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1 Store Security~ (C-rank mission) on Sun Jun 15, 2014 8:00 pm

Hyūga, Lelouch


Standing from underneath his tent, he would yawn and stretch, lately, Lelouch has been staying behind his home, indeed it was awkward, but there was a huge explanation for this speculation. Due to a bird that flew in his home, it was pretty hard for him to catch it, and the annoying sound it was making, which made it impossible for the man to grab some rest. So thought it'll be best to take out the tent and sleep outside behind his home. But the most funny part about this problem, he forgot to close the window, who knows how many of those birds could have got into his home over night?

Stepping away from the tent, he would walk over to the backdoor, once he gripped the handle, he would twist it to the left, pushing it open, the man would take a peek. He didn't hear anything but the old ceiling fan moving in a awkward motion. Placing his left leg in first, he would then place the right one in, closing the door behind himself, he would rush up the stairs to see if the bird was still door, but before he went, he wanted to make sure that the window was closed tight.

Grabbing a hold to the handle, he would slam it down and lock it. Once that was done successfully, he made his way up the stairs to check things out. Knowing he thought about activating his byakugan, but he wanted to not use his ninja tactics, so he decided to do this the more normal way, but due to his lack of patients, Lelouch was ready to activate both of them. "BYAKUGAN!" once they was both activated, he would search the area, knowing upstairs, he only had his clothes and a bed. So this was going to be a easy find. Turning to the hallway closet, he noticed something moving, could this be it? Turning off his byakugan, lelouch would make his next move!

Stepping closer, Lelouch would grab the door handle and twist it open, out of nowhere, the bird flew out, reaching his hand up to the air, he would grab a hold of it. With a nice comfy grip for the bird, he would make his way over to a shoe box. placing the bird inside of it, he grabbed a small item to poke holes at the top of it so the bird could take in the proper oxygen he needed. Smiling, the man would sigh with agreement, he finally caught this bird. But where was he going to take it? lelouch knew just the place! firstly off, he would have to take a bite of breakfast before he left his home. It was a long night of hunger and annoying noises. So a nice cup of hot tea and some baked bread would cheer him up just right. perhaps for lunch he would go down to the ramon shop and grab some of that good ramon! in the mean while, Lelouch was busy baking his bread and making his tea. Turning over to the bird, he would crunch up a large amount of bread and small medium size piece into the holes of the top of the box. It might have not been right for the bird, but he heard the loved some of the konoha bread.

Continuing his breakfast. he would grab the baked bread and place it on the plate. Grabbing the towel, the man placed both end of the towel on the cup, and he picked it up. Placing the hot cup of tea on the table the man would begin to eat his breakfast. He ate the baked bread first. he wanted his hot tea to cool off for a bit just before he continued on. After a hour of eating his breakfast. he would stand, cleaning around his mouth. he would make his way up to the stairs once again. But only this time, he would get ready for a long day of doing random stuff and having fun being a shinobi.

Once he was inside his room, he opened the door and made his way over to his closet, grabbing a white t-shirt, and some black shorts. Reaching at the top of the closet, he would grab his sandals and socks. Getting dressed up, he would make his way over to the bathroom, he would begin to wash his face and put some minty flavor in his mouth. Fixing up his shaggy hair, he would move his soft hands threw it. " Today, the ladies would never leave me alone!" grabbing his sunglasses, he would place them on his eyes. Making his way down the stairs, he would grab the box that held the bird, just before he left out, he placed his headband on his forehead. Leaving out the backdoor, he would head over for the forest perhaps?

Walking in the village with the beautiful sun shining, and all the citizens attending their own business, some was even in a rush to get to their jobs due to the fact they was either late, or an emergency. Holding the box, from the bottom this is so he want block the bird oxygen wave. Hearing the bird making a noise, lelouch wondered if he should let him right now? but he didn't want to risk the bird to mess up anybody business or even fly in a store. so he knew the forest was the best idea for him to be released at.

