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1 Home Alone(Training/Private/NoKill) on Sat May 17, 2014 5:21 am

Yuzu Ren


Waking Up

Lying under the mess of several blankets and a few pillows was one of the legendary swordsmen of the hidden mist. He was peaceful as he could not even be seen except for his single hand which stood out at the peak of the mess, that was his bed. The wind blew against the window as the curtains parted allowing the sunlight to shine on his hand, it did not do anything at first, but as time passed the sun made his hand warm as he began to wake up the entire mass of blankets moving in a rotation. The hand disappearing into the depths of the bed before in a small explosion of energy the entire heap fell on the floor, with a foot now sticking out. Struggling in an overactive fashion he finally popped up his head. The blonde hair shining in the sun while some shades of dirt and blood could be seen inbetween the strands of his hair. He yawned not yet opening his eyes as he stretched out his arms yawning. With his chest bare he did not feel embarrassed since this was his room, this was his home and he realised that he was probably left home alone again. He finally stood up as he sported a nice ocean blue shorts with the image of a white tiger on the side. He looked around then finally shouted. "Mom?!"

Taking a Shower

He walked around his room busy scratching his head as he pushed his door open slowly, he walked around and then entered the bathroom. He noticed some clothes lying around and blushed since he figured either that was his mom's clothes or it was maybe one of his mom's friends. He was not sure, so he just pushed them aside to the corner and opened the tap. The water was not coming out of the shower like it was suppose to then after looking around very carefully. He noticed a small note, no more hot water please use the cold water. He slowly reached out then remembered he was forgetting something important as he looked down. He stepped back from the shower and opened the door to check if no one was around then closed the bathroom door and locked it. "Okay, time to have a bath" As he stood there blushing for a bit making sure it was clear he dropped his shorts and underwear and threw them on to the pile of other dirty clothes. He felt so free without having to wear clothes as he stretched before remembering the water would be cold. He opened the tap slowly a drop came out, he reacted quickly jumping back then nearly laughed. He felt a bit threatened by a drop of water, but he was a master of water jutsu which was something that he never pointed out. It was more a sense that in battle you never thinking about getting cold, but now his warm shower is ruined by a lack of warm running water as well as the fact that he did not have Katon to help with that. Finally he got brave and turned the tap which was soon followed by a loud scream. "Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!" the girlish like scream that came out of his mouth before he held his mouth closed, gave the impression that he was not a he. The fact that his adam's apple was missing or the fact that he did not have one did not help either. The truth was a mystery as he kept it in the water's coldness tickling him as he resisted, it took a whole minute before he took his hands off his mouth. He looked up at the water moving only to have some of it hit his eyes, as he looked away he wasted some chakra to use his Mist Eyes technique. Yes staring up at water gushing out of the top of a shower sprayer or whatever that thing was called was not the ideal reason to use it to begin with. As he reached out for the soap he washed his arms slowly and began to think of the things that had happened.
He thought about his mom, who loved him for no reason at all. He could not understand why she would love him, what about him was so special. His best friend Tora told him he was the best friend ever, even though there were far better friends that Tora had. His friend Emma who seemed to like him even though he hardly ever paid attention to her, his first rival who gave up and told him that he was too strong to have any rivals. Kenji giving him praise in their training session and the Mizukage Ayakashi granting him the title of the Seven Swordsmen. He was the youngest of the Seven Swordsman in history and was also amongst the fastest shinobi in the entire Kirigakure. Even with all these achievements Ren could not really understand his true worth, it would be these questions that would later drive him towards becoming Kirigakure's next Sage.
He then looked at his hands and noticed his fingers were getting a bit wrinkly, he leaned forward letting the water hit him on top of his head. He looked passed the proof of his gender, taking a careful look at his small feet. He wondered how he could run so far and so fast with such small feet, he for a moment thought about having big feet and laughed hitting his forehead against the wall of the shower. He then slipped and fell on his butt as he laughed for a while some more. His life had changed all because he had Gin in his life, the truth was that he more than anyone else needed her not to look up to but to have watch over him. Whether she cared about him or wanted to raise him up to become her weapon did not even matter to him. He was in the bliss of having a mother who loved him, no matter the reason he was loved and that was all that really mattered. He sat there for a while before getting out of the shower dripping wet as he grabbed his mom's clean towel since he remembered he still needed to get a new towel of his own.

