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I have a personal project in mind for Saga, so I wanted to know:

What threads would you most like to see get turned into a short manga? This includes fights or scenes that you found entertaining, emotional or moving.

Propose as many as you want!

The more popular ones will be put together in a poll so we can narrow it down to the 5 best scenes.


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Hyūga, Lelouch


This thread when 'Hao' got jumped by four Sannin's

Could be interesting~


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two kunai, one senbon, and one shuriken.



1.Hao's raiding of kirigakure
2.Hao's demise
3.Susumu's first thread (memories)

these 3 could form a short series XD



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The Fall of Hao
Tame Murdering Reika
Last Year's Chuunin Exams
Mizuru vs Ayakashi, Sanosuke, Mitsuhude and Mitsuo
The Spirit Festival Event(mini series)


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