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1 Record Transport[Konoha D-Rank] on Thu Sep 13, 2012 6:20 pm

Kuro Sarutobi

Kuro Sarutobi

If boredom was a deadly virus, then Kuro would have been dead. He had nothing to do besides read, and even that got a little boring after a time. So he took a mission, a simple one he hoped would give him a little ryo to spend on himself later. The mission was simple, transport some records to a storage facility across town. So Kuro took an apple from a nearby tree, not caring if it wasn't his to take at the moment. He went straight to the original facility, taking a bite of his apple as he opened the door.

He dropped his apple when he saw that the records he was supposed to carry were scattered all across the floor. He caught his apple before it hit the ground and went inside with a sigh, 'It's times like this I wish I knew how to make Shadow Clones.' He cursed under his breath as he took one last bite out of his apple before throwing it in a nearby trash can.

He went over to the first pile of records that had, luckily, only slightly moved out of their container. He used his hand to push them all inside, then he stood the box upright. He set it off to the side as he began the long and redundant task of fixing all the records. He finished almost two hours later, then begun the actual task.

He stacked about five of the boxes ontop of each other and took them to the new storage facility. It took him awhile but he managed. When he came back he saw that all the records had been scattered..Again. His eyes widened as he let a rare moment of frustration come to fruition. 'Someone must be doing this on purpose..' He decided to lay a trap, fixing the boxes again and then taking ONE around the corner, he heard someone enter the storage facility. Putting the box down he ran over to see a Genin knocking over one of the boxes.

The Genin looked and gained a terrified look on his face, mainly at the purely /evil/ grin Kuro gained on his face. The Genin tried to escape, only to be grabbed by Kuro, who promptly dragged him outside the building. He dragged the boy all the way over to the hot-springs and threw him inside the wrong gender's pool on purpose, Kuro then went back to his mission as he left the boy to a terrible fate.

Kuro fixed the box casualty again, then stacked up another five and continued his rounds. On his way with the boxes he accidentally bumped into a woman and dropped about three of the boxes onto the floor. The woman apologized but Kuro said that he should have watched where he was going, and that she didn't need to help him. The woman seemed content with that as she left, Kuro kneeled down and began re-organizing the files again.

This took him a full hour as he picked up all the boxes again and set off on his way once more, he took to watching where he was going, and watching people go by on their business. It was interesting to see what others did with their off-time. He observed the same boy from before trying to explain his beaten features to his parents, who didn't seem to believe him. Fortunately no one noticed Kuro, or his devious smirk as he walked past. Eventually he reached the new storage facility and set all the boxes down, then went back. He continued this cycle for awhile, although he didn't get bored as it gave him an excuse to walk around the town besides being lazy. When he was finished he reported a mission complete, minus the part about the Genin.

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