If you want ill take the scroll and you’ll receive your reward momentarily.” Soron let out a sigh of relief handing the higher up the scroll. ”I reported on a nearby mountain plus a cave that appeared to link to a series of tunnels. This information however is only as accurate as I could get it to be in terms of detail so I apologize in advanced for any and all mistakes.” The higher up nodded before taking his lead giving Soron the example to do the same. He raced home, as fast as he could from rooftop to rooftop leaping swiftly and landing even swifter until he stood on the building that mirrored his own. A few moments passed before he leaped into his own window and crashed instantly onto the bed that lie against the wall. The illness had fatigued him faster than he usually would be so he drifted to sleep very quickly and slept exceptionally well throughout the night.

[D-rank mission 600/818 as well as Speed training from D to D-2 818/725]


Charting the land [solo/mission/training] Rsz_ll10
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