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1 A novice willing to learn. (Private/No Kill) on Sun Jun 01, 2014 8:29 pm

Yuko Mimasuya


Today wasn't any normal day, it was a day to rejoice in the name of manliness. Never would he in his whole life expect for such a fantastic day to come with a very beautiful opportunity to test his own ninja skills through a manly fight. It was almost as if he was dreaming, there was no possible way he could express the way he was feeling at that exact moment. Even if he may die or win this fight, Yuko would be absolutely happy to know he was not a coward, and followed through with the whole thing. But who had time to think of such doubtful thoughts, when you could be busy celebrating a victorious event that was going to take place. He leaned in a straight body stance on his bed, rubbing his face with his hands, and then eventually looking at them. These were the hands he was going to probably use to fend off his opponent, and try to win the fight. These hands were going to hopefully make some hard hits, and maybe even cause a bruise or two. The young Konohagakure ninja looked at the mirror that had stood crooked on a dilapidated desk. His reflection was golden, it was as if nothing could touch him. Mimasuya had felt invisible, something he never had felt before. Now, he removed both his legs from his casual smelling bed, standing in only a pair of boxers. As if he was going to really leave for the fight with no clothing on, he stopped himself. It was like a sign had said 'Stop now idiot, turn back!' which was pretty odd. And so he did what he had told himself to do, he did a 360 turn and headed towards his closest. A ninja must always be prepared, and honestly he would have probably been killed with no clothing on. Now that my friend, would have been a bloody embarrassment. Now this may sound crazy, but the blonde haired superboy has no idea who he is actually fighting at all, just that he is supposed to fight some random guy for training purposes. Of course Mimasuya had no problem with this, because he liked training, and having to be forced to his limits. This single fight would show is progress since he left the Ninja Academy. Yuko didn't think of this day as any normal day, he planned to basically write out every detail of his first fight, like a diary within his head, he would write down his every action. That is what he literally wrote as he began putting on some pants and a shirt. In a matter of a few moments, he was fully ready to enter the world of combat, to either win or get totaled. Either way, he tried to make himself look as good as possible, because if this was going to be his last time to be a pretty boy, he wanted that moment to be now. The konohagakure ninja headed out the door with a smile on his face, basically humming a song to himself as he was walk towards the meeting location of the match.

A win or die situation is what he would call it, because honestly, if he died or lived would just show that he is good enough or has a lot of space for improvement. Walking past many villagers that had been there to greet him off, he managed to make it to the meeting location with no hustle. He scoped out the area, all there was was some trees, rocks, and an earthy ground. It was such a plain site it was unbelievable, but the person who had chosen this location wasn't really a creative person anyway. So there he waited, standing exactly in the same spot that he had entered, cautiously waiting for his opponent to show their face.


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