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1 My Deal (on leaving) on Sun Sep 16, 2012 6:18 pm



Alright I understand and respect a lot of you and all your positions. This is not a dirty attempt at knocking at any of you specifically. Instead rather I'm leaving this as a hope that you guys can improve from my past experiencing and reflecting on what should have but did not happen in my case.

One a certain moderator was working with me and then steadily began neglecting his duties more and more to the point now where he still shows up online but does not do his job. While I see this as neglect on his behalf we all have real lives and I'm sure numerous things are going on in his.

When something like that happens though it is the job of the fellow mod, admins, etc to take over. In my experiences the only notes you will ever get when this occurs it whatever has been posted. If reading those posts doesn't give any clues then to be fair on the person who the mod dropped it's typically a good idea to just start over from scratch. Yes it's a headache. Yes I understand it's not fun but when thick and thin is over everyone ends up happier.

Lastly know that I am not leaving entirely due to the fact that the above did not occur. I am in several forums, several of them I am a moderator or admin within and they are becoming more active. Also note that I am hosting a very active tournament in one as the head judge and host with just over 200 participants. This thing is huge and is literally sucking away almost all of my time. I've even almost been late to work several times as a result of it. Seing how big this is and that it's likely to keep on going for at least 6 months and wont get smaller for truthfully about 3 months I think my time here was mostly enjoyable. I'm sad to see that things fell through but it I ever get time again you may see me returning. Since I do enjoy your guys company I may hop on just for the CB(chat box) every now and then and give an update. Until then I don't really have the time to look at even my own clan to see what could be altered to make it better, or any other clan to read them and see what I would like to do.


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