Brooding in his room

He left the bathroom as he looked around straining his eyes carefully observing his surroundings, he walked slowly with her towel wrapped around him from chest to just above his knees as he blushed. He walked around the place and noticed that there was actually no one at home at all so he took that time to ly down on his bed and looked out the window, he lied there rolling around to get the towel off then just laid there on the towel. The towel keeping his bed dry as the wind blew inside over his back and his bare butt. He was finally free to be him, but he then looked at the two swords in the corner of his room. They were a responsibility he could not throw away, and he also knew that with their great power came greater responsibility.
"I will protect her and our home", are the only words that came to him as he looked on before getting up. He needed to change as he took out his forehead protector. He carefully wrapped it around his head as his hair did not really need to be dry, he noticed the forehead protector was a bit too big and so he took it off then tied it around his neck so it could hang loose around there. As he looked around again to make sure no one was spying on him, as he heard there were a bunch of people who actually wanted to see him naked. He then grabbed hold of a white shirt from his wardrobe, as he put it on there seemed to be nothing special about it other than it had his clan symbol on the back. He looked on and wondered what it would be like to actually rule, then thought about what he wanted and all that popped into his mind was suppose to be Gin, but instead he saw many faces of people from the past as well as the present. He began to think about Emma as he blushed in confusion as he looked down.
"why won't she leave me alone"

Training Words = 1426
Training Perception C to C1 = 575
Training Strength E to D = 75 + 150 + 225 + 300 = 750
Training Reaction E1 to E2 = 100
Total Training = 575 + 750 + 100 = 1425
Training Words Left = 1

Chakra = 300/320


Whoever said blood is thicker then water, has never felt the true nature of the freezing mists

2 Re: Home Alone(Training/Private/NoKill) on Sun May 18, 2014 4:10 am

Yuzu Ren



He stood there brooding until he felt a draft in his nether regions and realised he should finish getting dressed. He looked around on the floor and found a clean pair of underwear in some drawers, he then dug inside and found some blue shorts with an image of a white tiger on the side. He looked down at his feet and realised he did not ask his mom where to find the socks. He yawned and then looked around getting extremely bored as he waited wondering what to do, he just could not figure it out until he finally looked at his bed. He sighed then started making the bed sheet right as he tosses his pillows on the floor. As he took his sheet and tucked it in then swung the blanket skillfully over his bed as he watched carefully to make sure the landing was perfect. He took the pillow in hand and as he placed it on the bed he just looked down and then plopped himself facefirst into the pillow, swinging his legs playfully back and forth as he then got a bit hyperactive and decided to stand on his bed. He then took a deep breath before finally getting an idea.

Singing and Jumping

He began humming the tune of this song that no one had ever heard as he spread his legs a bit standing as he raised his one hand to the air to grab his invisible mike.

"Everyday i sit here wondering why, every time i keep on wanting to try"
"To be more than a boy who will cry, to be more than a man who will die"

As he does a small break step and jumps to turn around, even though jumping on the bed is not something you should be allowed to do.

"I am going to be the strongest, the fastest and the bestest"
"I will survive the survival of the fittest"
"All my swords and all my life i will be, the greatest misty swordsman you will ever see"
"I do not care, if you say its not fair, cause right there, is where i make you swear"

Taking a really deep breath then singing loudly, he starts skipping on his bed

"Swords, jutsus, seals and Aisu Cream"
"I will eat it all and not share with my team"
"The only one i need is me and mommy"
"As i know, she will always love me"

Skipping and jumping on his bed with his arms flailing a little bit, but mostly his hair going up and down like his some kind of headbasher. He then began screaming loudly and hysterically before the bed made a strange springy sound before crash.

Broke Bed Mountain

Ren had fallen hitting his head a bit, as he looked up at the ceiling he began to day dream of snowy mountains

***Day Dream***
The cold wind blew on the icy snowy mountain as he looked around, he saw no one there as he looked on. He noticed a little girl laughing in the snow, only a light faded silhouette appearing. He followed her but she just kept running away in this icy cold weather, he kept following her when all of a sudden he fell down a rabbit hole. As he was sliding down for what felt like an hour but was more like a minute or two. When he reached the bottom the whole world was gigantic and that was when he was like. "Genjutsu Kai!!" He began to panick he could not escape what appeared to be an S-Rank genjutsu.

He looked up at the giant flowers as he kept his guard up walking slowly, he looked down and was still wearing his usual clothes he put on just now, he did notice it was warmer now as he walked for a while the flowers seemed to be following him. He then realised he did not have any of his swords with him, he began running as fast as he could. All of a sudden he came across a yellow brick road, he followed it carefully before realising things were not the same anymore. There was a lion standing up like a man who all of a sudden got freightened when he walked passed. He noticed a man inside an iron puppet, which he noticed actually looked more like tin then iron. He kept walking when a strange black shinobi dog appeared and spoke to him.

