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Darkness had swept across the land of Kirigakure no Sato. The oceans and rivers and even the puddles in the streets had been dyed red with blood and nothing would be able to remove the stench of death from the area for a long time. But with the new day comes hope, and the sun was attempting to peek through the nearly always cloudy sky of the bloody mist village. A raven navigated its way through the rain and its sound caused the head of a shadow to turn slightly towards it, awaiting the beautiful creature as it gracefully navigated the stormy skies and prepared to land. The shadow reached up a gloved hand and removed the tube from the bird’s talons; taking a coin from his pocket and slipping it into a pouch to return to the sender of the package before sending the bird back off. He slid into an area where the rain wouldn’t damage the parchment and slid it out of the tube, unrolling the note inside and reading it quickly so that he could burn it after.

"Dear fellow Patron, I've heard many glorious rants about your bravery and assistance in the cold war Kirigakure was forced to endure, and first and foremost i would like to personally congratulate you on your attempts and your successes. I managed to acquire your temporary address from few sources that knew of it, but i couldn't have received them without hunting for them myself. I promise you an offer, during our meeting, should you accept my invite. I am a noble fighter much so like yourself, and I'd like to generously invite you to a meeting, between strangers indeed, but one that promises the formation of a great comradeship indeed. Should you choose to accept my invitation, please meet me at the Fusa Prison site so we may discuss the aforementioned offer.

Yours truly, Zero."

The Sword Saint smirked slightly as he took the lighter from his pocket and ignited the parchment, his hand instinctively moving to brush over the handle of the blade that sat strapped to his waist. The Messiah had served him well over the course of the Battle of the Seven Bells, allowing him not only to kill the general of Seven Bells’ army, Mizuru, but also allowing him to strike a fatal blow to the dangerous and murderous missing nin, Ukiyo Senju. Though she had been his friend at one time, she had completely lost herself and what she had once been and there was no other choice for the sword saint but to end her existence as it currently was, so that she could be remembered not as the monster she was turning into, but as the gentle and caring person she once was. He shook his head as he thought of the memory of his blade cleaving her in half, a memory he wouldn’t easily forget and that had been haunting his dreams along side the death of his lover. He would never be the same after either incident, but that wasn’t important right now.

As he walked towards the site of the demolished prison, he could feel the weight of the Sword of the Immortal Blaze sitting on his back and he remembered the history he had with this blade, carving out a bloody crest across the criminal syndicates of the world, and attempting to bring an end to the reign of terror that drug lords and slavers had impregnated upon the world with their vile acts. He was most proud of the time he had spent within the Aoi Bara as an advocate for peace and prosperity. He had done truly good work with them, and he would never forget the time he spent with the brother of his dead lover, the leader of Aoi Bara, Tsuyo Hyuga. He also remembered his mentor, who taught him how to forge a blade and helped him form the Sword of the Immortal Blaze. He had spent many years training under the mentorship of Sasori Hiroshi and he wouldn’t ever forget the time they had spent together.

As he walked up to the runes of the once heavily populated Fusa Prison he could still sense the death that had once happened here. The Shroud of Shadows covered him from detection, but he slid it off to reveal his armour and face, as he assumed that the person he was meeting would want to see who he was looking for. He found a nearby rock that was low enough for him to sit on and took a seat, crossing his arms and tapping his fingers on his biceps as he awaited the man who referred to himself as Zero, green eyes scanning always to keep sight of his surroundings.


A Courting of Shadows (Private/Binsu/No Kill) JsXAMo8

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Binsu felt safe and secure in the hidden mist village, for one reason or the other. Some people found it disturbing walking amongst puddles diluted with blood, but Binsu felt at home, he felt as though he belonged in a place that was stained with murder and terror. The lonely man knew he didn’t fit into society, his views and its’ differed excessively. He found flaws in the system that couldn’t go unsorted, but to rid of the already existing flaws he needed to make few more. The lone wolf knew society would never agree with him, it was too scared of change, yet too oblivious to the true cures of it’s dilemmas. ‘Be the change that you want to see in the world,’ a great man had once preached, but only now had Binsu realized the full meaning of the phrase and his first step towards changing the world, required him first to change himself.

The weak, unconversant Binsu made his way slowly towards the Fusa Prison Monument, his usual gear equipped and hidden under the cover of his black, ANBU cloak. Covering his mask was his modified ANBU mask, which oddly enough resembled the head of a wolf, carved out of wood. The eye holes of the mask were covered in thin, black patches of stretched spandex, which enabled the wearer to see clearly through the holes, but to those not wearing the mask the wearer’s eyes merely looked like lifeless black holes. Under the cloak, he wore his modified ANBU armor, which was re-painted to appear completely black and all the metal parts were reforged to trap all light instead of reflecting it. Over his chest armor, Binsu wore a woodland/leather type cardigan, which hid his unique scent under the environment’s. Slung by his left hip, was his Static Edge Blade, on the  other waist hung the Daken Blade. With him also, Binsu carried few kunai and senbon, though in his days as a village shinobi he had never found any use for the items. The man had his hood over his head, the only thing that could be seen on him, other than the mask he wore, were his shoes.

Step by step Binsu made his way over to the rendezvous point, where he had planned to meet his soon-to-be acquaintance, who everyone in the village chose to call ‘the sword saint’. The name painted a distorted picture in the man’s head, which depicted an image of a man with a sword worth worshiping. Binsu made an assumption that his fellow stranger was somewhat skilled in the art of swordsmanship, but he didn’t take this to be his final guess. As he approached the site, Binsu began to see a figure sitting atop a small rock. The figure looked tall enough to be considered as the same age as Binsu. He too had a sword slung by his hip, but unsurprisingly it looked awfully different to any of his own swords. ”I did not think you’d trust me enough to show me your face,” Binsu began, as he came within speaking distance to the stranger, his face making a positive impression on the humble man. As he continued speaking, Binsu decided to take his mask off too, but this wasn’t before he activated the transformation jutsu to disguise his face as another. He wasn’t confident the man would be fooled by the simple gimmick, but at least then he’d know Binsu was far more intelligent than the average ‘crook’. ”My name will tell you nothing about me, hence why i had written to you under the character ‘zero’. I hope by the end of our meeting i would trust you enough to reveal to you my true name, and hopefully my goals,” Binsu finished, as he then slipped his over to his back, still tied around his head, held together by a thin piece of string.



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