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It was the time for departure once again, Tsuneo looked back as he glanced back at the village he now calls a home, a slight heart warming feeling caressed his heart, as did the wind, he then took a look infront of him, his destination.

Back to the land of mist, he kind of did miss it here, he smiled as he thought of the people he saved, Tsuneo would begin his journey with many valuables placed in his care, many many gifts for him to give to the village of the mist. He wondered, how were the people of Kirigakure doing, were they happy, were they safe, were they enjoying life, Tsuneo had vowed, he would protect everyone, as long as he lives, but not with the power he now has, he simply can't.

He might be capable of learning a thing or two at the hands of the great master of the art of the blade, plus an element he had always wished to learn, the element of wind, he was crazily happy that he earned himself this golden chance.

Tsuneo began rushing to kirigakure with the goods, and a message, he wondered what the message contained but dare not open it, for it was his mission to deliver the message, the shinobi way forces discipline on all shinobi, if you can't deliver a message without opening it, then your best option is to quit being a shinobi, secrecy was important, it is the reason for his new  alias, Tsuneo accepted the responsibility, and shall carry its burden, Tsuneo would focus on his surroundings for any nearing danger, he had to completely stay focused, the responsibility he held, was  indeed a heavy one.

Should the two nations become allies that would make for a good celebration, celebration means free sake for Tsuneo to sip on, Tsuneo also  would get a chance to learn swordsmanship, and the manipulation of the wind element.

And so he treads this path of his, once again, looking forward to the future. Night fell, the moon shone brightly, lighting the sky, Tsuneo would continue moving, but before doing so, he'd seal himself in a clone that remains awake on look out, looking for any dangers to eliminate, and while he was sealed he would take the time to sleep, still they kept heading towards their destination, Tsuneo would wake up and remain in the clone to protect himself from any danger, to be capable of arriving safely to the village of Iwagakure.

The next day cam and the sun arose from the horizon, Tsuneo would smile enjoying the beautiful weather , it  was kirigakure's weather, the nice breeze, the kind atmosphere, it was a nice change, unlike in Konoha when the sun is beautiful but raging the breeze is wonderful but fleeting, whenever he'd go for a tan, he would always get crusty downstairs, a reason why never went on dates.

And it only took a day and one night before they were there. both he and the valuables have arrived safely to the appointed location, he finally arrived, he would rush into kirigakure, hand the goods to the officers in Kirigakure, and let them deliver these goods to the Mizukage.

He finally reached his destination, it's been a while, a long long while since he last visited this place, and he was happy to see it blooming like never before, it was a wreck during the war.

In this land Tsuneo fought, saved, protected, and risked his life. And in this land, he changed, from the crazed loner, into a loyal decent shinobi, he grew stronger but not strong enough yet, come to think of it, how much was enough, the answer was plain as day to Tsuneo, enough is when I can protect everyone, heroic, maybe, but it's a goal, has he forgotten about revenge?

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