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Midareta Kyoki

Midareta Kyoki


Inkushi Clan WIP Cooltext1593284129

Clan: Inkushi (Ink Death)

Kekkei Genkai: Inkunojumon (Ink Spell)

Elements: Inkuhatoton (Ink Heart Release)

Specialization: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu,

Location: Scattered

Clan History:
The Inkushi clan is one that is shrouded in blood, darkness, and mystery. No one really knows when they came about, or just what caused the phenomenon that gave them their power, but they are said to have always existed, long before the five villages were ever created. There are several theories on how the Inkushi were infected – yes, infected – with the Ink

Kekkei Genkai Description: (What does your clan's ability do? Remember, details are the key to a fast approval)

Drawbacks: All members of the Inkushi Clan must take Partial Insanity, Born Ill/Haemophillia, and Unknown as Negative Characteristics. Also, they cannot aquire the Medical Ninjutsu specialty. Members are resistant to Med. Nin. by one rank as well. For example, a C Rank Medical ninjutsu would give them results of a D-2. E-1 jutsu don’t work, and E rank actually worsen the damage.

All members have lapses in which they grow blind and numb. These lapses don’t always make them blind AND numb – sometimes it’s one or the other, sometimes both, and some members may have one or the other occur more often than the other. They are random in occurrence, can happen in both battle and CD, and are often not at convienient times (for example, going blind just as they begin to paint a picture, regaining feeling just as a katana stabs through their arm, etc.). These lapses must span at least three posts and can span up to three topics. The times vary, though they tend to grow more frequent and longer as time passes.

Due to this, members cannot have blind or numb as actual negative characteristics.

Midareta Kyoki

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:
Universe – A
Wings - C
Semi-Immortality - S

Manifestation – This is not written as a single app as it encompases several jutsu pertaining to the user’s Inkukofuku (Ink Being). This one series of jutsu is essentially the same jutsu, just registered with many ranks to it. Each rank has it’s own set of forms and effects, with the higher ranks consisting of more than the lower. A C-Rank Manifestation jutsu includes the effects of the D-Rank Manifestation jutsu, as well as it’s own that it adds on. These Manifestation jutsu will be added to this page in a series of spoilers as they are created and approved.

Manifestation: D-Rank - D

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