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1 A letter in the mail (Invite only/no kill) on Tue May 27, 2014 8:56 am



Quietly Akira scribbled on the note book in front of him. Having the fortune to create the identity of one Yosuke Namida. An orphan boy who had always been quiet. A seal specialist with a history of solo missions and rank ups via hard work. Young in age. His home was the barracks as he had just recently returned from meditation in the mountains of jounin rank. It was a decent file which he carefully aged before copying it and stashing the original into the bins. If ever they investigated it then the file would appear legit and with a ninja's life being an orphan with no family was anything but unheard of.

Once that was done he tied the file copy into a package with an Iwa headband and wrote a letter to Tsuneo that read as follows.

Dear Izuna.

It has been some time since we last spoke. Thank you for running things in my absence. Do not think I have abandoned you. In fact I have made a deal with the new Kage. A new identity is being provided to you within the package. Leave the manor to the servants and come to Iwa under the new identity as soon as you can. We must mask who we truly are. A new life awaits you my boy. Live it well.

Yours truly~ Kajiya

and with that Akira snuck out with a cloak and a mask hiding his identity. Moving to the arrensaul manor to give the package wrapped in brown paper to a contact there and telling them to send it to the main branch. Before he too disappeared into the night. None the wiser to who Akira really was.

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2 Re: A letter in the mail (Invite only/no kill) on Tue May 27, 2014 11:00 am



“Izuna-Sama,  a letter for you”


Tsuneo replied wondering who knew him in the secrecy he lived under, he wondered and though about it, for only an instant before it hit him, it was none other than 'him' his older brother, Tsuneo smiled a gentle smile as he took the letter from the hand of one of the servants' hands.

He would open it with tenderness, with his 'tender' touch, as he read the words inscribed in it, a single tear would roll down his cheek.

“I knew it. I knew it. He's alive and well! and he hasn't forsaken us!” as he learned the news of his well being he smiled and cheered the men up informing them of it being from 'him'.

He smiled, as he spoke to them giving them his farewells, their faces streaked with tears, he'd encourage them and leave the mansion in their care, with the time he remained he built his bonds with them, and trained them to become even stronger, each shinobi of these, in the beginning, were not capable of standing three seconds infront against Tsuneo, but after training each one of them is capable of holding their ground.

Tsuneo's heart was beating faster, he was waiting for this moment for a while now, months actually over six months, and finally a letter from 'him' he was truly happy, Tsuneo was, and as soon as he learned of his new Identity he went out to this new Kage.
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