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Amaya was bored to say the least. She'd finished her latest book and the next one she was waiting for hadn't arrived in the shop, yet. Her squad was doing their own thing for the moment, and so she honestly didn't have much else to do. So, she'd made it a point to speak up, requesting to be given some sort of mission. Nothing wrong with wanting to make a little extra cash, right?

The mission she'd been given was simple enough, carrying boxes from one storage facility to another. Nothing dangerous, but then again she wasn't looking for such. She just simply wanted something to do.

So, she'd gone off to the storage room right away, planning on trying to take as much possible time on this task as she could without being just outright lazy about it. Of course, that plan changed rather quickly when she found the storage room to be locked. With a sigh she placed her hands on her hips and just took a moment to look around.. up and down the hall. Not a person in sight. "Greaaat...", she groaned softly. 'Left or right.. ', she mused mentally before turning herself and walking down the left side of the hall. 'Person, person... which room has the person?', she mentally added in a sing-song type voice in her head.

She tried a few rooms before she found someone at least. "Hey, you know where the key is for the storage room? Or where I could try and find it at least?" The man paused in what he was doing (scrubbing the floor with a very stringy mop) and reached to his belt, removing a set of keys and handing them over. "Thanks!", Amaya called over her shoulder as she practically bounced her way back down the hall to the storage room. Once there it took a few tries to find the right key, but soon enough she was able to get the door open. She bit her lip looking between the overly filled storage room and the keys in her hand. 'Eh, I'll return them later when I'm done, just in case the door ends up shutting and locking on me.'

And so her work began. One box after another she picked up and transported to the new storage facility. Sometimes if the boxes were smaller she'd stack them up almost to the point of being incapable of seeing over therm. It was a slow process, but the storage room was slowly beginning to empty while the new one began to fill.

Every so often she'd pause long enough to make sure she was keeping them as organized as she possibly could. 'No use messing them up and having to come back later and fix them...', she mused. So, a little adjusting here, and a little there, and she was back to business.

Lift, walk it over, put it down. Repeat, rinse. Sometimes with a little bit more of organizing thrown in for good measure. Finally, a good two or three hours into the moving process she was finished. She stood in front of the now old empty storage room, hands once again on her hips and a bit of sweat on her brow. She couldn't help the slight smile that had slipped itself onto her face at the idea of a job well done, even if that job had been something as simple as this. She'd made sure she had kept the boxes neat and organized, and hadn't allowed herself to drop a single one no matter how heavy that had been, and some of them had weighted a pretty decent amount.

Now, one more thing left to do before turning the mission in.. she had to find the man she'd borrowed the keys off of and return them. Closing the storage room door and locking it she wandered back down the hall, every so often peeking her head into an open door with a "Yoohoo, anybody there?" Couple more tries and then "Ah, found you. Thanks for letting me use your keys. I'm all finished, and I locked the door when I was done." She handed the man - whom she could only assume was a janitor given his looks and the fact that he was cleaning the floors - the keys back and wandered herself up to where she needed to be to report in. "All finished!"

After reporting in she started back for home, pausing at the bookstore to a rather nice surprise; her book had come in early. After paying for it she skipped herself back home, planning on locking herself in her room for the rest of the evening to get her book worm on.~

Word Count: 789


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