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Mission name: ANBU Intelligence Assistance.
Mission rank: A-Rank.
Objective: Assist ANBU members in surveying and bugging areas for surveillance in future missions.
Location: Hi no Kuni.
Reward: 600 Ryo.
Mission description: Certain areas or buildings are suspected of frequently housing meetings of criminals, or are the houses of criminals. Your job will be to assist an ANBU member in setting up surveillance equipment at a location so that their investigations go smoothly.
Mission Details: You could be doing this anywhere, from a criminal's house at night to a casino where they play poker. You should be sneaky, detection means failure. Lethal force is authorized to ensure the success of the mission.



The orders coming from headquarters were simple: Risu was expected to infiltarte a large farm outside of Konoha, were certain criminal organizations were suspected of doing arms trades and weaponry deals. She was expected to check up on the intel which had been gathered by the headquarters and to seek confirmation on the identity of those who were involved with the massive deal that was supposed to be taking place in the solitary farm near the nation's border.

"For crying out loud, what kind of a putrid smell is this?" The young woman whispered to herself,practically gagging in the process, while crossing over the stable's roof, smelling the still strong scent of manure and fesces in the air, almost forcing her to vomit, though she could be glad that the mandatory ANBU mask did cover up for the smell a bit, but sadly whatever of the smell came inside the mask didn't get away so easily, climbing up into her nostrils and making her relive the horror of the horrid smell over and over again.

While landing softly on some hay, Risu dashed towards the main building, realizing that the light inside the house was on and the fact that there were noises of people walking around, forced herto take some shelter and take a good look around for safe measurements. The first time she watched the area, she had not noticed people walking around, but that was far away from the main house, where the deals were expected to be held.

She could hear two men with sickles and blades talking and smoking, not far from her position, which made her only more anxious and cautious to not slip up in any way, but those two blocked her way to the main building and that in itself was an incredible problem. So she decided to try and find an alternative route, but no matter how much she look around, she had to go through the two guards if they did not move immediately and luckily, just as the snake woman was about to rise from her position to stun and incapacetate the two guards, they threw away their sigarets and walked away, most likely continuing their round, yet in doing so, giving the Orochi girl time to get in the main building.

"Oh crap, this is one high building for a farm," Risu sighed, while looking up the almost twenty meter high building that acted as the residential area for the people that used to work on the farm. "And that damn sudden rain of last night made the walls slippery, really no fun in this."




Using her normal scalpel along with her Kensetsu Ryu, Risu climebed up the wall by using the scalpels as leverages, being certain that those full steel utensils could easily carry her weight, which considered her growth and the armor she was wearing, was still not to be seen as more than the normal weight for someone her hight and size: at least one thing she could be proud of was her fast metabolism, making it nearly impossible to gain weight on any other way besides natural growth.

Having scaled upon the wall of the main building, the ANBU clambered up onto the roof, stealthily running across the red tiles towards one of the attick's windows, where she use her scalpels to slice through the putty holding the glass in place like a knife through butter, carefully pulling the smallest part of the window she had cut out, out of the frame, so she could put her arm through and unlock the window, granting herself an easy entrance to the rather large main building of the entire farm.

"Sneaking inside…check," Risu whispered to herself, trying to affirm the succes of her mission so far. This was actually doing the stuff she expected the ANBU to do, though more sophisticated and way more stealthy than she had already thought of. "Hmm, this looks a bit to easy, but the attick is probably unused by those bandits, as I pressume they are mostly in the actual residential rooms of this house, should write that down for my report on this mission."

Silent as only a skilled ANBU shin obi could be, the young woman of the Ouroboros Clan skid towards a hatch with a ladder at the other side of the seemingly empty attic, yet she quickly held her breath and stood still when she heard the snore of a man laying down besides the hatch, quite annoyingly obstructing Risu in her way to the lower floors of the building.

Not willing to just simply kill the man, the Orochi lady decide it might be better to use the wire she had with her, knock the guy out and silence him and tie him up properly, however when she wanted to hit him in the neck, her luck ran out and her strike against his neck wasn't exactly a perfect hit, waking the bandit up essentially long enough to sound the alarm, trying to avoid this, Risu was now forced to use lethal force.

With a swift move, she grabbed the man's left wrist, twisted his arm behind his back and pushed him face dow towards the wooden floor of the attic, while stretching out his arm and as his reached for the floor with his face, Risu pulled her leg upwards, making the back of her foot drop against the base of the bandit's neck a single instant later, with a soft snapping sound effectively silencing the man for the rest of eternity.




The attick should've been the best place to get inside, but it seemed that the highest part of the building had been divided into three different rooms, split up by a firm brick wall, which was much more recent than the building itself. The part in which she had entered only lead to a few bedrooms and a kitchen, which made it clear that these were the barracks for the guards and held no real importance to her mission.

With the shinobi who was obstructing her in her path to the main house effectively disposed of, the young ANBU woman took her signature weapon: her superior scalpel, out of its sheathat her side, while silently using her supernatural walking jutsu to try and climb up the slightly slippery brick wall of the farm's main building, yet calling it an easy task would've been a grave mistake, as the moist and brittle stones made it hard to climb even when using the specialized jutsu to walk over and on surfaces a normal man could not reach.

When she had gotten out of the attick, trying to get around the house and check if she could get closer to the central hall, she reached a flat roof on just above the second floor of the building, she took her time to settle herself in a shadowy corner of said roof to analyze her surroundings again and see if her actions so far had been discovered by any of the guards.

