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1 Rivalry (Training, No kill, Private) on Wed May 21, 2014 7:39 pm

Sparda Vi Providence


The air was cold this day...the sun shined overhead upon the forest. A warm naked eye watching the land. villagers from distance roads strode back and forth as most citizens where probably getting home to their families. To their loved ones...Violet eyes focused on the ground lifted up slightly. The wind blew unforgiving chilling the blood that was already cold. Darkness manifested through the Small South Forest as he stood in the middle of a dark shaded area, awaiting a couple of other Genin who where apparently suppose to be there.

A breath drew from Spardas lips as he thought back. Back when he was a child. How easy it was for him to get angry and lose control over himself. His mind was like clay back then. Easily formed by whoever wished to sculpt him. But over time that clay simply turned to glass. See through. Although he wanted to know what it was like to truly feel a happy emotion he felt as if he would never get the chance. Even around those he considered close seemed like objects to him. Like if they where to die he would not even flinch...and his former master...Sparda wanted to care but given the circumstances of his life he just couldn't find the will to care about anything anymore. Now a days everything he did was decided upon his whim...

Pulling a hand out of his pocket Sparda began to walk forward. He wore his casual outfit, He did not like to look like he belonged to a group or a squad...he was there for him. He wanted to be free of authority...yet at the same time he felt he needed it. He did not know how to feel anymore.

The shadows began to whisper to him...silently they said to him, 'They have arrived.' And with that, Sparda placed his hands into his pockets and chuckled lightly, turning his head over his shoulder and narrowing his eyes. "So they are..." He whispered.

2 Re: Rivalry (Training, No kill, Private) on Thu May 22, 2014 10:54 pm



Special Jounin
Suutei exited the apartment his parents purchased  for him, still dreary from watching a samurai flick.  Suutei checked his mailbox and found an envelope addressed to him, with a council seal stamp.  Suutei opened the envelope and pulled out the letter.  Skim reading over the important details, he came to the conclusion he was being given a mission.  Suutei darted up the stairs before tripping up the stairs, he decided he would rather not embarrass himself.  Gathering his belongings making his room uniform and neat, he dressed himself in his school uniform.  Even though it was saturday the students were expected to wear them except when at social gathering.  Suutei slid down the railing of the steps, and out the front door.  Standing in front he read over the details and he was suppose to meet with someone.  The location, South of Konoha the small forest there he would meet him.

Upon his arrival Suutei took a look around not sure where his partner could be.  Suutei walked down the dirt road and felt like a tourist in his own Village.  Suutei began stepping backwards wondering, if this was a prank.  Suutei backed into something, he believed it was a tree but, he was on a road.  Suutei turned around slowly, and looked.  It was a man, well the backside of one.  Slightly taller than him, black hair and a sort of demented aura.  Suutei was a little creeped out when the man began chuckling, he looked over his shoulder at Suutei.  With eyes that can intimidate ones soul.  "So what are you gonna do beat me up or something.  I don't really think you want to have a problem.  I'm Suutei.  Suutei Kimura, what's your name?"  Suutei stood making eye contact, secretly on the defensive should the man get hostile.



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