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Suutei woke up bright and early this Saturday morning, the sun was warm and there was a cool breeze in Konoha.  The smell of rain from the night before filled his apartment, the smell was ravaging the moist air was just right.  Suutei proceeded with his normal routine; shower, brush teeth, wash face, floss your teeth, wear clean underwear.  Okay the clean underwear part was a must, it wouldn't be very appealing to wear the same underwear.  But, Suutei wasn't much of a gentlemen but, he could have his chivalrous moments.  Doing a few stretches before he got dressed, nothing wrong with keeping the body loose.  Suutei removed his uniform from his closet; a white pinstripe dress shirt, a navy sport coat with silver cuff links, gray creased trousers, and a cyan neck tie.  Suutei had recently purchased a new pair of sneakers to wear, he decided to wear them today.  The colors of the sneakers were navy blue with; cyan colored shoelaces, a teal midsole with black paint speckles in a pattern, and a white tongue.  Suutei looked over to his dresser for his camera, it was very high tech and efficient.  Suutei spent four years to assemble the camera, the golden feature was the optic lens and its two hundred mega pixel image processor.  Suutei was proud the day he finished the assembly, last month and today would be a perfect day to snap pictures.  

Suutei exited his home walking towards the village gates, before abruptly stopping turning about face.  He held up his camera to the Hokage Mountain, and snapped his first picture with the camera.  The picture came out perfect, he proceeded on towards the village gates to the wilderness.  Hope I can get some good pictures of the wildlife...  Suutei stopped at the village gates, noticing a shrine complimented by blue orchids blooming in the background, and an incense burning.  Suutei got closer and snapped a picture of the shrine, taking a look at the camera he decided to change the color to black and white.  The monotone effect gave it soul and meaning.  Suutei really didn't know what that meant but, it just sounded like something a professional photographer.  Though he did overuse the phrase a lot but it wasn't like it was a crime.  Suutei walked down the path watching and acknowledging the passing by travelers with, “Good morning sir/ma'am.”  Suutei was really out of character today, but apparently the camera was causing the cheeriness.  Usually Suutei was more so a loner than friendly, with a “out of my way” attitude.

Thirty minutes and twenty pictures later...

Suuteis' photography lured him into the dense forest, the only lucky part was that he had been here before and played with a lot of animals here as a child.  Suuteis' stomach had began to growl and luckily he packed a lunch.  Suutei decided to rest under a tall birch wood tree, the sunlight trying its way to pierce through the vegetation above. Suutei took his camera and snapped a few pictures, it was a peaceful sight.  Suutei took out a beef bento box he ordered from the barbecue restaurant, not to far from his house.  Suutei took out his chop sticks and started with the smoked beef, grabbing bits of rice along with it.  Near by he could here the rustling of leaves, maybe it was a wild animal.  Suutei quickly thought to himself disappointed, ”Way to go genius, eating a lunch out in the forest surrounded by wild animals...”  Suutei stood up shaking off any crumbs that may have fell on him, he looked around  and thought he hear a noise.  Taking a moment to collect himself, making sure he wasn't getting scared he may just be overreacting.  Then the noise became constant and increased in volume, it sounded like groans and whimpers.  Suutei walked towards the bushes to find a small animal, he was all bruised up.  The animal appeared to have antlers, but he wasn't quite sure if they were antlers because the animal was clothed.

A little puzzled on why a animal would be clothed it wore; a large red fuzzy top hat with a white X on the front, a maroon pair of shorts, and a blue backpack also with a white X.  The animal was laying on its back which would help in his identification of the animal.  A few things though made it a bit complicated; the metal brace on its left antler and its blue nose.  Suutei was able to identify the animal as a reindeer, but not many reindeer had blue noses.  Suutei picked the reindeer up in his arms, and took him back to the neighboring area to attend to him.  It had a few minor cuts and some bruises, nothing that would require a medic.  Suutei took some alcohol from his bag and dabbed it on a piece of cloth, and lightly touched the cuts.  Then going back into his bag for some band-aids, he ripped the paper off and gently placed them over the reindeer's' wounds.  Suutei put his things back in his bag waiting, for the animal to regain consciousness before he left.  The reindeer was waking up it took awhile but he did, and looked to Suutei.  The reindeer's mouth opened wide and Suutei thought he may have been yawning, but when it didn't yawn Suutei was scared.  ”Um who are you?”  Suutei instantly was frantic, hoping to his feet pointing at the reindeer.  ”What the hell!!!  You...You can talk!!!”  The reindeer also panicked and mocked Suutei, ”Yes I can talk!!!  Why are you freaking out!!!”  Suutei got a bit angry from the reindeer's comment, ”Your a talking reindeer why shouldn't I be freaking out!!!”

One hour later of yelling and panicking...

”So lemme get this straight.  You were born with a blue nose, and your pack or whatever you call a group of deer, abandoned you.  Then you began to live amongst other humans in a small village, and you learned how to walk on your hind legs.  They began to think you were some sort of monster, and chased you out of the village.  You were taken in by an elderly man and he taught you how to speak.  You lived with him for some years, and he also taught you medical ninjutsu but he became ill and you didn't have the right knowledge to cure him.  Now you're here, before I found you you were attacked by a wild boar and that would explain your injuries.  Hmm well it seems like you've been through a lot, and could use a friend.  I could let you stay with me, well if you want.”  The reindeer smiled at Suutei and answered, ”Well since I don't really have anywhere to live, and you offered I wouldn't mind.  Really I don't have much of a choice.”  The reindeer rubbed the back of his head, and laughed awkwardly.  ”Alright its a plan then.  My name is Suutei, I'm a Genin level shinobi of Konoha.  Whats yours?”  Suutei was in a headspin at the moment, he really just made friends with a reindeer with human traits.  How crazy is this world.  ”My name is Tony.  Tony Chopper, or you can just call me Chopper”

Out of nowhere a boar trotted into the area, sniffing as if he were searching for something.  Chopper instantly panicked and hid behind Suutei.  [b]”Thats the boar that attacked me!!!  Don't let'em eat me Suutei!!!”
 Chopper held onto Suuteis left calf tears running down his face.  Geez Chopper your such a wimp...  The boar took charge at Suutei, and he grabbed the three shuriken from his bag the hurled them at the boars head.  The boars speed slowed down but it still kept sprinting.  Soon as the boar came within length of Suuteis' leg, he swung his right leg with all the force he had.  The boar died and almost put up somewhat of a fight, Chopper let go of Suuteis' legs and walked closer to the boar.  Kicking it he said, ”How do ya like that huh, you don't mess with us.  You hear me!  Suutei and I are nothing to play with you jerk.”

1 hour later...

”You really showed that boar who was boss Chopper.”  Suutei grinned as he stood up from them resting.  Suutei and Chopper spent a whole hour taking pictures together, making weird faces.  Chopper even put his foot on top of the boar, with a masculine pose.  Suutei could see him and Chopper becoming close friends, he was really nice though he was a bit of a coward.  ”Not like you Suutei.  You were great you handled him like he was nothing.  The way you threw those star thingies was really cool.  Maybe you could show me that sometime huh?”  Suutei grinned giving Chopper a thumbs ups, and Chopper chuckled.  The two left the forest after Suutei spent another hour taking photos, Suutei made his way home as well as Chopper to his new home.  The two were now inseparable, within just hours of meeting each other.

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