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1 Painting! [Private, Mission D Rank] on Tue Jun 03, 2014 9:42 pm



Mission Taken:
Mission name: Paint The Walls
Mission rank: D
Objective: The walls of the Administration Building need a fresh coat of paint. It will be your job to finish applying the new paint before nightfall.
Location: Konoha Administration Building
Reward: 60 Ryo
Mission description: Just a simple painting job. The most dangerous aspect is using the ladders to reach the undersides of the balconies.
Mission details: Just make sure nothing gets into the wet paint before it dries and all will be fine.

A yawn broke the silence of her rather plush bedroom as eyelashes fluttered against red tinted cheeks before opening to reveal bright blue eyes. She stared up at the ceiling for several long moments while waiting for her brain and body to finish waking up. She was getting used to a more normal sleep schedule but it was still taking its time. She yawned again and then stretched with a satisfied groan, enjoying the feeling of her muscles being pulled taunt before she released the stretch.

She sat up in her bed and pushed her messy light blond hair out of her face. She glanced over to the alarm clock and noticed that it was nearly nine in the morning: definitely time to get moving. She hadnít meant to sleep in as long as she had, but at least she hadnít slept the entire day away. She hopped off of her bed and moved her way over to her dresser. Her dresser was packed will brand new clothing and it took her several minutes of picking through it all to figure out what she wanted to wear: a pink colored t-shirt, black shorts, and proper under garments. With her clothing in her hand she made her way to the bathroom an after relieving mother nature got a quick shower and got dressed.

Returning to her room she ran a brush through her hair before throwing it back into a ponytail. She then wrapped her village headband around her head, using it to keep any stray strands of hair from getting into her face. She then threw her black shinobi sandals on and headed into the kitchen. She found breakfast waiting on the stove and made herself a plate which she devoured pretty quickly before she headed out the door.

She skipped her way through the village while heading to the administrative building. When she arrived she waited her turn to be handed a mission: finding that her task for today was to give the administrative building a new coat of paint. Why anyone wanted to trust a child to such a task she didnít know but she would do it. She headed down the hallway, off to find the paint and brushes and rollers she was going to need. She found all of the supplies waiting for her by the main door to the building.

She dragged the stuff outside to find a tarp had been laid down around the building and several ladders there to help make the process easier. She chiseled open one of the cans of paint and poured some into a roller bucker, ensuring she got the thing coated. She then picked up one of the brand new rollers and dipped it into the paint, rolling the excess drips off in the top part of the bucket. She then got on the ladder and got to work rolling a fresh coat of paint onto the outside of the administrative building. Up and down the roller went and up and down the ladder she went. She would wait until the paint on the roller was gone, go back down the ladder, get more paint on, and then head back up to finish where she left off.

Soon she no longer needed the ladder and was instead able to stand on the ground and finish, making her life all the more easier. Every so often she would take a stop back to look at her work, ensuring she hadnít missed anything. During one of those times she had to hurry up and stop a little kid from touching the freshly painted wall.

She finished her painting task several hours later, and after a spot check to ensure she hadnít missed anything or left any excess paint anywhere she returned her supplies. She was covered in splotches of paint herself but she couldnít be bothered to care: she had finished her first mission, and rather well too. So, she was too proud to even bother worrying about how much of a mess of herself she had made.

Word Count: 678 / 600


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