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1 Whispers in the dark [Private/Invite/Mitsuo] on Wed Jun 04, 2014 11:18 pm

Orochi Enaka


In the early morning, with most people still sleeping or just getting up out of their beds to greet the first rays of sunshine in the sky, A messenger would be running from the Ouroboros compound to the Hokage building, to bring a written message to the office of the Acting Hokage, Sarutobi Mitsuo.

The letter, neatly folded and stuck in a white envelope with a silvery watermark and the emblem of the Ouroboros clan on it, was given to the guards at the administration building, to be delivered as soon as Sarutobi Mitsuo would arrive at the premises.

Letter from Enaka:

Dear Sarutobi Mitsuo-san,

As per your request, I have decided to take up on your offer of having a more private conversation about matters concerning Konohagakure no Sato and Hi no Kuni.

I have been told that you had no appointments today and have thereby seen it fitting that I would come and grant you a visit to discuss those matters with you.

I must inform you that the Advisory council is not aware of this meeting and there wont be any written report on my behalf, not for the council nor for the Daimyo himself.

I hope in all earnest that this will not go against your principles or your goals as acting hokage.

Greetings and good tidings,

Orochi Enaka.

By noon, Enaka would arrive at the administration building himself, joined by two men wearing black jumpsuits and black ANBU armors, acting as his personal guard from the Ouroboros compound.

He himself however, was yet again dressed in rather stylish, yet traditional clothes, with a black kimono with purple piping, a lilla haji and strapped wooden sandals, the only non traditional part of his clothing being the leather half collar on his kimono complete with shoulder guard and a combination of silver chains hanging from the bottom of that collar to his shouldereppaulette.




The Lord Commander of Konohagakure no Kato smiled to himself as he read the letter delivered by one of Enaka Orochi's men. He had requested a meeting with the former Head of Konoha's ANBU Black Ops and he was pleased that he had decided to take him up on the offer. As he looked around the administration building's Hokage office he couldn't help but feel as though he was in a foreign place, not used to being in such an area. He would normally conduct all of his business from his own office at the Sarutobi Compound, and he knew that were he ever to step into the Hokage position full time, he would probably move the entire operation to there. He wore his modified ANBU armour as always, the regular plates painted black except for a small kanji "Kage" on the front in charcol grey. The plates were covered by his white ANBU Captain cloak and he had his trademark bone white mask with red and silver accents sitting on the Hokage's desk. He had his newly commissioned weapons, Justice and Retribution, strapped to his back as he always did when he left his compound, more for comfort than anything, and his gaze was firmly fixated upon the door of his office.

Two of his most trusted ANBU agents, Hepa and Kitsune, were positioned inside of the office with him, with a third waiting on the rooftop so that he could inform Mitsuo if his guest had arrived. When Tora made his way into the window Mitsuo knew exactly what that meant. "Lord Commander, Enaka Orochi approaches the building now, shall I let him in?" Mitsuo moved towards his desk and took a seat, pulling a comfortable chair in front of the desk for his guest to sit in. Hepa and Kitsune positioned themselves on either side of him, each bearing masks that matched the animals for which they were named, a fox and a snake.

"Please show him in, I will see him now." He watched as Tora, adorned in a tiger mask, bowed to him and made his way out to greet the older man, an assistant walking in with a pot of tea and two cups, a bowl with sugar, and a saucer of milk at the ready. Mitsuo smiled and nodded to her before releasing her outside and making sure that she closed the door behind her. He placed his hands together creating a pyramid with his fingers and intently watched the door in front of him, his slicked back black hair being the only thing that was potentially obstructing his vision with a single strand falling in front of his face, and no glasses today, as he imagined Enaka knew that he didn't actually need them. His Konohagakure no Kato headband was fastened around his neck and reflecting the light from the roof.

Mitsuo was prepared for this meeting, hoping that it would be a productive use of the Proxy Kage's time...


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Orochi Enaka


It didn't seem to take long for the ANBU positioned outside to notice Enaka arriving, though it took him a lot less time to figure out by how many pairs of eyes he was being watched. He was once a prodigy among the ANBU, alongside his dear, sadly departed sister, mother of the future head of his clan; Orochi Risu, whom he had been told had recently joined the ANBU as well and even though he could not have his niece getting to close to the dark truths of his past, he still could not shake off the feeling of pride he had felt when the news of her promotion befell him.

Three ANBU members had he counted before even setting foot into the administration building, which yet again made him live up to his old status. The two men walking behind him, wearing the same outfit as the men from the ANBU, but black, with black onyx masks rather than the usual white bone masks, gave a few glances into the directions of where the most obvious of the three ANBU's was, while their senses told them clear enough that the building itself housed two ANBU members besides the so-called Captain-general of the ANBU, the successor of the legendary Shadow Reaper, Orochi Enaka.

when they stood right in front of the office, Enaka lifted his hand, making his two guards halt in their tracks, giving them the order to remove their weapons and hand it over to the arriving ANBU that was most likely coming to meet them and let the Councilmember meet up with the interim kage.

"Ah, Mitsuo-san, good to see you," The older (yet younger looking) man would say to the man sitting behind the desk, nodding politely into the direction of the assistant who had been handling the two men's refreshments and beverages. On his face a broad grin, with his eyes squinted slightly."Ah, I see you've not donned your glasses this time, though I do think you look rather sophisticated and erudite with those on. A trait most important to a leader is their level of knowledge, even just a sign of that knowledge might put your men at ease."

Taking a seat when it was offered, as well as a cup of tea and some biscuits, Enaka gave yet another smile, until the assistant would finally get his hint and leave the room.

"Now, I reckon you are aware of the outlines of Mitsuhide's plans?" The Ouroboros Regent would quickly cut to the chase. No longer having that smile on his face, but now wearing a rather smooth and calm expression on his face, completely neutral as it should be when in the company of (almost) equal men. "But, before that…what do you know about the Black ANBU?"


Orochi Enaka


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