Walking down a straight path, he noticed a few people speaking to him, and Lelouch only would nod his head, walking threw a few kids kick ball game. he would would at a fast pace. How interesting that seemed? Continuing down the path, this would hopefully lead him straight to the dense forest. That was now his destination point.

Click.. click .. click.. It was the sound of the man making his way over to The Dense Forest. Once he was in the forest, he had to be at the wet end, stepping in a mud hole, his right sandal would be ruined. with a quick step back, the boy would be a shamed. he just got these sandals! turning to the left, he noticed a different path in the forest. This had to be the dry sunny end? Once he made it to the middle, he placed the box on the hard dirt ground and he removed the top from the box. Looking at the bird, he would step back, this is so he could feel like he was being released and not killed. Once it flew up into the air, the boy would smirk! Picking up the box, he would palce it by a tree. Today was going so fine for now?

with a strong log hat was ahead of him connected to the tree, he would jump up and grab a hold to it, pulling himself up as if he was doing pull-ups, he would place his left leg on the log and sit up straight. with his right hand, he would grab the other end, this is so he could keep his balance when he reach in his pocket to grab a single cigarette. Once he did that, he placed the cigarette on his lips, not bothering to light it. he would just sit there on top of the log and wait. but, his story with smoking cigarette's was pretty funny, his friend takao had him on them, but this might have been Lelouch's second cigarette, due to him barely smoking them.

Looking around in the area, lelouch would begin to admire it. Noticing at least twenty trees that surrounded him, the center area where he was was dried up and due to the bushes and the trees, and the sun that was shining, the shadows was highly heavy. Lelouch loved the spot, but it was indeed rare you will catch him out here. Instead he likes to hang in the village and chill. But today it was a different day for him.

Though, it was around the that time he have to go start up with his mission, he got so carried away! With a sigh. He would exit the forest. Heading straight got the Market district to start up his C-rank mission with some dude! He didn't get the guy name yet, but hopefully he'll be at the post waiting for him.



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2 Re: Store Security~ (C-rank mission) on Sun Jun 15, 2014 9:07 pm

Sousetsu Senju


Sousetsu began his day like he did every other day. An early morning came to the Senju as the sun seeped through hid window by his bedside. The first moment the sun kissed his skin, it was time for him arise from his slumber. He shifted his body to sit at the edge of the bed before placing his head into his hands, rubbing his face gently for only a short moment. He looked outside. It was good to be back into the Leaf village. He missed the mornings were he could watch the sun creep over the Hokage mountainside. The faces of the leaders of this village and nation alike were an inspiration and to the kids it seemed as if there were no such things as monsters as these faces protected them from their fears. Sousetsu's main ambition in life since he was a boy was to become Hokage, to face the many dangers as the head of the village, shouldering the burden of many so that they would place their trust in him and rest easy while they under his own protection. His dream was almost fulfilled once upon a time but bestowed the honor to one, Uzumaki Mitsuhide, who in turn allowed Sousetsu to rule by his side. The offer was enticing but still did not consider himself to be Hokage as of yet. Instead of accepting this proposal, he decided he would protect the village in his absence. Of course, Sousetsu had only came back from his travels recently and so, was unable to fill that role as of yet.

He began his morning routine. First, the shower at room temperature. Second, he dressed himself appropriately for a stroll, which in this case he wore a simple black sleeveless jumpsuit accompanied by wraps around his wrists and a white headband emblazoned with the Senju Clan insignia. He made his way downstairs so he could begin his day with a nutritional breakfast consisting of mixed fruits in a bowl accompanied by a glass of pure apple juice. After washing the bowl and glass he headed for the door. He did not bring his Senju armour or high frequency blade with him however as he was not expecting any training in his schedule. It was a day for himself to keep up with current events within the village.

As he walked the streets of the hidden leaf village, he wondered what it would have been like if he had not forfeited the position of Hokage. Would he happier? Would things in the village change? Of course, he could not answer these questions unless they were hypothetical. One could only assume. The villagers remained happy however and that was the important matter at hand. He nodded and smiled at those who did the same as he walked on by. The village appeared to be in high hopes this day. Maybe seeing the Sannin take a day off could help ease the tension within the village, after all, if he had time, then surely they did.