Risu was glad that she had stuffed the lifeless body of the guard she had taken care of earlier, into a wooden barrel which acted as a water collected right beneath one of the building's many drainpipes inside the large attic.. As far as she could see, she had by now counter six guards, each in teams of two men and some accompanied by what looked to be dogs or wolves, which was not a pleasant idea, because the kind of dogs orwolves she thought those beasts actually were, were not to be triffled with, not even by shinobi. Those were bastard wolfs, tamed by mixing them with strong dogs and making them obedient to man, but not flushing away their unrelenting hunting skills.

This made her wonder how big those deals that were being struck inside the house at that given moment should've been, with such a strong and tight guard routine outside. Sighing a bit, the young woman decided to climb further up the wall again, aiming to sneak inside the other parts of the attic and hope to find the part which would lead her to the lower floors where the actual guests and leaders of the bandits did their dealings with each other.

"Let's hope this is the right place," The young woman sighed to herself when she climbed up near an open window which almost seemed to lure her in. "Better make sure to be on guard."




Just as Risu jumped inside the other part of the attic, the young woman got noticed by two guards, who jumped on her like cats on mice, attacking her without asking questions or awaiting any answers for the matter.

The first guard, a large, muscular man swung his arm towards the young woman, forcing her to make a quarter turn sidestep to grab the man's wrist with both her hands to turn it into the other direction, effectively pulling the man closer to her, while she threw her left foot upwards, the heel of her boot crashing against the guard's chin, sending him upwards for a moment, after which he landed against a cupboard at the other side of the room.

The second guard seemed more flexible and better trained, even though he was a lot less muscular and not as tall, he could throw a few fast punches, forcing Risu to take some steps backwards, yet he could not hit her without making an opening in his rather defensive stance, which at the moment he did, meaned the end of his successful assault, as he shifted his weight from an evenly distributed position all to his front leg, aiming to launch a roundhouse at Risu's head, yet she reacted by a cross guard, grabbing the man's leg while staggering backwards and forcing it up, followed by the young woman releasing the man's leg and dropping down in an instant, where she swiftly swiped away the supporting leg from underneath the man, granting no mercy when he fell down, giving him a kick in his abdomen just before he reached the ground, which slammed he guard against one of the wooden gurders that held the roof in place, which knocked him out cold.

"It appears this is the correct part of the attic," The young woman chuckled softly, when she noticed that when she was looking through a hatch, she could see a corridor full with guards and a staircase to a lower floor at the end of the corridor. It was going to be a hassle, but she better made an entrance worth her time and effort. "I dont think stealth would have any effect with such a tight security, better simply grab me the goods and the reports, while perhaps immobilizing a few of those guards for further interrogation."




Trying to get passed those guards had set Risu in front of a rather impressive problem. She couldn't just barge through the hall and try to take out everyone of those guys, but what other option did she have?

Thinking about her strategy, any possible way to get through that guarded corridor and into the lower floors, the young ANBU woman heard a moan not far from her, realizing one of the two guards she had just recently knocked out cold was starting to regain his consciousness. In that very instant, she really felt emberassed enough to just die. She had forgotten about one of the most basic academy techniques and with those guards not even being close to a shinobi in terms of strength and versatility, Risu chuckled softly on her plan, turned around and kicked the moaning guard against his throat, effectively forcing him to lose consciousness again.

Placing her hands together, she looked towards the slender one of the two guards and strengthened the chakra within her, as she swiftly poofed into a new shape, looking like an exact copy of one of the guards she had knocked down not too long ago, which would give her the oportunity to walk through the corridor undetected and listen to the plans and deals of those bandit leaders below.

She opened the hatch, clambered down and walked passed her so-called colleagues silently, giving a swift salute as greeting whenever one of those guards would be alerted by some kind of reaction she would give. This salute always seemed to work, as after a few moments she had managed to reach to the staircase at the end of the corridor, looking down on the stairs, while sighing in silence.

"Phew, this has been a rather good succes," The Orochi lady chuckled, when she dissipated the transformation jutsu, so she could move a bit more freely, walking down the stairs in utter silence, hiding herself in the pantry next to the staircase's exit on the lower floor, where she assessed the situation. "Ok, all that's left to do, is grab the papers from those guys' deals and get the heck out of here."




In silence, Risu descended from the stairs, hearing sounds coming from beyond a closed door at the end of the stairs below, those sounds were the voices belonging to the shady people she was ordered to spy on, so all she had to do for now was listen to what those men had to say and the longer her ear was pressed against that single wooden door seperating her from those men, the more she wanted to simply get back to the headquarters of the ANBU and give them the intel she had gathered, for what she was hearing was more than enough to one day ask a promotion of some significant kind:

"So, we're all set?" A low, husky voice rumbled through the entire room next to the door where the young ANBU agent was putting her ears at work. "We can't afford any more mishaps this time."

A hushed humming sound came from several different voices in the room, obviously agreeing with the statement made by the man with the husky voice. In a way, this voice was seeping with a good kind of authority, someone who could control the mobs by simply speaking to them.

"The Snake has paid us in weapons and has already funded two of our operations at the border," The authoritarian man continued his speech, obviously trying to rouse and rally his comrades. "It has been long since we all came together, but now is the time to use the bounties and gifts from our mysterious benefactor for our own benefit and growth."

It seemed to Risu that this mysterious Snake person had to be some kind of criminal mastermind, if he was the person behind the dealings of some of the largest criminal syndicates and bandits groups in Konoha and if something like that could be possible, he could also be part of something bigger, which made the young Orochi lady only more keen on getting the information she needed, but just as she was about to sneak into the room, she got spotted and had to run.

Luckily enough, she could deliver the necessary information at the ANBU headquarters, though despite that all, she really wanted to know more about that strange Snake person who was seemingly in control of those groups at the old farm.

2582/2500 mission complete

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