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Yuzu Ren


She nodded in reply as he did not get whether that meant it was far or close. At the very least there would be walking involved and she then pointed towards a location as he looked noticing the one sandal there behind him and the other one a meter from that one. It seems in his hurry to get dressed earlier he never laced up the sandals correctly. Whether it was impatience or just his eagerness to eat that made him forget was hard to tell. She then mentioned if it would be a long walk, which meant it was a short walk, but she said the long and the short did not matter at all. He was not sure if she was trying to confuse him or if that was just the way in which she spoke things. She mentioned that her place was like a hospital without the bills, not that he ever paid medical bills to begin with. He was covered by his mother and Sanosuke as far as that was concerned.

She pointed them towards a cobblestone road as he followed her along the narrow path. He did not understand why she was giggling and he blushed as his mind did not get that he was meant to also do that too. She mentioned that they need to enter the estate and that he would be able to stay the night. He did not have many sleep overs which is what he was thinking about, but he had never been to a sleep over as he blushed more looking down confused. The young girl, or more than likely the young woman was making him feel strange, just by treating him like a normal boy and not just some other shinobi. She then asked him about Kirigakure as he was not sure how to answer her right away. She asked how much it rained and he replied "Some of the places there rain a lot, but it is also very misty in the mornings and at night. I stay away from most of the weather though in my home, and i am not the best to ask about village stuff."

He took a slight sighing breath when she asked if it was foggy to which he said, "More misty than foggy, unless you enter the swamp or something." He nearly giggled at all the questions she was asking and his answers were always short simple and to the point. He was not really taught how to extend conversations or how to add jokes inbetween the things he spoke about, except in battle.

Not sure how to answer some questions he would occasionally look up a bit clueless and blushing, although he might have been getting a fever as his face was actually too pink. It was surprising that the same did not happen to Risu, or maybe it was him looking up at the sky half of the time while they were walking that did not let him see her more clearly. He did also nod sometimes and he lost track of how far he went when he walked into Risu from behind bumping her softly with his face pressing into her lower back. "sorry"

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She was glad to hear some answers to her questions, amazed by the fact that despite Yuzu telling her that it rained a lot, the young kid did not look all that sunlight-deprived like she actually did because of her bloodline limit. She smiled softly when the young kid bumped into her, showing his anxiety and probably the doubts that were inherent to every foreign shinobi visiting another hidden village for their first time. Thinking about that, the young Orochi lady wondered if she would be acting in the same way if she were to go to another village herself. She had not left the nation of fire since her birth, so she might enjoy some time off in another hidden village sometime soon anyway.

"Don't worry about that," The kunoichi reacted to Yuzu's apology a bit later, walking towards the inner gate, passing many men women and children of the Hebi family, who had their shops and apothecaries open for business, yet Risu's goal was to pass the second gate and enter the actual heart of the Ouroboros clan's compound: the Orochi estate. When they did pass the second gate, which yet again was guarded by two men with slightly altered konoha shinobi attires, the two of them had finally entered the Orochi estates. "Welcome to my family's actual home. I dont really live here anymore for now, since I've decided to rent a small appartment near the village center, but as the future clan head, I'm obliged to show my face every now and then."

A hiss came from the grass, followed by a large white snake slithering towards Risu and Yuzu, climbing up Risu's leg and waist until it could coil itself around her shoulders with its full length of six meters, obviously a heavy serpent. It's head turned to the young shinobi from kirigakure, its hellish red eyes taking notice of the blonde kid.

"I guess this kid is someone you've brought along, mistress," The snake hissed his statement, deciding Yuzu wasn't really a threat or a liability to its mistress if she seemed so relaxed. "You were probably dragged all the way here by my mistress, so I reckon you will stay for dinner and have a rest here?"

Risu laughed, patted the snake on the head and motioned Yuzu to do so as well, to make it less awkward for the kid to be talking to a snake.

"Just like Uraeus said," Risu continued on Uraeus speech. "As a foreigner, you are now officially recognized as a liaison from Kirigakure and you can stay at the Orochi estates during your stay in Konoha and we can have some fun if you'd like?"

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Yuzu Ren


She took quite a while before she accepted his apology or more to the point she told him it was not needed. He had recently picked up the habit of apologizing a lot ever since he got adopted since he actually causes a lot of trouble for other people. As they continued to walk towards the inner gate they passed some strangely light skinned people who all seemed similar to Risu for some reason. His mind then realised this must be her clan, which made him wonder why they were all so white to begin with. They were white like paper and he began thinking that maybe they use paper jutsu, but he noticed a few shops that seemed to have potions, concoctions and other weird liquid bottled objects. Was this some weird clan that did strange medical practices or that were white from being indoors for way too long.

Finally they passed the second gate which had two men guarding it. He wondered why they never bothered to put more guards there, as his mind was already looking into ways to get passed them just in case it was a trap. His shinobi training ruined his enjoyment of spending time with someone without having to worry about fighting or killing them. He did enjoy a good fight though, but not when it was in a mission.

Finally they reached the main estate of the Orochi compound as the young and beautiful Risu welcomed him to her home. She mentioned that she no longer lived there for some reason, but that she was the future clan head just like him as well as that she rented her own place. He never played for the places he stayed in either having the bills sent to Sanosuke the new Raikage or his adopted mom who in turn sent those bills to Sanosuke as well. However unlike him she was forced to show her face there every now and then, but for him he could be away for a whole month and his clan would not seem to care. He was in all respects the future head of the clan like Risu, but he was much further from ruling age then Risu was.

For a moment his hair rose up slightly as he noticed a hiss and a large white snake heading towards them, he began focusing his chakra as if ready to attack at any moment as he noticed Risu was not running away. The snake climbed up her leg and was coiled around her rather nicely, the snake must have been rather heavy but she did not seem phased, he began to wonder how strong she was. The snake looked to him and he looked back with observant calm wondering eyes, that were curious about the snake itself as the snake called Risu its mistress which made him think this was her pet snake. The snake mentioned how he could have dinner as well as take a nap and sleepover. This would be his first real sleep over and he would later write a letter to his mom to tell her about it.

She motioned for him to pet the snake as she was apparently doing, he reached out and petted it slightly as some static sparks were moving along the snake. The boy was a bit nervous struggling to maintain control of his chakra, the snake just felt strange and slimy in a way he could not describe.
She acknowledged him as a liason which was something he was not fully sure of. She said they could have more fun if he would like and he just shyly nodded then said. "Sure, but I am feeling a bit sleepy...", now putting full faith in her he fell asleep against her tired from the long day, not to mention that before even entering the hot springs he had done missions for Konoha. He needed a good rest and now he was in the hands of one beautiful girl and a friendly snake, who knew what the night would hold for them.

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Whoever said blood is thicker then water, has never felt the true nature of the freezing mists

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