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1 TIME FLIES~ on Sat May 31, 2014 12:25 am



Here's a list of things that have happened since Final Fantasy XV was announced back in 2006 (back when it was Final Fantasy Versus XIII)
• The Mass Effect trilogy was started and finished
• A whole console generation passed
• 16 Assassin's Creed games were released
• 8 Call of Duty games were released
• Three Final Fantasy XIII games were released
• Barack Obama was elected twice
• Michael Jackson died
• Osama Bin Laden was killed
• Three Transformers films were released
• Disney bought Marvel and Lucasfilm
• THQ went out of business
• A new console generation started
• Mφtley Crόe began their final tour
• Channel Awesome was created
• 7 seasons of Red vs. Blue with an 8th one beginning last month
• Google bought YouTube and Twitch
• Duke Nukem Forever was released
• Four versions of Street Fighter IV were either announced or released
• Killer Instinct came back
• Strider came back
• Ducktales came back
• Two versions of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 were released
• 9 Resident Evil games were released
• Dragon Ball Z Kai began and finished, and a new Dragon Ball Z movie was released
• Toonami came back
• Sword Art Online, Attack On Titan, and Kill la Kill started
• Oprah's show ended
• Jimmy Fallon took over as host of The Tonight Show
• The Simpsons had its 20th and 25th anniversaries
• Futurama came back and was canceled again
• South Park had its 15th anniversary
• Three generations of Pokιmon were released
• Van Halen reunited with David Lee Roth and released a new album
• The Harry Potter series was concluded
• The 007 series celebrated its 50th anniversary
• The Godzilla series celebrated its 60th anniversary
• The DC universe was rebooted
• The Dark Knight trilogy was concluded


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I .think .there is something missing...Gaming wise or maybe Entertainment


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