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1Aoi Empty Aoi on Tue Jun 03, 2014 8:55 am

Sarutobi Rin

Sarutobi Rin

Aoi Dishon11
Clan: Aoi

Kekkei Genkai: Sub-Release: Aokaton~True Inferno Style~青火遁



Aoi 100px-10

Specialization:  [Writer's choice]

Location: Konohagakure

Clan History:
The Aoi clan, no one knows much about the clan, except for their unmatched power, they appeared out of nowhere, and disappeared into the unknown, and once again they rise up from the grave to cleanse the world with their fires.


The clan originated in Tsukigakure, the young lad who discovered his secret power was originally incapable of manipulating any element. The young lad was mocked and criticized, he was looked at as a weakling, an outcast of a shinobi. Disliked for his feelings, even his teammates regarded him a useless weakling. And so they set out on a mission, a mission to retrieve stolen goods, the bandits turned out to be  tough, they all had trouble as their sensei was away.
Death drew near, and the boy had to fight, he protected the female and the male, his teammates. They couldn't help but to admire his courage, and were happy to see a glimpse of light, but they still underestimated the boy.
Bruised, full of cuts, burns and pierce wounds, and last but not least, filled with rage. He hated himself, for being so weak, for being unloved, and decided:

 “So be it, if I am going to die, then I'll drag these bastards with me” 

Enraged the boy attacked, and was attacked, but with his determination, and his rage, he awoken to a new unique power, never seen before. The element of fire, except it shone a sapphire blue for a color, and had strengthened his body. The flames were far more powerful from average flames, and the user became resistant to burns.

And with time, that man made a family, that family grew into a clan, and that clan instilled fear in the hearts of its dreaded enemies.

And one of them was not satisfied with the clan's way. The clan was built to fulfill their duties as the village's honorable  soldiers, they served their own blood in golden platters for the village, they would go as far as to kill one of their own for the village. The woman that found dissatisfaction in the clan way, began forming allies within the clan, and soon, news reached the ears of the village's leaders, and the orders of the village's leaders were to banish her from the village. The clansmen, including her lover, were disappointed with her, and feared she'd go out and cause trouble, and decided her murder, her lover was given the order to kill her, and who was spying on her, a man that loved her, and  man that followed her. The man would fight him her lover, and lose, and she would be captured, and on the next day's morning her execution was prepared, and as the blade was placed on her head she was asked for a last wish. As she saw the boy whom had secretly loved, her heart broke, and she begged for him to be kept alive. The boy shocked upon those words, was left speechless, she spoke:
“I know you've had feelings for me, I apologies, I was never capable of having the courage, to inform you of my feelings, my final dying wish is to hear you speak those three words...” she spoke with a face streaked with tears, and as the boy reached out for her, wanting to speak his words, his three words, but before so would happen, her head was sliced clean off, by the hands of her lover, it was merely an act to keep people from bugging her with such emotions, she didn't have the courage to confess love, nor the courage to receive love, but in her final moments she did, but her lover, stomped on her courage, before the eyes of the man that loved her.

And thus, the flag of the death was waged.

Aoi Ao_no_exorcist___rin_03_by_nyfaline-d44j4op
The young lad that loved her represented the late master's will, and with that, he inherited his soul, will, and power. His flames spread throughout the place, Tsukigakure was demolished at the hands of that very man, he destroyed Tsukigakure and all of its clans, who knows what survived, but the young boy's rage destroyed all that 'existed' around him, everything was shredded to pieces, destruction spread like a plague destroying the village in one night with no light, everything related to that village was demolished~

After three days, and three nights he awoke.

On the lap of the woman he loved, how?

Her twin sister. They were identical, but she would never replace the one he loved. He'd marry the female and forge the new clan under his name.
His name was Aoi, and thus, the clan was named Aoi.

Kekkei Genkai Description:

The clan has developed an advanced form of the popular element of fire, this flame overcome water, easily too,  and can be defeated by doton as it gains +1 against blue flame jutsu


Members: Aoi Rin

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:

Name: Exploding slash
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C-B-A  
Type: Supplementary
Element: Aokaton
Range: N/A
Specialty: Bukijutsu
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 4
Description: The user enhances his blade with blue fire just before slashing, this will inflict burn, and double the amount of damage from the original strike.

Minor 1st degree burns, push back 4 meters, and boosts the  damage dealt with the sword by 25%

Minor 2nd degree burns, push back 6 meters, and increases the damage by 50%

mild third degree,  push back 7 meters, and double the damage.

Name: Dead end
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S  
Type: Offensive
Element: Aokaton
Range: N/A
Specialty: Taijutsu
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 10
Description: The user surrounds their body with blue flames that attack anyone within twenty meters radius, anyone attacked with these flames, in the first post will receive 4th degree burns, and on the second post if the flames are not put out or sealed by an A-rank jutsu, the victims will die. the flames rapidly attack anyone in range and will not chase anyone out of range, the flames move at the speed of the user. 

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2Aoi Empty Re: Aoi on Tue Jun 03, 2014 1:17 pm



Well, we eliminated passive boosts to jutsu power just a little while ago. So your +1 degree damage to all burns is kinda moot....

That being said, immunity to your own fire under normal circumstances is OK. If someone uses a jutsu to reflect your technique back at you, you'd still get hit.

The reduction of burns is fine.

Element strengths: +1 advantage vs. Raiton, Suiton, Hyouton (inferred from your drawback), and Mokuton.

Element Weaknesses: -1 disadvantage vs. Sabaton and Doton.

You need to have as many elemental weaknesses as strengths. Balance as you see fit. Check the Clans List sticky in this section to see all our Advanced Elements (but be warned that elemental weaknesses to other Advanced Elements mean less, because you are far less likely to encounter them).

Your drawback for having an advanced element is fine, never able to use a different one. However, being physically weak to Suiton and Hyouton yet still possessing the ability to overpower them with your not very appealing to me.

I don't like colored-elements as actual Advanced Elements, mind you. I'm kind of reluctant to allow it. u.u


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3Aoi Empty Re: Aoi on Tue Jun 03, 2014 2:03 pm

Sarutobi Rin

Sarutobi Rin

Oh Oh please do pleaaase...

The blue fire is a popular element y'know you should watch more animes Miles!

Anyway I fixed it and made the fire only slightly stronger than average.

I also added the clan history, thank you and sorry for the trouble Miles!


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4Aoi Empty Re: Aoi on Thu Jun 05, 2014 7:22 pm

Sarutobi Rin

Sarutobi Rin

Alrighty Bump

Weakened the damage boost
Boosted the resistance to burns
Made the clan members weaker in cold environments
Added the jutsus
Made it  a clan locked sub-element
Fixed the history
Added wordcount reductions and increases
Fixed the history
And I think I'm ready to app dis..


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5Aoi Empty Re: Aoi on Fri Jun 06, 2014 1:15 pm



When he said no increased damage on your fire, he didn't mean make it slightly less above the limitations set forth in the jutsu guidelines, he meant eliminate it completely.

Absolutely not on a 2 degree reduction of severity on burns.

Flames that aren't doused by water is really beginning to encroach on Enton.

I want to see at least one major drawback that directly and significantly affects your ability in combat. One that isn't so conditional and easily worked around.


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