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1 Unfortunate News [Private] on Fri Jun 06, 2014 11:02 pm



Dameon sprinted back to the administration building as quickly as he could but as he approached the doors to the massive building he slowed his pace to act normal. He was in his usual ANBU attire and as he walked through the door he caught a quick glimpse of both wonder and curiosity. This was mainly due to the fact he wasn’t just there as normal but he was also carrying with him a second Legendary Sword. The one that had belong to Strafe and it was in his left hand as he walked the steps to meet with the Mizukage. He knew she would be busy were her normal paperwork and planning for the future but today was the day he had to rain on her parade. As he walked up rumors began to fly that he had killed Strafe though that was entirely the opposite of what had happened, or at least for the most part. He hated bringing the Mizukage bad news but it was unavoidable news when it came to a fellow Sannin and a fellow swordsman. He would not wait for himself to be let in because of the urgency of the news he had to deliver and guards in front of her door did not try to hold him back. As he walked in through the door he caught the attention of the Mizukage and bowed down immediately before her and raised Strafe’s former weapon out in a presenting manner. He would look up to her again before he parted his lips.

“I am afraid I have some bad news,” he started with trying to brace herself for what was to come. Dameon knew what he had to say and he would do so knowing full well there was little to nothing they could do at this point to prevent what had already happened. His final act to a friend was to not cut him down as he had attempted to leave with his lover. He already hated himself for having allowed it and other thoughts raced through his head as he tried to find some bright side to it. The only one he could see was a stronger alliance with Konoha but the Mist would lose so much in terms of its strength as well as its medical division. Strafe said he would be at the mist should trouble ever arise again like it had in the past with Seven Bells but there was also no guarantee word would ever reach to Konoha should something happen. Plus he knew that the Mizukage had been planning for something big as of late though he was not yet a part of the discussion as to what it entailed. He stood upright and looked into her eyes.

“Strafe has…left the village of his own desire. He left with Mitsuo to be with him in Konoha. Rather than risk killing the two of them and starting a potential war with Konoha and killing a member of your family, I relinquished him of his weapon. I didn’t see a great deal of options. I apologize Lady Ayakashi,” he said with his usual tone of voice, his mask off to the side so she could see his sincere face. Even though he wasn’t one to feel or experience emotion he still had a face of regret wondering if he had done the right thing.


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Aya watched and listened to Dameon with a look of sadness which crossed her face, hearing of her cousins defection, was not something she would take easily at the current time. Looking up to him, she steeled herself emotionally for what had to follow, approaching the ninja and taking from him the water aligned sword, sheathing it, and bowing to the ninja in thanks, though only briefly before moving back to her desk. Taking a quill from the ink pot, and stretching out a small scroll, she began to write on it as she spoke.

"Thank you Dameon, for bringing this back to me, it seems that my cousin has made his intentions clear that he is not to return to this place. Though, as we have very, very close alliances with our brothers in Konoha, I believe that he has not truly forsaken his homeland, or his family... But, as kage, I cannot ignore the risk he poses, albeit lessened by his returning of the sword, the intelligence he possesses of the country is a threat should he fall into the hands of our enemies. So..."

Taking the scroll she had been scrawling on, and placing a blotch of wet wax on the parchment, she pressed to it the seal of the Mizukage, making the document official, before handing it over to Dameon, upon it, was written rather boldly that Strafes name would be added to the Bingo book as a missing ninja and a criminal in the Land of Kiri. Though, she would add no bonus to his name.

"Take that to the ANBU and have his name added to the bingo book as a missing ninja, though remember, we have bigger issues than the missing nature of Strafe at the moment, and I would implore you to focus on those internal issues than gallivant after an external one such as him. I believe he poses us little threat at the current moment, I've known him all my life Dameon, he would not leave if he did not believe he had to for a good reason.

So go.

And thank you again."

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