"I am Uchiha Todo, the Black Dog that rules these lands alongside the great and powerful" he filled with rage as the dog exploded and the land began falling apart, giant sharingan eyes looked down on him as he looked up with tears in his eyes as he then said, "How can anyone love something like me" when a wave washed him away as he thought of Gin and said. "mommy"

Breakfast and Exercise
"mommy, mommy, mommy" he rolled around in the remains of his bed, when he finally became conscious again. He realised he hit his head hard and might need to go to the hospital later. Fortunately he had a really hard head so he was fine. He got up slowly before shaking himself straight, as he walked out the room towards the kitchen. He looked around and noticed a sealed sandwich. He unsealed the sandwich carefully, he took a few sniffs then slowly he bit into the sandwich. His teeth sinking in slowly as he enjoyed the taste of what he could not describe. The only noticeable thing he could pick out in this mixture of a sandwich was that there was a bit of fish in it. He kept chewing slowly until he realised it was tuna and then began devouring every sandwich in the kitchen that he could find. He was half stuffed before remembering he had to start training today.

He went into his room and then took out the some weights and a few other items then laid them down on the floor. He first began with stretching his hamstrings. He lied down on his back and extended his legs keeping his body straight as he laid his arms down to his sides. He raised his one leg keeping the other leg straight on the floor. He reached out with his hands while still keeping his back straight then proceded to pull his leg straight as he got it as close to him as possible without lifting the other leg off the ground. He held it like this for about sixty seconds , before repeating the same thing with his other leg.

He then began performing several other stretches and after roughly thirty minutes he felt he was now ready to get some exercise done. He first began by sitting down slowly on the floor hugging his knees for a bit, he took a deep breath then looked around. He noticed he could weight down his bottom half of his legs with a bunch of his other blankets. He climbed on his drawer and laid countless blankets along with gear to trap his lower legs in place. He leaned back dangling from his knees as he proceded to perform sit ups. He kept looking up at the ceiling as he came up then looked out the window as he came down. It was rather easy for him and after a good hundred sit ups he finally stopped swung back hard launching the blankets off but hitting the back of his head against the bottom drawer as he fell down. He realised that was a bad idea, but at least he was getting something done.

As he felt his tummy it did not change much, he was never sure why but he figured there must be a reason he never gets any abs. He then began to get tired as he was dashing around his room for exercise. After several dashes he finally stopped and then took a deep sigh and plopped down on the ruins of his bed. Relaxing in the pillows as his sweat filled the air he realised something. He needed to take another shower as he looked up at the ceiling and said.

"Is this the circle of life" as he figured you sleep wash eat exercise wash sleep

Training Words = 1 + 1389 = 1390
Training Endurance E to D = 75 + 150 + 225 + 300 = 750
Training Perception C1 to C2 = 600
Total Training = 600 + 750 = 1350
Training Words Left = 40

Chakra = 300/320


Whoever said blood is thicker then water, has never felt the true nature of the freezing mists

3 Re: Home Alone(Training/Private/NoKill) on Mon May 19, 2014 6:25 pm

Yuzu Ren


Leaving home alone

He kept lying there when he suddenly felt he needed to reach out for something, or someone. His mother was away probably on important business, even though that included some unmentionable actions he imagined she was being nice somewhere watering some plants. His mind had become bias towards Gin and he only imagined her ever doing good things all the time. As he reached out he finally remembered his goal as he thought of Ayakashi and their little spar. He wanted to win this time and he could not do it lying around getting sweaty in bed, he needed to get to the training grounds for some good old fashioned sparring. He did not know of anyone to spar with though which was a problem. As he kept thinking to himself he finally sat up and looked around. He noticed the window was still open as the wind blew inside as if to tell him it would cool him off while he trains like a beast. He finally got up and then went towards the window and looked outside, all he saw was birds and more birds. He began to wonder where all these birds came from and how come he could not fly like them. Then he remembered how long ago he had a fight against a Kite Master, who flew a battle kite with weapons on it. Bending half way over the edge of the window he finally took a deep breath and said after a sniff and a sneeze. "I need a bath"

He walked out the door of his room then locked it, it might still seem pointless in the world of shinobi to lock your door when nearly everyone can pick locks, but it was the principle that mattered. He finally reached the bathroom and stared at the large empty bath. He bent over noticing how clean it was and wondered if his mom liked to take baths. He became a bit confused being as much of a virgin as he is, he did not see anything wrong with having a bath with his mom, even though he heard you not suppose to bath with your mom. He then opened the tap and thank the gods the hot water was now running as some steam came off the rushing water. The bath was really huge and could fit Sano and Gin with two more people in it, so up to four grown ups could use it at the same time. Now he would have it all to himself, when he looked around he noticed a strange pink liquid and poured half of it into the water, as the bubbles began to build up he slowly dropped down his shorts. After that he looked around then went to the door and also looked around then he went back and took his top off and his underwear and jumped in with a splash. The water began to bubble for an unknown reason and there was hot air bubbling in the middle. He enjoyed the bath and would later head out to begin his main training.

Training Words = 518 + 40 = 558
Training Reaction E2 to D = 225 + 300 = 525
Training Complete

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Whoever said blood is thicker then water, has never felt the true nature of the freezing mists

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