Before long, a messenger appeared before the Sannin. With a formal bow, and one returned from the Sannin, the messenger spoke that he must report to the administration building. With a puzzled expression appearing on the Senju's face the messenger hurried to another location. A small sigh was exhaled from Sousetsu as he looked back to the building which the hokage mountain seemed to overlook. 'What could they want?' he asked himself before leaping to the rooftops and made his way over to his new destination. Once he arrived and greeted the front desk, he was escorted to the mission office. Upon entering, some faces lit up, old friends of Sousetsu as he took missions from this particular group many times and always completed without fail or any compromise for that matter. "Sousetsu" So good to see you again!" one of the men spoke enthusiastically. Sousetsu smiled and nodded in return before gazing his attention over to the man who gave out the mission statements. "Welcome back. We have a mission for you. I know you only came back recently but this is a simple task for a man at your stature and a familiar mission that you might recognize." the man spoke with a slight smile.

Sousetsu, looked passed the group and out through the window, looking at the village and admiring the view to give him the inspiration he needed. "I accept. But is there no-one else?" he asked looking for an reason why he was being sent on a mission so early with his return. "Oh, there is. His name Hyuga, Lelouch. Just wanted to be thorough with this mission, and maybe you could show him a thing or two, as we are unaware how many robbers and thugs alike there may be." he gave a look as if to say "Don't be offended." to which he did not by nodding in reply.

The sun was setting as the evening was greeting the village hidden in the leaves. The time was nigh and his partner had not reached his destination. A deep sigh came from the Senju once more this day. He hated tardiness, another sign of being rude. But still, he had to show this ninja 'a thing or two' in the process. A short moment later, the ninja arrived. "You are late..." he spoke glaring at the ninja in question. "You must always be on time when it comes to a mission. Any later and the perpetrators would have already come and gone." he said referring to the mission being solo for the ninja before him. "I've counted three. They are already in there. I'll cover the back so you stay at the front." and with that the Senju leaped, making his way to the front of the establishment.

He entered through an ajar door, the way the thugs had entered previously. A bell could be heard echoing from the door as it was pushing. Almost immediately, the lookout turned his head from a corner and ran in to face the unknown man which was Sousetsu. When the man found out who he was, his face went from an angry expression to a terrified one within mere seconds. The man shouted to his comrades to run before the Senju appeared beside him and knocking him out with an elbow to the back of the head. 'Your move, Lelouch.' he thought to himself as he covered his area while the others ran to his.

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3 Re: Store Security~ (C-rank mission) on Sun Jun 15, 2014 9:48 pm

Hyūga, Lelouch


Lelouch heard the man shout he was late, smirking, the boy would agree. " Sorry about that, I got carried away with the time. Please forgive me good fella!" Lelouch stated. Though this guy wasn't done just yet, he counted three of them already inside the store, the plan was simple. Once the shinobi went to the back, lelouch would simply cover the front of the store. he wanted to make sure everything went well.

Within a matter of minutes, three men came rushing out the front door, placing out his leg, he would trip the first one to the ground, which made the other two fall over him. " Hahahahaha! And they all fall down! give it up chumps, your payday is over with." Lelouch stated.

Rolling each one of them over, he place them in some restraints. Just to make sure they wouldn't attempt to escape or anything. They was caught, and the take down was just to funny. Once the store clurk rushed out, he would see the smile on his face. " YOU CAUGHT THEM YOU CAUGHT THEM! Very nice job young man. lelouch would sigh. Once the higher rankers arrived to the scene. they would take the perpetrators away. Stepping insdie the store, he would make his way over to the other ninja. Turning on the last ail. He would sigh.

" Yo, Mission successful! Perhaps you hungry for some food?"  lelouch stated in a joke. Due to the mission being completed, he would simply head off to attend his own business. Perhaps he would run into this man again?

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