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Toshiko Uzumaki


Special Jounin
This was Toshiko's second mission. After he succeeded in capturing the thief that had been stealing from the weapon shop, they decided to pin another mission upon Toshiko. A gorilla escaped from the inclosure, and they now expected Toshiko to retrieve it. They wanted the gorilla either dead or alive, but Toshiko couldn't bare to harm another living being. Even if he was faced with the situation, he couldn't take the life of another living being. Regardless of this, they gave Toshiko the whereabouts of the gorilla and sent him on his way. Apparently, the gorilla had ran into the forest and was causing havoc upon the other animals. Toshiko knew that this mission was going to be a bit difficult, so he would have to try a few different tactics. Firstly, he climbed up a tree, and hid in it. His plan was actually quite simple. He would hide up in the tree, out of plain sight. This way, if the gorilla came by, then Toshiko would be capable of attacking him and taking it down without harming it and it wouldn't even know that he was there. This plan had a high chance of working, but Toshiko wasn't completely sure anymore. It was possible that the gorilla wouldn't even run over the spot, and how could he take it down without killing it? He was sure that the thing wasn't just going to comply with him when he asked it to stop running and come back to the village. This was obviously going to be the hard part. Toshiko started thinking of jutsu he could use that wouldn't kill the beast, but couldn't think of any. He got lost in his own train of thought, and at least a half hour went by. There was still no sign of the Gorilla, and Toshiko was starting to lose hope. Seemingly out of nowhere, a rustling could be heard in the bushes directly underneath the tree that Toshiko had positioned himself in. Toshiko inhaled, and held his breath staying as still as he possibly could. Out of the bushes, appeared a small, fragile bunny. It sat there, and started eating away at the remains of one of the crops. Toshiko waited, and waited. He heard strange moaning, and then the moaning turned into screaming. The sounds got closer and closer to his immediate area, and the bunny frantically ran away. It was none other than the gorilla, screeching and pounding it's chest like the idiotic monkey that it was. Toshiko couldn't just jump out at this moment. He would have to wait for the right timing. The gorilla couldn't be aware of his attack before it happened if it was going to work. He still didn't know a way to take it down without killing it. He had to think of a way, and he would have to think of one quickly as the gorilla seemed to get ready to leave. The gorilla seemed to be calm, and put it's head down for a few brief moments. That was Toshiko's chance. He let go of his grip upon the tree branch, and fell down towards the earth. The gorilla looked up just as Toshiko grabbed onto it's back. Toshiko then  wrapped both his hands around it's neck, and pulled backwards in a attempt to knock it out. The ape went completely insane, shaking around frantically and gasping for air. It was large than Toshiko, and managed to physically over come him. The ape took both of Toshiko's hands, and then pulled forward and he bent over causing Toshiko to do a back flip over the ape's back, and landed on the ground hard. The ape started screaming, and walked over to Toshiko. it took one of it's large feet, and kicked Toshiko in the groin as he was on the ground. Toshiko squealed out in complete pain, and the ape ran away from the immediate area at great speeds. Toshiko grabbed his groin with both palms, and then slowly stood up. "Damn....It got me. I swear when i get my hands on that thing i'm gonna give it the pounding of it's life!" Toshiko's plan had failed completely. It was time to take different tactics. Toshiko then heard a rustling in the bushes once more. A animal came out. It was a small dog. When Toshiko saw it, it simply turned the other way and ran. Toshiko had been given a idea. Toshiko focused his chakra, and then transformed into the small dog. Toshiko's plan was to pretend to be the dog so the gorilla would come bother him, and the gorilla was near him he would revert back to his normal form and attack it. Toshiko in his new dog form ran towards the direction that the gorilla had gone, and stopped when he come to a open space. Now it was time to play the part. Toshiko howled at the top of his lungs in the most helpless sounding way possible. It echoed around the whole forest. Eventually, rustling was heard in the bushes once more. Then the same moaning, and then screaming. The screaming got closer to the area by the second, and out of the bushes popped out the gorilla. The gorilla then jumped in mid air, heading directly towards Toshiko. This was his chance. Toshiko slid out of the way of the gorilla's path, and reverted back to his normal form. Toshiko then held out his arm, and punched the gorilla in the chest. The gorilla went flying backwards, crashing into a tree. It got up, and terrified it fled. "Oh No you don't!!" Toshiko then ran in the same path as the gorilla, and was right on par with it in terms of speed. When he was right behind it, he jumped up, and landed on it's back. Toshiko then started punching the gorilla in it's vital spot in the back of it's head, and the gorilla lost all feeling. It stopped moving, and fell to the ground incapacitated. "There we go. Now to get you back to the village." Toshiko grabbed up the unconscious ape, and threw it on his back. Slowly, he dragged it back to Konoha. He had finished his second mission with a success, and if things kept going like this then he'd be hokage in no time.

Word Count: 1098/1000


STR E-3 -> D (300/300)

SPD D-> D-1(325/325)





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